Please review the video with instructions regarding topic selection for the final paper. If you are unable to see the video, a transcript is attached. Once you select a topic, you will need to identify for your topic and write an outline of your research topic paper. This outline can follow the following format as far as section headings. But you do not have to follow it. You can add more sections. But there must be at least five sections highlighted by * and section titles. Include at least 100 words per section that you use.




Define your topic*

Explain your topic*

Defend your position about your topic*



Future Research Recommendation

Incorporate at least one reference from articles listed within the online APUS library.

Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to APA style and formatting.
Length of paper: typed, double-spaced pages with no less than two pages.
Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point

Procter and Gamble Expansion – Finish the Powerpoint- 10 slides

Company: Procter and Gamble

New Country: Zimbabwe

Analyze that potential international market by considering the 4 aspects of the Diamond of National Advantage: industry rivalry, demand conditions, related and supporting industries, and factor endowments

Analyze the forces (in the home market and international market) that will help the organization succeed with its expansion, and the forces that may act as barriers to that expansion. Refer to your analysis of strengths and weaknesses completed in Week 1, the Porters Five Forces worksheet from Week 3, and your analysis of the Diamond of National Advantage. 

Evaluate the 4 adjustments leaders must make when expanding internationally (Burkus, 2012). Recommend 1 specific leadership action for each adjustment, such as developing a global mindset, developing sensitivity to cultural differences, decentralizing, deciding on the level of involvement, etc.

  • Identification of the country you have chosen (1 slide, with brief speakers notes)
  • 1 slide foranalysis ofeach of the elements of the Diamond of National Advantage (4 slides, with speakers notes) 
  • A summaryof analysisof the forces that will help the organization succeed in the new country (1 slide, with speakers notes) 
  • A summaryof analysisof the forces that will hinder the organizations success in the new country (1 slide, with speakers notes)
  • Leadership actions required to make the 4 adjustments identified by Burkus (2012)
  • A recommendationand rationale(1 slide, with speakers notes)
  • A conclusion
  • References