Rt 2 Topic Fix

Base on the comments, plz fix that
Your topic is the “global effects of democracy on corporate governance,” and your research question is, “how do corporations maintain democracy as a social obligation in light of changing attitudes toward democracy and authoritarianism in modern global societies”?
It’s not quite clear what your thesis will be. However, it appears that your argument will be that corporations have a social responsibility to be responsive to changes in “social and democratic norms” and “new realities due to globalization.” And you seem to believe that new corporate social responsibility guidelines are needed to bolster democracy as it becomes increasingly threatened globally.
This is a very big topic, and you will need to think carefully about how you will approach it. What bodies of research and scholarship will you draw upon? Will you focus on the corporate social responsibility policies of certain companies? Will you take a case study approach?
For your literature review, you’ll want to look at scholars who support CSR but also those who question it. For example, some scholars argue that the principal responsibility of corporations should simply be return on investment to shareholders.
When people write about CSR, they typically have in mind a corporation’s responsibility on matters of social justice or environmental sustainability. What makes your topic somewhat different is that you will be evaluating CSR policies in terms of a corporation’s role in upholding democratic norms.

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