How does the flow of patients impact this organization?

will do the best to form the “perfect” healthcare organization.
Each question should be at least 250 words long but no longer than 500.
Should specifically cite (in APA format) where information was borrowed from the course textbook (page numbers should be included with each citation) or any other credible source.
Post 1: Describe the health organization your group has decided to form (hospital, small primary care physician office, health insurance company, billing company, healthcare IT company, or etc.). Do some research and think outside the box. If your unsure if your organization falls within the framework of being healthcare-focused, be sure to confirm the type of organization with your professor first.
Post 2: Read chapter one of the course textbook and use its concepts to discuss why the organization was formed. In general, this post should focus on what current challenges will it help solve, and what opportunities exist for the organization (from an overall healthcare landscape). However, there should be far more detail provided than just answering the above questions.
Post 3: Use this slide to discuss the history of organizations similar to yours. Try to especially focus on the following concepts from chapter 2: how data analytics will be used by your organization, project management, and your organization’s performance improvement philosophies.
Post 4: Heavily dwell on how evidence-based medicine will be used when operating your organization. Feel free to focus on other points from chapter 3.
Post 5: By now, students can tell this assignment is making the textbook come alive through a fictional organization. Reading the course textbook is critical to succeeding at this assignment. The next chapter in focus is chapter 5: Project Management (6 in the 4th edition). Through this post, students should use that chapter’s concepts to really focus on how their organization will operate. While the group should focus on several key points from the chapter, make sure there is a heavy focus on the skills the project managers will need (and who will they hire), how projects will be selected for the organization to complete. Essentially, what are the organization’s primary functions, and what kind of skillset is needed to run those operations?
Post 6: Use the knowledge learned in chapter 6: tools for problem-solving (chapter 7 in 4th edition) to identify the problems your organization may encounter (and how they will be identified) along with how decisions will be made to resolve those issues.
Post 7: Read the “Healthcare Analytics” chapter (8) and discuss how analytics will be used to drive the organization. This post should be very specific to the organization in focus -not high level.
Post 8: Read the “Quality” chapter (9) and the Lean chapter (10). Then, discuss how both could be applied to the organization in focus. Again, be specific.
Post 9: Read chapters 11 and 12 about process improvement, patient flow, and capacity management. The center of healthcare revolves around patients. How does the flow of patients impact this organization? Remember everyone may not be starting a provider office or hospital, but patient flow still impacts all healthcare perspectives. In addition, make a process map for work coming in and being completed for this organization.
Post 10: Read chapter 14 about improving financial performance. Discuss this selected organization’s major credits (i.e. income) and debits (i.e. bills). Also, discuss what needs to occur for profits to be maximized. Include a sample projected budget with this post.
Post 11: references

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