Reading of Bettelheim.

In the attached link, please read from the bottom of page 6 (Fairy Tales and the Existential Predicament) to the top of page 11 and answer the following questions:
According to Bettelheim,

1-How do fairy tales work in connection with children’s psychological problems?

2-What are the errors in the ways parents present reality to their children?

3-What is his criticism of contemporary children’s stories?
4-If it is not the morality of the triumph of the good that interests the child reader, what is it according to Bettelheim that captures the child?

5-What are some negative emotions, strong emotions that children undergo according to Bettelheim?
Thank you!

2nd version – Analytical Essay 1

J.A. Hobson, a British theorist, and Vladimir Lenin, the Russian revolutionary and leader of the Bolshevik (later Communist Party) in the Soviet Union, both criticized late 19th century imperialism as a capitalist conspiracy by “big business” to subjugate colonies for pure economic gain.  Colonies provided cheap raw materials and guaranteed markets for European and U.S. “trusts and monopolies”.  But what about ideological factors such as the idea of the “civilizing mission” or Manifest Destiny? By the late 19th century, the U.S. joined other European powers in constructing an empire. The question is this: what were the primary motivations and factors that led to the U.S. shift from isolationism and continental expansion to imperialism by the late 19th and early 20th centuries? 

Pre/Post Reflection

I attached my resume or vita to show you that I am a high school math teacher and please complete the assignment based on this information. I already completed the Followership Questionnaire, see attached.
In this assessment please be very honest with yourself. Challenge yourself to answer this week’s assessment questions, not as you want or hope to be, but how you really show up in a work environment.
I would like for you to use your current or most recent job/internship to complete the questionnaire. To help you with this honest self-reflection of your followership, I would like to guide you through some aspects of this assessment.
This week’s assessment comes with required pre-work, followed by the assessment, then your reflection. Please see the attached files, starting with the “Pre-work,” for instructions.

Writer’s Choice

Explain the patterns of though of the one significant classical Greek philosopher (Example: Socrates, Plato, Aristotle) to the tradition of Western philosophy

Energy Production Plants

The research paper is based on the previously submitted order #376834100 for a research proposal written by writer ID #14354. The research proposal written by writer ID #14354 has been approved by my teacher and now I am requesting the completion of the research paper. The paper should be 10 – 12 pages in length excluding a cover page & references page. See specific instructions on the attached documents.

Book 2 Free Choice of the Will by St. Augustine

Be sure to fully answer the questions. To fully answer questions it is better to have more information than less information. Remember, this is to help you get familiar with the work you are reading. Providing the shortest answer possible is not a helpful or prudent way to become familiar with the text. It is always best to elaborate on your answers.

w4ISH milestone 2

Course Project Milestone 2 Template

Directions: Carefully review Course Project Milestone 2 Guidelines and rubric requirements.
Name: __________________________
Define Approved Patient Scenario
Identify Teaching Areas related to the mHealth app
• Information (Cite mHealth app in APA format here on one of the bullet points)

• Safety features/guidelines provided by the mHealth app:
• Interpret and act on the information in the mHealth app: (See examples in assignment video)
Determine and Evaluate Success (3)

mHealth app Reference
List the mHealth app as a reference in this section—REMOVE this information/direction prior to submission. See examples on page 340 of the APA Manual, 7th edition.

Experiment Design with SPSS – Video Game Violence and Aggression

Under the topic of Video Game Violence and Aggression, design a quasi or a true experimental study, investigating the impact of the independent variable on the dependent variable.
Address the following in 500-750 words:
Design either a quasi or experimental study to investigate the variables. What is the hypothesis? Describe the types of hypotheses with respect to testing. What does the experimental method allow that the correlation design does not?
Identify the independent variable. Identify the dependent variable.
Describe how the group will define operationally and measure the variables.
Describe how the group will obtain a random sample of participants.
Discuss how the group will ensure the study has high internal validity. Will the subjects be assigned randomly to the groups? Why or why not.
Are there any ethical concerns about the treatment of participants emerging from the experiment?
Consider the data presented, would you use t or F score? Why? include the appropriate effect size.
Submit an SPSS output for the quasi or true experimental study.

Response Assignment #1

Explain the different elements (historical, geographic, and cultural) that influenced the
development of different foreign policy “styles” in the United States and Russia (the Soviet
Union). What is (was) the foreign policy style of each country like? How did they differ from
each other? What makes each country’s foreign policy style unique? Reply in paragraph form;
your response should be approximately one block paragraph in length (roughly half a page long).

Developing Visualizations for Your Story

Key building blocks of good decision making include the ability to visualize, analyze, and verbally communicate ideas effectively. Large volumes of data can be particularly complex to understand and present. However, if data is visually presented through a combination of meaningful charts, text, and a verbal narrative, the intended audience can better engage in the discussion of the facts, patterns, and findings that must be acknowledged before moving to the decision-making stage.
In this discussion, you will take on the role of a new restaurant owner who is checking on sales since the opening of your establishment in January. You have just downloaded the following sales data from your financial software: Module Four Discussion Sales Data Spreadsheet . It includes sales by food item for each month you have been in business. You would like to create visualizations that illustrate which items are selling well and how the business is doing month by month.
In your initial post, make sure to include the visualizations you created and address the following:
What have you been able to identify through the visual representation of the data?
What kind of graphic have you selected and why?
How would this visualization need to be changed based on your audience?