Hate conquers all by anti flag

1: In a few sentences, define text, context, and subtext in relation to each other and their importance to the humanities.
2: Pick 2 songs from the list on the previous page, and label them in terms of text, context, and subtext. Of course, we can do this with any type of art or historical piece, but for this, let’s keep it simple, and we’re going to use one of the provided songs. Look up the lyrics and get some background info on what social, political, or economic issues were present at the time of release to help uncover the subtext.
Pick 2 songs from this list AND POST TWO POST, DO NOT COMBINE THE POS
Fortunate son by Creedence Clearwater Revival
Fight the power by public emeny
Hate conquers all by anti flag
A brief example might look like this:
1: I will give a brief explanation of the key terms Text, Context, and Sub-text defined in the previous Module “What are the Humanities.” Then I will show what that looks like while focusing on one of the assigned songs.
2: Text: (title, author of song, and lyrics)
Context: (historical background)
Subtext: (what I think the hidden messages are based on evidence from the art, in this case lyrics)
Be sure to address all aspects of this discussion board. The more info you come up with the better. Be sure to cite specific lyrics to back up your claims about subtext.

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