Electric cars

Utilize concepts from online discussions, the text, and conversations with stakeholders to design or construct an ad campaign in an environmental issue that interests you.
Your completed campaign must be print-based (brochures, posters, or flyers), .
Your campaign must be designed to either inform, educate, motivate, or persuade your target population about the environment.
The completed campaign you submit to the instructor must be your original idea, design, or creation.
On a separate document/page, provide information that helps explain: the environmental issue addressed in your campaign, the theory that guides the campaign, the target audience(s), why you chose your target audience, the campaign goal(s), the resource(s) needed to launch the campaign, and how you would post-test the effectiveness of your environmental campaign.

Environmental Topics for this assignment
Electric Cars
I have attached flies for this assignment as well as a previous paper I did on this topic to help you. Also I am providing a link as an example of things I am looking for https://www.greenhouse.agency/blog/our-top-12-envi…

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