Assignment is :

1Assignment : Create and upload in Blackboard a listing of questions for the contacts you have identified within your personal network (choose different questions from the ones listed in video, use language and words you feel comfortable with) for each part of TIARA Framework. With your questions, identify who your contact is and their area of work, this will help to ensure question alignment. This exercise will help you evaluate your network and create questions that are relevant to your contacts in order to gather the career insights you are seeking. Use this assignment as an interview guide for your network, this shows that you are prepared to have a thoughtful conversation with purpose.
Please interview at least two people from different backgrounds using the TIARA technique and write a 100-250 word reflection on what went well and areas you might improve. At what point did the technique disolve into a conversation?
You already have a professional network- use it!
Informational Interviews- An informational interview is an informal conversation you can have with someone as an effective tool to gather industry, job and company insights. This is not a job interview, rather the objective of an informational interview is research.
Connect with those you know- family, friends, classmates, coworkers, etc.- and conduct “informational interviews” to learn about their career paths, company, and jobs.
Use informational interviews to expand your network and increase job opportunities.
Learn about the TIARA approach:
The TIARA approach is a framework for informational interviews allowing for building rapport through small talk, questions and answers as well as discussing possible next steps/follow up.
Resource: Attached you will find an Information Interview Toolkit filled with best practices to make the most our of your informational interview using the TIARA approach.
Assignment: Using the resources provided as a guide, create your own 90-second, 60-second and 30-second Elevator Pitch and submit your written versions. Then, we’ll practice them in class and record them on video.
Creating your personal “S ell” through an Elevator Pitch-
An Elevator Pitch briefly describes: who you are, what you do, and what you want to do (if you’re job hunting). Your elevator pitch is a way to share your expertise and credentials quickly and effectively with people who don’t know you in less than 60-90 seconds.
Check out “How to create your virtual Elevator Pitch!”
Take a moment to review the attached Elevator Pitch Toolkit. This document not only provides best practices but sample pitches to help you get started.

I really love those videos from 3B1B. I think that they are better than most explanations out there. They are certainly better than my explanations in class.
So assignment for next week before Halloween (20221031) is to watch this video (roughly 20 minutes), and upload in Blackboad any questions / difficulties you had that we can address in class.
Worth 30 credits.
No worries if you do not get everything the first time around, trust me I still watch his videos from time to time to get a refresher course.
I might give watching this video again as another assignment after the week we spend on blockchain, this is how good I think it is.
By the way if you understand everything in the 3B1B videos, just drop the class, you know more than I do, and you should be the one teaching the class.
Just today Matt Levine dropped another great article on Bloomberg.
The link is below (if you have an account from UMiami that you can use) and I also copy/pasted the text in a pdf.
That is too good of an opportunity to pass, since as always Matt is one of the most insightful finance writers around.
Assignment is :
1) read the article and the take-aways
2) upload in Blackboard 2 arguments in the article with which you agree, and why
3) upload in Blackboard 2 arguments in the article with which you disagree, and why
worth 40 credits, and deadline in 2 weeks from now since you already have quite a lot on your plate.
You might also get some inspiration for your project from the article, this is why am posting it today (as it is “hot from the proverbial press” and on the cover of Bloomberg BusinessWeek).
See you tomorrow,

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