Research and Statistics for Managerial Decison Making

Discussion Question:
a. Why researchers are interested in describing measures of the center and measures of variation of a data set? Discuss
b. The average of data set is influenced by extreme values while the median is not. In other words, the median is not resistant to outliers but the average is. True or False. Discuss and offer examples.
See grading rubrics?
Grading Rubrics
A perfect score, in discussion forum, requires that you satisfy the following criteria:
Identify and evaluate the problem
Provide and give examples where necessary
Use graphs illustrating the problem and solutions (recommended where necessary)
Try to connect this week material with previous weeks
Reply to two of your peer by the DUE date by making some comments to show your recommendations and suggestions now that you have some knowledge of the subject matter.
Your initial post must be submitted on or before the DUE date.

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