Provide detailed answers for each  1. Explain the central limit theorem. (Ch 2

  Provide detailed answers for each 
1. Explain the central limit theorem. (Ch 22(07), 10 points)
2. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of stratified random sampling, cluster sampling, and systematic sampling. (Ch 22(07), 10 points)
3. Describe hypothesis testing and explain how to develop null and alternative hypotheses. (Ch 23(09), 10 points)
4. Compare type I and type II errors. (Ch 23(09), 10 points)
5. Explain and compare independent simple random samples and matched samples. (Ch 24(10), 10 points)

   Take the time to provide constructive feedback to at least one of your classm

Take the time to provide constructive feedback to at least one of your classmate’s post. Feel free to discuss any interesting points in the article or about the problem in general. It is ok to have interesting side conversations that relate to the topic at hand.
The Evidence Behind Approaches that Drive an End to Homelessness
While attention is often placed on the rate of Individuals are placed in housing, not much attention has been placed on the tracking of outcomes that are long-term once they are no longer homeless and the rates of the individuals that re-enter the homeless system. This article discusses the outcomes of individuals that have gone through different homeless intervention programs. There are three major homeless programs: Rapid Re-housing, Transitional Housing and Permanent Supportive Housing. According to research individuals that have gone through programs of permanent supportive housing and rapid-Re housing intervention programs are less likely to return to homelessness. This article gives reasons for individuals returning to homelessness:
· Not receiving the needed social support to be able to move through the process of obtaining services
· When they exit homelessness, rather than exiting to stable housing they exit to circumstances that are considered to be tenuous
· The head of household’s age, according to research this can be a deciding factor in the ability to secure housing.
There is a percentage of those that receive intervention services and once they complete the program they end up homeless again. Its important to study the outcomes and try to get an understanding of why this came to be.
Rapid- Re housing is for families and individuals that may not need extensive and ongoing support in order to exit homelessness quickly and enter permanent housing.
Transitional housing typically provides temporary housing for up to 24 months and also offers supportive services and assistance with acquiring a more permanent home.
Permanent supportive housing- combines healthcare, supportive services, and housing. It is said this has been successful in reducing homelessness. Research suggests those that who have social support from friends and families have fewer episodes of homelessness. Individuals and families that have financial and emotional support are more likely to transition successfully to permanent housing from being homeless. When individuals don’t have that social support system that will help with coordinating the transition from homeless, it can be hard to maintain stability.
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) US Department of Health and Human Services
A very important part of recovery is having housing that is stable. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration seeks to improve services and treatment that will support the health and wellness of those they help. According to the article, it is well known that behavioral health that is left untreated can lead to unemployment thus making it difficult to maintain employment and stable housing. According to National Drug Control and policy, approximately 30% of individuals that are experiencing chronic homelessness have serious mental illness, and about two-thirds have substance abuse disorders and other chronic health conditions.
Having a safe and stable place is a way to end homelessness, by using the practices that work the best combined with a coordinated response are driving the way to end homelessness. This article talks of the importance of a stable home, an evidence-based approach for assessable new and existing affordable homes for individuals and families receiving rapid re-housing, and people with intense needs receiving supporting housing opportunities. Having a stable home is important to healthy and strong communities and this allows for individuals and families to be able to address their challenges and go after their goals. According to research, homelessness and housing instability can cripple the prospects of employment growth, attaining education, health stability, and the ability to preserve family is greatly reduced. Participants in homeless interventions are much less likely to return to homelessness. Participants that use the Housing First approach program show housing retention rates “between 75-85% for single adults and between 80-90% for families”. Programs that tackle homelessness help expand the understanding the solutions for ending homelessness.
These articles help me to understand the needs and solutions that are needed to end homelessness. There are some that after completing a few intervention programs end up homeless again. I wanted to get an understanding of what is needed and what I can implement in my program to help end homelessness and help participants obtain gainful employment and stable housing while reducing the chances of being homeless again.
I intend to use the rapid-re-house model to help families and individuals obtain permanent housing as quickly as possible. I will implement the three components, “housing identification, rent, and move-in assistance, and case management and services to support housing stability.
    (n.d.). Sol Price Center for Social Innovation – University of Southern California. to an external site.
    Grant programs and services. (2022, April 22). SAMHSA – Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. to an external site.
    (n.d.). United States Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH). to an external site.

 Module Two Post & Response Assignment: Questions: What is your image of the m

 Module Two Post & Response Assignment:
Questions: What is your image of the modern emergency manager? How should the response phase be defined and what are some of the likely activities you will undertake as an emergency manager during that time period?
Discussion post: Your answers must be at least 15 sentences long (in total), and must be grammatically correct with APA 6th Edition format for citations and references used as necessary.

How has mobile application development impacted the use of tablets and smartp

How has mobile application development impacted the use of tablets and smartphones? Explain.
Why is understanding mobile application users important to mobile app development?
List/Discuss five (5) challenges faced by iOS developers
Discuss the benefits of using xCode for developing iOS apps.
Why is Swift the programming language the choice for xCode developers? (what are its benefits?)
In what ways (at least 5 ways) are the  xCode IDE and Google’s Android Studio alike?
Which of these two development frameworks provide the best tools for developing cross-platform apps that have native features and functions?


Assignment Instructions
Imagine that over the past few months you have participated in several organizational projects and met many new people. The opportunities to collaborate and demonstrate your emerging skills as a leader prompted you to think about applying for a new position. After exploring online job postings, you prepared a resume and submitted the application to Western Medical Enterprises. A few days later you received the following email:
Dear Applicant,
Thank you for your interest in employment at Western Medical Enterprises. We have received your application packet. The next step for all potential employees is to provide a narrative response to the questions in the attached document. Please return your completed document to me by replying to this email.
Once we receive your responses, we will review them and notify you of the next steps.
Good luck!
Thomas Hardy
Human Resources Recruiter
Western Medical Enterprises
Respond to the scenario by completing the Western Medical Enterprises Questionnaire [DOCX]. Be sure to follow the prompts in the document and, when complete, submit it for this assignment.
You will use one of the following to complete Section 2 of the questionnaire:
Levitt, D. (2014). Ethical decision-making in a caring environment: The four principles and LEADS. Healthcare Management Forum, 27(2), 105–107.
American College of Healthcare Executives. (n.d.). ACHE code of ethics.
Refer to the scoring guide for details on how your assignment will be evaluated.
You may use the Week 9 Assignment Example [PDF] to give you an idea of what a Proficient or higher rating on the scoring guide would look like.

  Scheduling and Staffing Competency Collaborate in healthcare delivery systems

Scheduling and Staffing
Collaborate in healthcare delivery systems settings for improved patient outcomes.
You are making a staffing assignment knowing that you are short-staffed. You have five registered nurses (RNs), two licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and two nursing assistants. Those nine employees need to provide a 12-hour shift of services to 30 clients with a high acuity required to a ratio of nurse to client at 1:3.
Client acuity level
Six acuity level 1
Eight acuity level 2
Nine acuity level 3
Seven acuity level 4
You will use the acuity-based staffing model to develop the staffing assignment based on the needs of the clients. You will use the created template.
As you create this assignment, include the following in an email to your manager to justify your short-staffing plan:
Complete the staffing assignment based on the acuity level.
Defend how you would direct the staff to their assigned roles for this shift and provide a rationale for the staffing assignment.
Describe how you would communicate with each level of care provider to assure the best outcomes possible.
Address how you would ensure client equity in the delivery of services.
Provide stated ideas with professional language and attribution for credible sources with correct APA citation, spelling, and grammar.
For assistance completing this assignment, review the article titled Patient Acuity Model

 If you were an executive manager in an organization, how would you structure th

 If you were an executive manager in an organization, how would you structure the organization for quality improvement?
 Explain why it is not enough to simply clone the benchmarking partner’s process?
Shewhart describes two kinds of variation, that resulting from common causes and that resulting from special causes. Define both.
What do you think motivates Motorola to invest in benchmarking?

It is apparent that buyers must maintain a sufficient amount of inventory to mee

It is apparent that buyers must maintain a sufficient amount of inventory to meet consumer demands and turn a profit for the retailer. Therefore, why do you think a buyer would need to monitor stock levels? Why is it important for retailers to carry more inventory than the amount they need to meet planned sales goals for each month?
Optional Source: Clodfelter, R. (2018). Preparing Buying Plans. In Retail Buying: From Basics to Fashion (pp. 171–192). New York: Fairchild Books.