Learning Goal: I’m working on a fitness writing question and need a sample draft

Learning Goal: I’m working on a fitness writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.InstructionsOne of the coaching techniques that is useful in triggering Generative Moments is Creative Brainstorming. Coaches and clients generate possibilities without evaluating the merits of those suggestions at the time. They trade ideas in a non-judgmental fashion, which results in many good ideas that can then be parsed through. Then one or two of the best, which are chosen by the client, can be drafted as weekly goals for experimentation. This assignment requires that you review and evaluate a case study scenario and engage in some brainstorming of your own.What to DoRead the discussion of brainstorming as a method to trigger generative moments on page 144 of the text.
Consider the following Case Study: Joe has been coaching with you for two weeks. One of the areas you and Joe have been working on is improving his eating habits and in particular developing goals that will help him eat less fast-food and eat more home-cooked meals. Some obstacles are that Joe is not interested in learning how to cook and has never liked vegetables. You (as the wellness coach) and Joe are brainstorming some ideas about how to make this change to healthier eating. So far, Joe has made the following suggestions: he could eat at his mother’s once a week, or he could buy some frozen dinners.
Continue brainstorming by making three other suggestions to Joe. For each of the three ideas, explain how you think the suggestion would help get Joe closer to his goal. Feel free to draw from your personal experience, look for ideas on the Internet, and use your imagination. Remember that there is no right or wrong idea here, the goal is to generate ideas so that the client can chose a few he thinks are worth setting as weekly goals.
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