Learning Goal: I’m working on a blog post project and need a sample draft to hel

Learning Goal: I’m working on a blog post project and need a sample draft to help me learn.Road Map BriefI’m starting the first official NFT in the middle EastUse these bullet points listed and emphasis why they are so valuable and why people should invest in “Sheikh Falcon NFT”Write 700 to 800 words using strong vocabulary and make it look professional , each bullet point should have its own Paragraph• First Gulf NFT• Strong Community in discord and all our social media platforms ( Instagram, Tiktok , twiter etc)• Aim is for “Sheikh Falcon NFT” to be top 5 in opensea worldwide• 100,000 dollars will be gifted to anyone that manages to mint one of the 7 legendary nft from the 5,555 collection• Our holders that manage to hold our “ SheikhFalcon NFT” for 8 to 10 weeks will receive a free “Sheikh Horses NFT” which will hopefully launch around June 2021• Private Events in Dubai , Riyadh and Seef where all the holders will be invited and celebrate being apart of this unique Project and Art that will be remembered for years to come. Our holders will also receive exlusive merch and special handmade canvases. Moreover Monthly giveways like Free flights to any country in the gulf by your choice.• Heavy Promotions via social media and billboards and using influnsers to push the ArtThis is a road map, so make it seem super professional and delecute, please emphasise on all the bullet points and add some flavour to it so it looks appealing.
Requirements: 700