In this reflective paper, you will work on different types of evaluation and the

In this reflective paper, you will work on different types of evaluation and their application to evaluations in criminal justice settings. First, you need to summarize different types of evaluation and their purposes. Then, you need to argue which type of evaluation is better for evaluations in criminal justice programs. When writing your paper, you need to benefit from discussions and readings during the last two weeks (Week 3- Planning Evaluation and Week 4-Types of Evaluation). Your reflection paper should be not more than . Use APA

Introduction:  Introduce your topic and key concepts  Convince the reader that

Introduction:  Introduce your topic and key concepts  Convince the reader that your research area is important (Why should we care?)  Briefly explain the state of current knowledge on the topic (This is not a literature review here, just highlight the most essential points/theories)  Make a case for why your research is necessary to advance knowledge on the topic  Clearly state the purpose of your research  Approximately ¾ page Literature Review:  Describe, discuss, and critically evaluate the state of the literature on your topic  Highlight main perspectives used to study the topic and key findings  This is a synthesis of the literature. Rather than summarize each individual study, you should organize your notes on the literature and describe major insights, themes, theoretical perspectives, and the evidence that supports them.  Write an outline first, including notes of where you will cite various sources.  This section should provide a holistic overview of what the experts have to say about your topic.  This section should be written in APA style (see guide below).  Approximately 2.5-3 pages Research Questions (& hypotheses if quantitative):  For inductive research, clearly state your key research questions. Your questions should extend the current literature and be appropriate for qualitative research methods.  For deductive research, explain how you expect your variables to relate. Is something supposed to predict something else? Are certain variables hypothesized to have more impact than others? Clearly state your hypotheses.  Approximately 1 paragraph; hypotheses can be listed References:  List all references in APA style (alphabetical order). You must cite at least 5 academic sources in your literature review

Fyre festival is a classical example of a example of a failed event in recent ti

Fyre festival is a classical example of a example of a failed event in recent times. It was even labeled a Frye Fraud where all the event goers felt they were scammed into the biggest event fraud in the States. Frye festival founded by Billy McFarland CEO of Fyre Media Inc, and rapper Ja Rule with the sole intent of promoting the company’s Fyre app for booking music talent. The festival was scheduled to take place from April 28–30 and May 5–7, 2017, on the Bahamian island of Great Exuma. The event was promoted on Instagram by “social media influencers” including socialite and model Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and model Emily Ratajkowski, many of whom did not initially disclose they had been paid to do so. During the Fyre Festival’s inaugural weekend, the event experienced problems related to security, food, accommodations, medical services and artist relations, resulting in the festival being postponed indefinitely. Instead of the luxury villas and gourmet meals for which festival attendees paid thousands of dollars, they received prepackaged sandwiches and FEMA tents as their accommodations. (A) Based on the above information, articles and the videos to about the event, i want you to give your opinion on FIVE (5) KEY POINTS why the event failed based on the following: 1.Event packages (what was promised/expectations and the actual) 2. Marketing & Sponsorship (influence of social media and its effectiveness in event promotion and marketing) 3. Event Operations (Management of all the aspects such as security, food, accommodation, medical services and vendors managements. 4. Impact of the Stakeholders – most especially residents of Bahama, government and other essential services, and others impacted by the event one way or the other. 5. Preparation time of the event and Timing ( How long it took them to plan the event? and time of the year the event took place on its overall success. (B). Recommend FIVE (5) POSSIBLE WAYS in preventing this type of a event/festival disaster in future. HINTS: You have to watch the videos and read other supporting materials to be able to contribute meaningfully. You are free to watch or seek additional information that could help with substantiating your opinion. The 5 key points should be in bullet form briefly stating your narratives. I will advice you go directly to your point. The key points can both be positive or negative. For example it can be what they got right or wrong in organizing the event based on the 5 sub-headings highlighted above. Each of the key points made will carry 10 points, totaling 50 points. The 5 ways in preventing the event failure in future will carry 10 points each, making 50 points in total. Altogether it will 100 points