APRIL 4, 2021 Hard Work Trumps Talent INTRODUCTION HOOK. While doing advanced

APRIL 4, 2021
Hard Work Trumps Talent
HOOK. While doing advanced math homework with my classmate, I asked her why she chose to major in math when she had interests in Biology as well. BRIEF DESCRIPTION. Her answer was that she wasn’t as good at math, so studying it would help her learn more than studying biology would have. BRIEF DESCRIPTION. Rarely we do pursue a course of study or a skill that we don’t feel comes naturally because we feel that talent is what breeds success. FROM GENERAL → Sometimes we don’t even try to improve at something when we feel we are already behind, but with passion and perseverance, any skill can be cultivated in any person, no matter their starting level. THESIS STATEMENT. TO SPECIFIC → Although talent can be a large contributing factor in what skills a person chooses to pursue, hard work is more important when it comes to finding success.
SINGLE TOPIC SENTENCE. First, every person will have opportunities in life, probably many of them, to do something they aren’t already good at. BRIEF DESCRIPTION. If, up to that point, a person has only relied on talents and has not practiced working hard, when these times in life come, they won’t find success in relying on their talents. An example of one of the first times this happened to me was in school. We all have general classes that we have to take that may or may not be in our desired field of study – my weakness was always social sciences. ANALYSIS. In high school, I signed up for AP Government because my friends were taking the class and it would bypass a similar required credit in college. I failed every test in that class because I did not naturally understand the subject and I did not have the drive to study because classroom learning had always been a talent of mine. My lack of hard work had become a habit in the classroom, and it was in that class that I realized that not everything was going to come easily. CONCLUSION. I had to learn to work hard and not just rely on my talents because there would be times, and more came, when my talents wouldn’t be enough to help me have the success I desired.
SINGLE TOPIC SENTENCE. Additionally, even those incredible talents that seem to come effortlessly ONE DETAIL. QUOTATION (NOT RELIGIOUS) take work to share. In Doctrine and Covenants section 46, Jesus says, “To some is given one, and to some is given another, that all may be profited thereby.” Here we are commanded to share our talents so that all can be blessed by the gifts that God has given us. Even a prodigy pianist must work to find opportunities to bless others with their gift. CONCLUSION. Finding ways to use our talents to bless the lives of others can take work, so, to find success, we need more than just the talent, but the willingness to put forth the work necessary to share that talent.
SINGLE TOPIC SENTENCE. It’s true that there are things in life that we are not as naturally good at – whether it be singing or mathematics – but in the things we are naturally good at, we would not find success without hard work. PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. When I was 8 years old, my mom had me begin piano lessons. When I started excelling through the lessons faster than average, my mom and my teacher both recognized the talent in me, but I still felt that the work of practicing was difficult and not very fun. I often wanted to quit. By the time I was 16, I was very skilled at the piano, but if I had quit instead of working hard when I faced challenges in practicing, I would not have succeeded in developing my talent. QUOTATION (NOT RELIGIOUS) As President Uchtdorf said in the October 2009 General Conference, “If we simply keep at it – steady and constant – things certainly will improve.” THESIS STATEMENT. The same can be said for any talent or skill, with steady and constant work, we will find success. CONCLUSION. While we or others might have talent in any number of fields, without working to improve upon that talent, no success can be found.
HOOK. FROM SPECIFIC → Clearly, hard work will lead to the most success, even if talent starts the path. TO GENERAL → Knowing this will empower us to not only work through challenges we face, but seek opportunities to learn, as my friend did when she chose to study math. CONCLUSION. Whether it’s a course in school, a talent we’re pursuing, or a talent we’re trying to share, hard work will be the greatest factor in creating success.