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Review the following video and make some decisions about the pattern of communication which is exemplified by the father and son. Remember, examining BOTH Conversation Orientation AND Conformity Orientation (in Lesson 10.3) will provide insight into the Family Communication Pattern. You may need to watch the video a couple of times. Finally, base your perspective on personal experience blended with materials in this unit.
Next, you’ll want to reflect on your own upbringing: How did you and your family experience Conversation Orientation and Conformity Orientation? Describe the Family Communication Pattern in which you were raised. Provide details which support your decision.
Lastly, if you have raised or are raising children now, what communication pattern would you say best describes your present family experience?

Communicating a change

Please, put the notes on inside the slides and I will record the voice myself. Also complete the Six Ws Worksheet for Assessment 5 [DOCX] worksheet along with the presentation and transcriipt.• References to course material or library resources should be cited in APA format.
• Use a font of appropriate size and weight for presentation, generally 24–28 points for headings and no smaller than 18 points for bullet-point text.
I have uploaded instructional document, Wanda’s voicemail, and the memo which you will be using for this presentation and the worksheet.


You will need to use the Word document as the week one assignment. The week 2 assignment is correlated to the week one as well as week 3.
Assignment Content
The board reviewed your email and agreed with your assessment. Now it is time to start fixing the situation so that more clients can be served by the Long Lake Community Center job placement service. After seeing a 15% decline in clients served over the previous six months, the board is looking for a turnaround. Specifically, the board wants to see a 25% increase in the number of clients served. The board has tasked you with writing the strategic communication plan to achieve this goal. The board wants you to begin drafting the first few sections of a new strategic communication plan. Remember, the material you prepare this week will support your final strategic communication plan due in Week 5. You will have an opportunity to make adjustments based upon feedback from your instructor each week.
Facilitator’s Note
You are NOT being asked to improve use of other services. Should you think,”If I increase use of the food bank, it will also increase use of Job Placement Services,” you must provide research data proving a cause-effect relationship. I have not been able to find any such data.
Please do not submit a pdf. Submit a Microsoft Word draft of a 350- to 450-word strategic communication plan with the following:
Draft a new vision statement that encompasses the 25% increase for Jobs Placement Service.
Explain the difference from last year’s vision statement and how it is an improvement.
How will you operationalize this vision statement? Provide two suggestions.
How will implement the vision so that progress can be measured?
This section will be further refined in Week 5.
Who are the LLCC’s internal and external partners? How will these partners support the new vision statement?
Of the four theories presented by Shires, which will guide your strategic communication plan?
How does this theory support your future development of the objectives, strategies, tactics, and messaging?
Discuss how the theory aligns to your vision statement.
Include at least 2 credible references that show how this theory has been applied or observed in action. Sources should be fluently integrated into the discussion of the theory, above. The research should be recent enough to reflect modern communication and applicable to our culture. For example, persuasion may work differently in high-context. Be selective and wise in your choices.
Academic journal articles may be found at our Apollo Library Databases, especially EBSCO and Proquest. The Center for Writing Excellence has directions for formatting proper APA citations.
Use APA style for formatting and citations. Download the paper template from the CWE for fewer errors

Project: Single – use plastic bags.

The first part of the assignment is M1 Case Study on Single-use plastic bags. Please read the video transcriipt and read all the instructions. I need a project on Single-use plastic bags.
The second part of the assignment is based on the Case study on Single-use plastic bags.
Base your writing assignment on the Case Study: Single-Use Plastic Bags.
You will be writing the same message in two different communications, to two different audiences, the mayor and the finance director. The message is this: our community group wants the city government to agree to investigate the issue of single-use plastic bags.
There are 3 parts to this assignment:
I need a reference page with MLA.

Interview Assignment- Interactions

Interview Topics, Sample Questions, and Due Dates
Interactions (due by noon Oct. 3, refer to chapters 4, 5, 6, 7)
To examine their own intergenerational/intragenerational interactions, you could discuss:
Ask them if they have ever changed how they are speaking to someone, trying to determine their awareness of any accommodations they may have made;
Are there accommodations they wish people would make when in interactions with them? What are they and why?
Have they ever disclosed their chronological age in conversation? When, why, how, what was the impact, etc?
What intERgenerational relationships do they have? What intRAgenerational relationships do they have? How are they similar/different to one another?
In what context do they encounter people of ages different than theirs? Do they engage in conversations regularly with people of other ages? Why or why not?
Have they used OR been the recipient of patronizing speech? Describe that experience. If they were the recipient, how did they respond?
How might they recommend people “correct” a patronizing speech style?
What do I submit to the assignment folder?
Word documents should be submitted to the assignment folder, and those word documents should contain the details of what you learned in the interview for that topic. Grading will be based on the amount of detail provided. See recommended page limits below. All documents will be submitted to Turnitin.com and students should pay careful attention to the originality scores. All interviews should be your own, original work, quoting your interviewee, as needed.
The document submitted could contain:
2-4 doublespaced pages of a paper summarizing what you learned in the interview, including quotations from the person; OR
2-4 doublespaced pages of a transcriipt of the interview itself; OR
2-4 doublespaced pages of notes you took during the interview

Basically, there is flexibility in how you conduct these interviews, what questions you ask, and how you ask them. The “interview submissions” should be detailed information about what you learned from this person. If they are too short (one page or less), you will not have enough information to complete the final paper or presentation. Since the final paper or presentation will be connecting these interviews to the terminology and research discussed in the textbook and course materials, it would be a great idea to begin those connections when you post information about each interview. This is not, however, required until the final paper or presentation. Each interview submission is worth 10 points; the lowest interview score will be dropped.
This assignment sheet is intended to explain the interview assignments AND your final assignment (hint: they are related). All these assignments have different due dates. Although this is a comprehensive assignment sheet, individual assignment reminders will be provided in the relevant modules with the assignment submission folders.
From the syllabus:
INTERVIEWS: At various points in the semester, students will interview someone who is 25 years older OR 25 years younger than they are. They will interview the same person multiple times during the semester about various topics, as assigned. Each interview is worth 10 points. There will be SIX interview topics/assignments, but only the FIVE highest of these grades will count toward a student’s final grade. In other words, ONE interview can be missed without impacting a student’s grade. Due dates and topics are as follows:
Introduction – due by noon on Monday, Sept. 12
Stereotypes – due by noon on Monday, Sept. 26
Interactions – due by noon on Monday, Oct. 3
Media – due by noon on Monday, Oct. 24
Health – due by noon on Monday, Nov. 7
Technology – due by noon on Monday, Nov. 14
FINAL PAPER or PRESENTATION: Students will create a final paper or digital presentation that summarizes the information learned in the interviews, applies course material to those interview experiences, and makes conclusions about the intergenerational experience of these interviews. Details are in an assignment sheet, and this is worth 100 points and due by noon on Dec. 5th. Students are strongly encouraged to focus on their creative strength, whether that be in writing or in developing a multimedia presentation.
Whom to interview:
Find someone who is 25 years (or more) older than you OR 25 years (or more) younger than you;
This person can be related to you but does not have to be related to you;
This person needs to be a willing volunteer;
This person needs to be willing to be contacted 5-7 times this semester; you will interview this person for all of the interview assignments;
This person might be willing to share themselves on video or in photos (not required but would definitely enhance your final project)
Once you have found the person you wish to interview this semester, you will interview them about the various topics below. Sample questions are provided, but do NOT let those limit you in your conversations. Use the provided questions as a starting point, and let the conversation flow naturally.
For assistance with conducting interviews, use these resources (adapt appropriately to COVID-19 and to non-job interview):

Chapter #4 Q&As

Answer the 2 questions after each prompt 4 questions in all.
We learned in this chapter that Aristotle argued that source credibility (ethos) was composed of three dimensions: good character, goodwill, and intelligence. To have the maximum level of credibility, a source would need to be perceived as having all three characteristics.
1.)When we think of today’s popular political figures, i.e. Donald Trump and Barack Obama, based on Aristotle’s dimensions of source credibility, who would you determine is a credible source and why? (Your answer does not need to be one of my examples listed.)
2.)Based on this same criteria, would you consider yourself to be a credible source?
This chapter properly defines credibility. When the COVID-19 pandemic started, one institution faced a lot of controversies: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. I used to follow the news, and the CDC would announce something one day, and they would say something different in the following days. I understand that COVID-19 has been a challenge for all institutions worldwide. However, the CDC is the national public health agency of the United States. It is a federal agency under the Department of Health and Human Services. People should expect accurate scientific information from this institution. One can apply the concept of Aristotle’s approach, ethos, pathos, and logos. The CDC (ethos) has been criticized for not properly analyzing its information regarding the pandemic. At the same time, logos (their messages) was so vague at the beginning. Most of the guidelines changed within a few weeks. The justification: this virus is new. Pathos (emotions) has a vital component here. Currently, the United States has the most cases and deaths from COVID-19, according to Worldometer (https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/).
People in the U.S. (which is supposed to have one of the most advanced health systems in the world) lose trust in the institution that should be leading prevention because of continuous changes in the protocol related to the virus.
My questions are:
1. Does King Charles III have enough credibility to reign over the United Kingdom? He is the legitimate heir of Elizabeth II, but does his past related to Diana of Gales when he cheated on her affect his trustworthiness?
2. Does the Catholic church have enough credibility to say that abortion is a crime? The Bible does not talk about abortion, and the Catholic Church historically has been an institution led by men. So, how can they determine which choice is best for women if they don’t have spouses or daughters?

contemporary feminism

After reading this week’s assigned articles found in the Week 4 Module (Week 4 – Feminist Theory and Intersectionality ) please view all videos or read articles found below the ASSIGNMENTS header in the module. Select one and respond to the following:
How is the “feminism” described in the video/article you selected different from First and Second (or maybe Third) Wave Feminism?
Based on the readings from this week and last week, critique the main points made in the video/article your selected. For example, how would you interpret or assess the writer’s or speaker’s thoughts about women in our society? How might other schools of thought respond?
Please include the name of the video or article you selected in your response.
Please include references/citations that you use to make your points.
I will upload the reading
choose one from these and respond to it based on the reading
Hip hop feminism

fourth wave feminism
Me too

Angela Davis – Intersectionality

please site which article or video you choose make sure you provide good details based on the reading while answering the questions

planning, Designing and creating Presentation slides

Examine steps for delivering a successful presentation and for giving effective presentations online.
Assess the decisions involved in using a key visual and selecting color, artwork, and typefaces to create effective slide designs.
Create effective slide content.
Adapt the three-step writing process to reports and proposals
Examine effective report content and topics commonly covered in the introduction, body, and close of formal reports.
At this point in the course, students have covered 17 chapters and have been introduced to a variety of concepts to gaining valuable professional skills. Identify five business communication skills that you have learned for the first time or developed during this course. Every submission must include at least two concepts from Part 5 of the textbook (Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15). You must specifically reference the chapter and page number of these two specific concepts somewhere on your slides. (You want to include this information directly on the slide itself. Placing it in the notes section of the presentation means that I won’t see it in the Canvas grading system. Most students just place a small note at the bottom of each slide in a smaller font size. ) Presentations that do not reference at least two concepts from Part 5, and do not specifically cite the page number and chapter for those concepts, will not receive credit for that element of the rubric grading.
Create a structured slide presentation that describes each of the five skills you identified. You may use any visual style that you feel is appropriate for the assignment. Review and implement the materials presented in Chapter 17 to create your slide presentation. Students may use Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides.
Keep the following requirements in mind as you develop your presentation. These are all graded elements:
Follow the 5×5 rule for text in presentations — see page 499 – Creating Effective Slide Content
Limit each slide to one concept
Include a title slide and a conclusion slide
Use bulleted phrases, not sentences
Use short, informative slide titles
Use images, shapes, clip art, etc. to help illustrate key points — you must have images in your presentations!
Page close attention to appropriate color choices – see page 497 – Table 17:1
Use color for emphasis, readability and contrast – see page 496 – Selecting Design Elements
Paraphrase the information using your own words – do not copy textbook information word-for-word, even if you quote – the idea is to demonstrate you understand the concepts
Provide chapter and page number information for the two business concepts you’re covering from Part 5 (at bottom of each slide)
Include a citation slide for the textbook at the end of your presentation (separate from title and conclusion slides)