Do you have any  other suggestions or recommendations for them?

Review contributions to threats and  vulnerabilities on a home network and determine if they have gaps in  their understanding.
Provide feedback on a classmate’s home  network security measures they are not currently using. Do you have any  other suggestions or recommendations for them?
What threats do you need to be concerned about on your home network?
One threat would be a malware attack that gains access to my devices  and information, which in turn could expose me to data theft. Another  threat is coming across any phishing or Smishing (SMS phishing) attacks  with malicious links intended to compromise my data. I avoid on any  links from emails nowadays because of how many phishing emails I get  lately. 
What are the vulnerabilities of each of your devices on your home network?
For laptops and smartphones in the house, simple things such as not  having the OS updated or incorrectly installed software or hardware pose  as vulnerabilities. Poor quality passwords are also easier to  manipulate thank a secure password (Comptia). IoT devices like an Echo  have a network called Sidewalk that allows the devices to connect with  others in the surrounding area, which I disabled when I got the  notification for it on the app.
What techniques can you use to protect your devices on your home  network? (Make sure to discuss how you will protect your network traffic  on your wireless network.)
One technique that I currently use is utilizing a “guest” network  for guests to our home and our IoT devices we have in the house. We do  this to limit traffic on our main network for security. For my  work-at-home setup, we use a VPN and MFA to get on the company network,  so even on the go I can remain secure. I also ensure to password protect  all devices that I can, avoid connecting to public networks and try to  make sure all devices remain updated (Comptia).
Discuss some home network security measures you are not currently using but may consider using.
Given the amount of personal data on each device, I have been  contemplating encrypting some files along with finding a good password  manager to help me maintain keeping my passwords up to date and changed  regularly without me forgetting them. I am also going to start  performing more security assessments on my network to keep it secure  (Comptia).
Network Security: What Is It, Why Does It Matter and What Can You Do to Make Networks More Secure? 2020. Comptia. Accessed October 26, 2022.

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