How would you respond to your colleague?

his discussion has 2 parts:
You are working as a financial analyst at a brokerage firm and a colleague says to you “the Potts Corporation had a return on equity (ROE) of 20% last year. We should recommend the stock to our clients.” How would you respond to your colleague? (Note: Your response for this question should be no more than 100 words)
A corporation’s earnings and associated ratios, such as earnings per share, are metrics that investors and other stakeholders use when making decisions. The SEC recently began investigating corporations for manipulating earnings via rounding errors. In the early 2000s, it became clear that corporation’s rarely missed earnings estimates provided by financial analysts. Offer your opinion on the ethics underlying these practices, any possible broader implications of such behavior, and any real-life experiences you may have come across that are similar.

See Assigned Readings “Related to agency theory and the goal of financial management”

 100 to 200 words (unless the discussion question specifically provides a different guideline), formatted and cited in current APA 

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