How can we help these senseless school shootings?

Answer these questions. 250-300 words, and include reference/citations where needed.
Q#1: There was a school shooting in St. Louis on 10/24/22. At the time of the shooting there were 7 school resources officers inside of the school. The school doors were all locked, and the school had metal detectors. Yet, the shooter was still able to get it, killing two people and injuring others.
How can we help these senseless school shootings? What would you do if you had the power to implement measures to stop school shootings? If police on the scene don’t help (Uvalde), and locked doors nor metal detectors help, what’s the answer?
Q#2: How has the information age affected content delivery of training programs?
Q#3: Visit this link and read a little bit about it by clciking on the look inside icon above the picture and look at the paperback sample. Simply tell me what this book may be about just by what you read? This is to easy and a qucik way to up them scores.…?
Q#4: What special concerns would a supervisor have if the new worker was being assigned temporarily to someone with no previous experience as a mentor?

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