You will be writing a business report that will be five pages (approx. 1250 word

You will be writing a business report that will be five pages (approx. 1250 words). As this is a research report, you will need to use five separate sources. At least one of the sources that you use needs to be a peer reviewed journal article or a trade magazine. Use a variety of sources (journal articles, trade magazines, webpages or websites, a chapter in a book, etc.). Avoid sources that are written for the general public such as newspaper articles or Wikipedia entries.
You can choose from the following topics:
Assess a new technology in your field. For example, you could compare three new technologies used in your field and recommend one.
Assess an aspect of the current trend of working from home. For example, you could discuss the new skills that a manager needs to work effectively from home, or you could discuss strategies for running virtual meetings.
Follow these steps to complete your assignment:
Choose a topic for your research report and draft a purpose statement.
Look for information to support your report’s purpose. You will need five sources for this assignment and at least one of the sources must be a journal article or trade magazine.
Read through your sources and take notes.
Begin a draft of your research report. Remember to include your sources and use in-text citations for paraphrases/summaries and direct quotations.
Follow the outline for a research report to help you organize the information.
Ensure that all the information is properly cited in the report. Use APA 7.
Include a title page, page numbers and headings for your report. Follow the APA guidelines discussed in LO 8 LS 3.
Write a draft of your report.
Include at least one visual in your report and properly integrate the visual into the body of your report. Review the information in LS04 and Module 18.
Create a References page at the end of your report for the sources used in the report. Note: The References page is not included in the word count.
Revise, edit, and proofread your report.