Reading Quiz- Midnight at the Dragon Café (Please don’t copy and past from othe

Reading Quiz-
Midnight at the Dragon Café
(Please don’t copy and past from other websites)
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Section 1 – Answer the following questions in 5-7
sentences each. For each question, provide a quotation (not exceeding 7 words)
as proof. Do provide page number in bracket with each quotation.
1- Su-Jen was born in China but she is really considered a second
generation Canadian. Her roots are in China, but she is re-rooting herself in
Canada. Briefly describe two separate occasions when she was obviously caught
between Chinese cultural expectations and Canadian cultural expectations.
2- Explain why Lai Jing and Hing Wun Chou happen to be married to
each other.
3- What is the writer’s attitude towards Lai-Jing? Does she present
her as a tragic figure? As a hopeful figure? A realistic figure? A typical
‘stock’ figure, symbolizing Chinese Canadian women at that time? A sacrificial
4- What is your impression of Mai-Yee?
5- Su-Jen’s family harbours a big secret. What is the sercret? Why
is this secret situation happening? Why does no one bring it ‘out in the open’?
is it easier for the family to keep silent and live with the deception OR would
ti be better for Su-Jen’s father or Su-Jen to ‘speak out?’ Write two paragraphs
(of 5-7 sentences each) on this situation and how it affects the family.
Section 2 – Who says these words to whom and what is the
context of these words in the respective chapters?
Discuss each quotation in about 3-5 sentences. NO need to quote in your answer.
The quotation is already given.
1. “We Chinese are too busy saving every penny we make. Your father
would never spend that kind of money on himself. He is the only person who
could make a monk look like a spendthrift. But now that you and your mother are
here, Su-Jen, maybe things will be different.”
2. “Don’t worry, you will always be Su-Jen inside.”
3. “At the school, my parents seemed to shrink as they looked at
this man who was so friendly.”
4. “Did you know, Su-Jen, that when your brother was still a baby
in Hoi Ping County, I had to return to Canada? I was still here when the Second
World War started and I couldn’t get back to China until it was over. By the time I got back, my son, he was almost
5. “Uncle Yat’s wife, she’s smart. Lucky to be in China. Not like
me. Stranded here.”

-My policy: Commissioners Directive 566-10: Urinalysis, paragraphs 1-8, 22-28, 2

-My policy: Commissioners Directive 566-10: Urinalysis, paragraphs 1-8, 22-28, 29-50, 54-60
-classmate policy: Correctional Service Canada – Guidelines 568 -7-1 – Management of Incompatible Offenders
Other policy to use Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom, freedom of information and protection act (FOIP) or Acess to information act federal (ATIP)
assignment: The purpose of this assignment is for you to evaluate the similarities and differences between two environments of justice, one of which is not familiar to you. You have already looked at course concepts in your assigned policies, now you have the opportunity to extend that analysis to another DFS environment. You should be able to:
Review your classmate’s policy and procedure (as posted in the discussion forum from early in the course) to determine what impact ATIP or FOIP have had on that policy or procedure, and to cite examples
Correctly identify what legal right(s) under the Charter are being protected with your classmate’s policy and procedures and how these rights are being protected. Ensure that in your discussion that you reference the specific section of the Charter by number. For example, in section 8 of the Charter dealing with search and seizure .

Module 2: Discussion Posting Instructions Read through Module 2 (attached) Write

Module 2: Discussion Posting Instructions
Read through Module 2 (attached)
Write a 150-200 word discussion post which discusses one of the aspects of this new professional history in Canada between 1894 and 1920:
• How do the gender values of turn-of-the-century Canadian society interact with the ideas of the professional historians and what are the consequences for women in history?
Please note:
– This assignment requires you to answer one discussion question and is only 150-200 words max (less than a page).
– I am paying in Canadian currency, this costs me more with the exchange rate.
– Please be fair and do the work.
– Don’t accept the assignment if you are going to do a lazy job. I don’t want to have to prompt someone and re-state the instructions (this happens a lot).
– If there are spelling mistakes and sentences/paragraphs that don’t make sense, I will ask it to be fixed. Please review.
-Please no plagiarism. Paraphrase where necessary and put direct quotes in quotations.
-MLA-in text citations with page numbers

Concept Testing It has been found that approximately 60% of new ventures fail be

Concept Testing
It has been found that approximately 60% of new ventures fail because of bad marketing decisions. A careful low-cost marketing research can help new ventures make right marketing decisions. In particular, too often companies with new offerings do not test enough to assure that a product is an appealing concept to enough customers.
In this assignment, you are asked to design a research plan for concept testing of a new product, LINEPASS, developed by a new venture. Concept testing is a research technique that checks whether the prospective purchaser and/or user of a new product- offering bundle understands the product/service idea, feels that it answers a need, and would be willing to purchase and/or use it. Concept testing is basically a set of procedures in which potential customers are exposed to a product or service concept and are asked for their reactions to it.
LINEPASS is an easy-to-use Wireless Reservation System for theme park attractions. Visitors receive small personal terminal devices when they buy tickets at the entrance. The personal devices are linked to a server through FM transmitters.
The benefits LINEPASS can offer are as follows:
Get information about waiting times for any attractions in the theme park.
Get information about all the different events in the theme park.
Make a reservation for any attractions in the theme park.
Avoid waiting in line for tickets and rides.
Map current location and find the best route to any place in the theme park.
The digital signature uniquely built into each terminal device allows users to board rides quickly by passing through gates.
The terminal device notifies users 15 min. before their next reserved ride is to start.
Pay all bills one-time upon returning the terminal device.
Monitor movement of all visitors and revenue contribution from all attractions on-line.
Increase sales by sending ads or notices for events to all terminal devices.
Design a 2-3 page marketing research plan for concept testing of LINEPASS. For the concept test plan, the following questions must be addressed:
Objective: State explicitly what you want to learn and how you will use the information
Respondents: Who should be exposed to the concept? Explain why. Be specific about your segmentation and target market.
Sample size: How many respondents should be contacted? Explain why you made this decision.
Method: What are the best modes of data collection? Explain how would you approach respondents?
Stimuli: What should be in the concept statement?
Data: What specific information should be collected from respondents?
Measurement: Explain how should the questions be asked and measured?
Analysis: What kind of analysis should be conducted after gathering data? Explain how your analysis can be used by the corporation for planning and decision making?
You can use the following resource for learning more about your tasks for this assignment


Read the market research report at:

Read the market research report at:
Please answer to the following questions:
1- List two additional review objectives that you would add into the original list of objectives. (2 marks)
2- Which methodologies would you use for doing research on your additional review objectives? (3 marks)
3- You are looking into doing this research in a country with an extremely dry climate. What other factors you will consider in your research? (5 marks)
4- Explain why the factors that you would consider are important in your research methodology. (5 marks)

Analysis of a Policy Discussion Topic The goal of this assignment is to advance

Analysis of a Policy
Discussion Topic
The goal of this assignment is to advance the discussion on a specific policy issue that has public policy implications for Canada, or public policy implications at the international stage where Canada plays a role.
1- Select a Canadian Policy from the list at:
Before choosing a topic, select a public policy sector, for instance by looking at how the federal government is structured into multiple ministries: each ministry generally covers at least one policy sector. For instance, environmental policy, Indigenous policy, social policy, criminal justice, economic policy, etc.
2- Answer to the following questions in your discussion:
a. What is the policy? Write the title, the public policy sector, and the hyperlink to the policy web page.
b. Briefly explain in one paragraph why this policy is written?
c. Identify and list at least five (5) gaps in the policy; for example, identify gaps in government’s policy agenda setting, formulation, decision making, implementation, or evaluations.
d. For each gap that you identified above, suggest a recommendation (one paragraph each) to improve the policy.


Week 4 Lessons
Week 4 Lesson: Complete the assigned readings, lectures, and watch the clips. Compose all your answers in a Word Document. ***Answer each question using 90-100 words***
Lecture: Canadian-American Differences
Cite the concepts outlined in the lectures and the readings to support your arguments
You will notice that the lecture engages information that falls beyond the scope of the readings. It is important to incorporate the concepts you learn from both, the lectures and the readings, in your answers.
Watch the lecture on Canadian-American differences and complete the reading: Francis, Daniel, “Your Majesty’s Realm: The Myth of the Master Race,” National Dreams, p. 52-87
Video Links (
PART 1 Questions
The Myth of the Master Race
What role does the “Empire” play in forming a national Canadian identity?
United Empire Loyalists brought along a set of values, attitudes and beliefs that are intrinsic to Canadian society and culture. Describe the significance of the following Canadian sentiments?
According to Michael Adams, the Rising American/Canadian Electorate are a force to be reckoned with. Why is this the case?
“Indians go missing from Textbooks” (72): Elaborate on the significance of this statement in Canadian history.
Hint: Consider the Myth of Master Race
If race, beyond European ancestry, is largely ignored in Canadian textbooks, is Canada truly a mosaic? Elaborate on some of the examples provided by Francis.
According to Francis, Canadian institutions are largely entrenched in traditional British-Loyalist ideology and function. Do these British traditions continue to shape Canadian society, or have they shifted in favour of a more unique and distinct Canadian society? Explain.
Short Lecture: The October Crisis
Part 2: The October Crisis
Watch the lecture Part 2 and watch the documentary: Action: The October Crisis of 1970. Montreal: National Film Board of Canada, 1973.
Professor Lecture Video Links (
Part 2 Questions
7) What was the purpose of the FLQ? Were they successful in delivering their message to the government and to the rest of Canada?
What was the message?
8) The culmination of the FLQs actions led to the kidnapping of two public figures. Did this tragic moment in Canadian history help or hurt French protectionism in Canada?
9) A defining moment in the documentary emerged when Trudeau invoked the War Measures Act. What were some of the major issues associated with this piece of legislation?
Hint: Consider the suspension of civil liberties
10) Quebeckers are often accused of being too rigid in their nationalism. Is French nationalism a problem or is it necessary for the protection of French language, culture and identity?

Write a research proposal on the Oka Crisis but in a respectful way that reflect

Write a research proposal on the Oka Crisis but in a respectful way that reflects on how society could better treat the indigenous peoples of Canada, refer to ethical research methods and, also, briefly discuss the importance indigenous sovereignty over information and history regarding their communities. (NOTE: leave out the part where it asks for you to provide positionality in the context of this research topic, I will complete that section”)