Design an online ad campaign for a client of your choosing.This client can be a

Design an online ad campaign for a client of your choosing.This client can be a prototype/fake client.The ad campaign should have three online ads of various formats and sizes. The campaign messaging/style should be consistent among them all (i.e., someone who sees a banner ad, a sponsored twitter post, and an email ad should find it clear from design and copy that it’s the same campaign) and conform to standard ad format rules. If Facebook is one of your platforms, you must chose a different type of ad if another one of your platforms is Instagram as they have similar requirements for similar ad types. Specific formats that can and cannot be used will be discussed further in class.Along with a short (2 page double spaced) write up that outline your design decisions and challenges.Please remember your ads need to look like they would if published online and be web ready (proper format e.g. png/jpg for FB/Instagram) – examples of possible mockup help (DO NOT Use CANVA for Facebook/Instagram/ or other ad mock ups only for images for example): Facebook/Instagram (remember you cannot use the same format for each platform if you choose both of these) e.g. choose for Facebook and for InstagramGoogle Adwords: Marketing – Free templates with the free plan: Ad Standard Sizes (see p. 294 in the textbook)For Your Information: Adparlor (Unless recently updated) does not create Facebook/Instagram ads in the new format – please use the link above to mock up Facebook/Instagram ads. Task:- to create an Ad campaign which consists of 3 online ads of formats and sizes Threeseparate but complementary modes of advertising (e.g., banner ads, FB/Google ads, email campaigns, video overlays, etc.) -and a 2 page write up that outline your design decisions and challenges.
Requirements: 3-4pages

. I am going to promote a product. I am going promote my organic garden to a far

. I am going to promote a product. I am going promote my
organic garden to a farmers’ market community. For the flyer I am going to
advertise all the fruit and vegetables that I have harvested, and post on the
techniques I used to keep the garden organic. On the business letter I will
post the address and time on where you can find my products. On the feature
story on will write about how all the seeds where sourced and write about all
of the steps and it took to get the best vegetable/ fruit on the market. For
the video I am not sure what directions I will be going depending on how much
fruit I produce. If I produce a good amount of fruit, I will most certainly
advertise my product. If not, I will type about the explanation of the process
of creating and marketing the product
, Promotion of Event or Product
Create a product or event and submit the following in
promotional materials:
publicizing the product or event
letter announcing the product or event
story about the product or event
media research and intentions summary
submission –two options for this
Video can be an advertisement for the product or event
Video can be an explanation of the process of creating and
marketing the product/event

Learning Goal: I’m working on a advertising report and need an explanation and a

Learning Goal: I’m working on a advertising report and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
Experiential marketing is the future of advertising | Layne Braunstein | TEDxFultonStreet
Press the Play button to begin.
After watching the Ted Talk “Experiential marketing is the future of advertising” write a 2 to 3 page paper of the video in APA format. Explaining alternative creative styles of advertising messages.
Answering the question, How do you persuade your customers?

Advertising Project – (Due by 11:59PM on August 5, 2022) Research and select a n

Advertising Project – (Due by 11:59PM on August 5, 2022)
Research and select a non-profit organization that you would like to write an advertising
campaign for. Below is a rubric to reference for your paper. As a reminder this is a paper
format so, please do not submit the final project in the form of an outline.
Your final paper should be no less than 5 pages and should include the appropriate sources
cited at the end of your paper. APA format is recommended but there is some leniency allowed
with the formatting.
1. Summary of Organization –
o What organization did you choose?
o Why did you choose this organization?
o What are the organization’s goals?
o How did they get started and who do they serve?
o What area they based out of?
o What kinds of advertising have they implemented thus far?
2. Advertising Objective
o Based on your research – Create 1 advertising objectives you have for your
advertising campaign that you want to implement for the organization?
3. Target Audience
o Select the Target Audience for your objectives.
o Are there primary or secondary audiences?
4. Research Objectives
o Primary Research Source (discuss at least 1 source of information that would
support your advertising strategy recommendations)
o Secondary Research Sources (discuss at least 1 source of information that would
support your advertising strategy recommendations)
5. Creative Concept
o Develop 1 Creative Concepts for your Advertising Campaign. Make sure you
include specifics about the medium you are choosing and what your vision is.
Include a mock-up in the paper.
6. Budget
o Assess the cost of advertising program in total and include the breakout amounts
per advertising vehicle you intend to use.
o Assume you are presenting this to a Board of Directors when you detail out your
budget items involved in your advertising campaign.
7. Timeline
o Develop your timeline for implementation. Make sure you are specific.
8. Other Promotion
o Recommend 2 other forms of promotion to build a strong IMC campaign with
your advertising campaign (Personal Selling, Public Relations, Packaging, Sales
9. Summary
o Summarize your advertising campaign and the impact you think it will have on
the business.

Analyzing the Sales and Marketing of a New Software Application In this homework

Analyzing the Sales and Marketing of a New Software Application
In this homework assignment you are asked to determine the sales and marketing approach you would recommend for a new software application. The intent of this assignment is for you to apply your learned knowledge so far in the course to a realistic situation. It is not uncommon for a product manager to have a fellow employee come to you with an idea and be asked to determine how it would be marketed and sold. The focus here is to demonstrate your understanding of the marketing concepts and to be creative on how they are applied to the scenario. It is NOT for you to become an expert on marketing health related software products.
The Scenario
Imagine work as a product marketing manager for a software development company that offers a wide range of software products designed to help consumers manage their health. The typical products are exercise trackers, sleep trackers, nutrition trackers, etc. Some are desktop application-based and some run on portable devices such as Android and Apple tablets as well as Apple and Android phones. In other words, there is a wide depth of expertise in your company and they have asked you to analyze a new product idea. Don’t concern yourself with the product development costs or timeframes, strategy, etc. at this point. You might consider competition when determining the price.
The Product Idea
The new product idea is for an application that will provide allergy information to consumers so that those persons with food allergies can make informed choices about the risks of eating a specific food perhaps in a restaurant or while in the grocery store.
Your Analysis
Your job is to create a framework for understanding the target audience, some guesstimates about demographic aspects that could be used for determining the marketplace size as well as how to contact them, apply the 4 Ps as applicable, and to take a look at the key features as well as potential benefits to focus on when promoting/selling the product. How you mix and match these is up to you, but make sure to utilize enough concepts to show your understanding.
Provide your analysis using the following sections headings (as a starting point). (Feel free to add additional sections if you would like but please follow this format so I can track your thinking processes.) Make sure that you include references from the course readings and other sources using APA format to support WHY you are approaching the section topic/solution in the way that you present. You can express your opinion along the way but this paper cannot be based primarily on your opinion. If you need more information to perform the analysis feel free to make assumptions and then explain that it is an assumption and why you chose it.
I am not looking for you to write a major novel in this assignment. You are to explain your thinking behind the application of the class concepts to this real-world situation, supporting your approach with the course readings, etc. Please follow the rubric –
My expectation is that this assignment will be between 4 and 6 pages in length with APA page and paragraph formatting not including the references and front matter. To get you started, use this APA format listing from :
Set page margins to 1 inch on all sides.
Double-space all text, including headings.
Indent the first line of every paragraph 0.5 inches.
Use an accessible font (e.g., Times New Roman 12pt., Arial 11pt., or Georgia 11pt.).
Include a page number on every page.
Complete the following sections:
Describe your understanding of the situation and product you are investigating.
What is the name you are giving to the app you are evaluating? (Have fun!)
Describe your Ideal Customer for this application? What would be the primary need that the ideal customer is looking to fulfill.
Describe AT LEAST 3 demographic characteristics (i.e., age, gender, education, income, family status, etc.) of your Ideal Customer for this product. Explain your rationale for picking these characteristics.
For each characteristic from number 4, describe how you would use that demographic trait to find prospective buyers.
List AT LEAST 3 key features of the application that would be important to your Ideal Customer. Explain your rationale for picking these features.
List AT LEAST 3 key benefits that your Ideal Customer would gain from the purchase of this product or service. Explain our rationale for picking these benefits.
Discuss your analysis of the 4Ps with respect to this product and your Ideal Customer. Explain your analysis of each “P” and explain how it informs how you intend to sell the product. Briefly describe your rationale for: how you would explain the product to your ideal customer (product), where and how would you plan to sell the product to them (place), at what price would you offer the product (price) and what special offers (promotions) you would try to get them to use it.
How do you feel about your analysis? What is missing from it? What more would you have liked to know? Now that you have completed your analysis, what additional features do you think this product should have to make is most saleable?
Try to have some fun with this assignment! It is an exercise in imagination as well as a class assignment where you get to show your understanding of the subject.
Submit your completed assignment to the D2L site submission location for this assignment.
Due Date: This assignment is due by the end of Module 5, July 11, 2022.