Legal Brief

Complete following sections of an apellate brief:

1. Table of Authorities
2. Statement of Jurisdiction
3. Statement of the Issues
4. Standard of Review (*must be a Supreme court case or 11th Circuit case, de novo)
5. Summary of the Argument
Follow guidance, style and format from the Sample Brief and Grading Sheet

Memo to Judge

Rights of persons is addressed in the Fifth Amendment. Write a 1-page memo to a judge outlining the impact of the court case Miranda v. Arizona as it relates to self-incrimination. In the memo, outline the key constitutional issues that were addressed.

BLUEBOOK standards for legal formatting and citation should be adhered to in this assignment.

Legal tone and language should be used.

Reflection – migration

a reflection paper,

– present the importantargument(s) you could follow in the reading and describe how the author(s)discussed this argument through presenting your analysis and discussion of theauthor(s)’ work. The creative reflection must end with challenging question(s).