What is victimology?

Criminology and Victimology
For this assignment, your task is to draft an introductory memo for the advisory board of a not-for-profit victim support organization to explain what victimology is and the role of the victimologist. In your memo include the following information:
What is victimology? How does victimology lead to the belief of personal vulnerability? Be descriptive and use plain language that a layman will understand.
How do you define a victimologist? What are the differences between a victimologist and a criminologist? Use the definitions of victim and that of crime.
How do you interpret the functions of a victimologist and a criminologist? Provide examples to elaborate on the functions of a victimologist and criminologists.
How would you compare and contrast a victimologist and a victim; and criminologist and a crime?
Why do you think that the field of victimology is relevant to the criminal justice system ?
Submission Details
Submit your answers in 2–3 page Microsoft Word document.
Support your responses with examples.
Cite any sources in APA format.

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