hi i need to write a methadology for my research paper which is about ( the bala

hi i need to write a methadology for my research paper which is about ( the balance of modern and traditional architecture without the loss of a cities identiy) i will be doing 3 case study of a city with traditiiona architecture, and one with modern architecture, and one with a mix of both, plus i will be conductiong a survey through google form and the target is 50 people ages 18 to 55. this is the detail of the methadology

I would like to emphasize this is a paper focussing on the mathematical proporti

I would like to emphasize this is a paper focussing on the mathematical proportions of Colonial architecture in NE American states, with the colonial period being defined as 1607-1776, and the NE American states being defined as Maine, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania. Please avoid grand sweeping statements like “Since the dawn of time”, or “Since ancient times”. That’s just bad writing. A specific thesis statement would be appreciated.
In-text Chicago

Part 1: Reading Analysis There are 5 readings that I have uploaded. you should r

Part 1: Reading Analysis
There are 5 readings that I have uploaded. you should read of them and write an analytical essay based on all 5. you should talk about how each reading is related/linked. it is an architecture class (history of arch) so you have to talk about the buildings, ideas, concepts and all those things. the writing should be 2.5 pages long and each page should contain 275 words. talk about the similarities and differences and connect them in a way to make it an analytical writing.
Part 2: Timeline
(Throughout the semester, students are asked to develop a graphic timeline that examines and represents the
narrative of history. Students shall interpret and construct critical connections and intersections that are explored
within the framework of the course and found in their own research.
Students shall research (2) individual buildings, ideas, or events for each lecture topic and place them on the
timeline (along with a few key points such as title, year, place, designer, etc). The timeline is intended to develop
and evolve across the semester, with students discovering and plotting connections between buildings, ideas, and
events across history. Submissions shall be
submitted in PDF format. Indesign, Powerpoint, or any other non-PDF files will not
be accepted and will result in the student receiving no credit for that submission.
For the final timeline submission, students are required to submit a full timeline that captures the arc of the course,
showing analytical thought and connections between moments in history. Students shall provide a one-page
synopsis which explains their timeline and the historical analysis they have developed. Timeline format is to be
determined by the student. This assignment is intended to be a graphic exercise. Structure and legibility are
required; Creativity is encouraged
the timeline should include the previous timeline I have done and should therefore be a document that grows with each
submission. In addition, many of the timeline entries describe overall periods (classical, medieval, baroque, neoclassical, etc). The timeline entries should constitute buildings or historic events, and there should be two entries for each lecture topic (therefore four entries most weeks) I will be uploading the previous timelines i did so once you complete the timeline for these readings, you should combine it with the previous timelines and it should show growth.
you should pick atleast 1 building/concept/idea from each reading and you should add it the timeline that i have done and uploaded. you can convert the pdf file and make the changes or use indesign/photoshop or any related software to make timeline again. should be neat and presentable. pictures should the same size, font should be the same and it should show the growth and move towards the right and not downwards into several pages. check out the timeline examples i uploaded for better picture.

For this assignment, each student will work on presentation on High Renaissance/

For this assignment, each student will work on presentation on High Renaissance/ Mannerism architects and the Renaissance in France and England. Each student will select one building / structure/design from each of the following:
Giorgio Vasari
Andrea Palladio
Garden Design
Renaissance in France
Renaissance in England
Please note: You have to choose and provide information for all of the listed topics, not just one of them.
Each student will create a presentation based on his or her studying and research, using any suitable software/web tool: PowerPoint, Adobe Spark, Voice Tread, Prezi etc.
Submit the presentation to Blackboard as a hyperlink, if a web based presentational tool was utilized, or as a pdf or PowerPoint file.
File name: XX-Renaissance II
Content: the presentation should include the following information for each of topics listed above:
The name of the architect and / or region.
Short biographical information.
Information about the selected building / design:
The name of the building
Geographical location (show maps, if possible).
Purpose of the building or garden design
What architectural features make the presented work representative of the Renaissance and the architects themselves.
Identify major Renaissance and Classical elements in the presented works and explain their significance.
Provide high quality images for each of the presented buildings and designs
Explain why you have selected that particular building / design
If the selected structure inspires you, explain why. If it does not inspire you – explain why.
Structure of the presentation:
Title page stating the name of the presentation (The Renaissance Part II), the name of the student presenting, and the class for which is the presentation.
Content pages: 10 – 12 pages.
Reference page, citing the research and images’ resources (usually the last page), if references are not provided along the text and images.
General Requirements for the presentation:
The presentation should be consistent in format and outlook, text font and size, and page design.
Do not copy and paste from your resources, there will be check for plagiarism. Use not only the assigned book and the internet, but also other resources.
Make an effort to create informative, interesting and pleasing presentation, with good quality images and layout, prompting conversations and discussions.

Choose one of the period rooms below and write a 2-3 page paper: Analyzing its s

Choose one of the period rooms below and write a 2-3 page paper:
Analyzing its spatial layout, furnishings, materials and additional features.
Describing the background of the designer/architect and that of the owner as well as the function that the room might have originally served.
Answering at least two of the following questions:
——How did the cultural, religious, political, economic context inform this room’s appearance?
—— How is the room different today than in its original context? What has changed and why?
—— How did the interior arrive at its current institution? What questions does this raise for conservation and/or repatriation?
The Temple of Dendur (MMA)
Mastaba Tomb of Perneb (MMA)
Bedroom from the Villa of P. Fannius Synistor at Boscoreale (MMA)
Chapter House from Notre Dame de Pontaut (The Cloisters)
Sudiolo from the Ducal Palace in Gubbio (MMA)
Shoin Room modeled after a room at the Kangaku-in, outside Kyoto (MMA)
Damascus Room (MMA)
Bedroom from the Sagredo Palace (MMA)
Boudoir from the Hotel de Crillon (MMA)
Moorish Smoking Room, Worsham-Rockefeller House (Brooklyn Museum)
Wisteria Dining Room (MMA)
Weil-Worgelt Study (Brooklyn Museum)
Use the museum websites and online resources in the Pratt Library (such as e-journals, e-books and other databases) to find additional information. Random blogs and websites are NOT good sources in an academic paper!
Make sure to properly cite your sources for images and information using MLA bibliographic style: https://libguides.pratt.edu/c.php?g=763466&p=5475220
General Writing Tips:
Outline your paper first. Each paragraph should have a clear and distinct purpose, and should begin with a topic sentence that declares that purpose–or directly expands on the paragraph before it.
Use full sentences; check for run-on sentences.
Avoid the repetition of the same word over and over again.
Delete overly personal phrases such as “I find it interesting that…” or “I think”.
Be careful and specific in your descriptions–is it just “blue” or aqua, sapphire, turquoise, cobalt, cerulean, etc.?
Avoid describing the works in terms of vague personal judgement (beautiful, pretty, awesome, good).