What other knowledge or knowledge formations are available that have produced insights into your capstone project topic?

Assignment 2: Annotated Bibliography
Creating a literature search is like selecting materials to build a house. The house you build will be more likely to remain standing over time if the materials you use are high quality and appropriate for your specific project. Similarly, the literature that you select to inform your Capstone Project must have direct bearing on your topic; be from a high-quality, reputable source; and must address the Program Learning Outcomes. Your Capstone Project Assignments will rely heavily on the literature that you select this week, so take the time to locate the best resources—the best building materials—to support the structure and results of your Capstone Project.
To prepare for this Assignment:
Review the Learning Resources and pay special attention to the articles in the Walden Writing Center for tips and extended explanations on how to organize and conduct a literature review.
Investigate literature from a variety of sources, such as the Walden Library, books, professional magazines, and newspapers for insights that describe and support your Capstone Project topic.What scholarly knowledge is available that has produced insights into your Capstone Project topic?
What other knowledge or knowledge formations are available that have produced insights into your Capstone Project topic?
To complete this Capstone Project:
Create an Annotated Bibliography of 8–12 resources you are considering for your Mini Literature Review.
Each reference (APA formatted) should be followed by two paragraphs; a summary of the article and the rationale for using this specific reference to address requirements for your final project (see Final Project guide for the requirements). The purpose of the annotation is to inform the reader of the quality, accuracy, and relevance of the resource to the topic.
The resources for your Annotated Bibliography need to address your health or healthcare topic and the Program Learning Outcomes. For example, you could search for “HIV” (a possible topic) AND “program planning” (a Program Learning Outcome) to find articles on both.
You should have at least one resource for each Program Learning Outcome. This will provide you with information and support for each Program Learning Outcome and each aspect of the Final Project requirements.
All resources must be in proper APA format.
Once you receive feedback from your Instructor, review the feedback and revise your Bibliography taking that feedback into account.

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