In Two Pages, write a critical summary of Suzanne Nossel’s essay “The Pro-Free Speech Way to Fight Fake News” in Chapter Two. In a critical summary, you are relating the argument, but along the way adding your opinion and perspective, commenting on the quality of evidence, pointing out where the argument succeeds and fails, and asking further questions.
Use the moves in the following list to guide your summary, and refer to the Visual Guide: Writing a Critical Summary. You can combine some of these moves into one sentence, reorder information, provide quotations, and begin problematizing at any point by inserting your position through careful use of words and phrases, adding an evaluative sentence of your own, or providing commentary on a quote or paraphrase from the essay.
Introduce: Provide the author and title and contextualize the information.
Explain: Identify and describe the thesis and argument.
Exemplify: Provide some of the author’s original evidence.
Problematize: Pose critical questions or provide an evaluation of the argument.
Extend: Ask further questions or apply, test, or consider the argument in ways that support your evaluation of it.

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