Warehouse Expansion Case Study

For this assignment you will need to:
1. Visually map out a network diagram using Word or PowerPoint or another software that can draw flowcharts
2. Determine the critical path and identify the slack for those activities which have it
3. Demonstrate both a forward and backward pass
4. Create a Gantt chart using the following Gantt and Dependencies Smartsheet template (Links to an external site.) – your Gantt chart should be based on the normal or most likely duration. Note – you will have viewer access to this Smartsheet template so make a copy using the Save With New Function in Smartsheet. (Links to an external site.)
5. Answer the following questions and submit in a Word or a readable PDF document:
What activity poses the greatest schedule time risk?
What activity might save the most time if crashed?
What would be the budget impact?
What could be the positive and negative project and organizational implications from crashing that activity?

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