You will create a tournament using our teams from Beanbag Baseball. 1) Each tea

You will create a tournament using our teams from Beanbag Baseball.
1) Each team must play at least 2 games minimum (so no single elimination). Teams from same senior centers need to be split up and not play each other in the first round. Teams from the same places are indicated with highlights on the team roster document.
2) You can create your own tournament structure (ex. pool play, double elim, 2 day etc). You will need to explain your structure and how winners (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) will be determined. Each game has a 1 hour time limit. You will need to include timing for your games. You can assume you have 10 courts to play your tournament.
3) Once your tournament is designed, you will need to “play” your tournament. Use a coin flip to determine your “winner” of each game and continue filling out the pools/brackets until you have 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners.
What gets turned in for a grade:
-Completed tournament structure played out (including brackets, pools, game time etc) indicate winners.
-Explanation of tournament and how winners are determined.
-Time structure. What time is each game scheduled? You can indicate this on your brackets/pools or make a document with schedule of game times.
Explanation of Structure 25pts
-Explain tournament set-up (pools, double elem, consolation etc.)
-every team must play 2 games minimum
Timing of Games 25 pts
-must include in explanation and/or brackets
-utilize 10 courts
Brackets and/or Pools 50 pts
-Must submit the brackets/pools for the entire tournament using the team names provided
-Need to be filled out as if they were played
-indicate the 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners
The assignment will allow multiple document uploads. If you are using brackets found online, be very careful how they save. Students in the past have typed everything in but when it saves it is blank. Therefore, when submitting its blank.