Reply to these questions in essay (not q& a) format.

Employee Engagement solidifies the connection among employee, manager, and the organization’s mission, vision, values, and goals. HR demonstrates value by understanding and leveraging the

employer-employee relationship from both individual and organizational perspectives, developing effective strategies to address appropriate expectations for performance and behavior from employees at all levels.

Provide an example of a company who has a strong mission, vision and value statement.

Do you believe the mission/vision encompass what the company is trying to achieve?

What role does HR play in reinforcing this mission/vision statement?

Describe the steps the company will go through to develop a human resource strategy?

Discuss current changes in the business environment that affect the mission/vision of a



In 3 pages, and applying theory, answer the above questions. Reply to these questions in essay (not Q& A) format. Use the provided writing template, and follow 6th edition APA writing


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