Family Resource Management

Family Resource Management field of study annotated bibliography. The topic given to me was Time Management in relation to a resource being managed relative to the Family Resource Management model. I need to find 2 scholarly articles and 2 Academic literature within the last 3 years related to Time management for families who have members that manage a chronic illness. Something to look into is resources related to respite care when thinking about the impact of increased time demands on caregivers as well. My main stated topic is ‘Time management for families who manage chronic illness in the family’. I’ve attached 2 practice examples of the final annotated bibliography for reference as well as the FRM assignment page. Thank you!

College acceditations

The project is to summarize two articles that examine the impact of college accreditations on the community. I found the following articles, but I’m open to suggestions if they better fulfill the subject

Your paper should be at least 1,200 words and include all of the 5 sets of sourc

Your paper should be at least 1,200 words and include all of the 5 sets of sources listed below.
Based on your Research Proposal, this project will represent the culmination of your study of the End of Life Issues in this course, and will enable you to explore a specific topic of interest from the perspective of one of the social or behavioral sciences. Your paper should include the various sources that you collected in your proposal. All sources should convey information that is integrated into your paper:
1. A source regarding your discipline or perspective of choice
2. At least one resource from our course
3. At least two scholarly sources
4. At least one organizational source
5. (optional) Any additional sources that you would like to include that are relevant to your topic.
Please be sure to see the feedback on your proposal to help you successfully complete this project, and feel free to contact me with any questions as you are working on it.
Your paper should be a coherent essay that develops an argument related to your topic of research. It should NOT be a list of concepts and sources related to the topic.
Your paper should include:
Your paper should include:
1. Introduction
2. Body of the paper. The paper should provide relevant details and also convey how the EOL topic selected is related to the social science discipline identified in your proposal. Offer information on your selected EOL issue to include any data, demographics, current trends, or recent research (less than 10 years old).
3. Conclusion
4. Reference List
Important: All sources should be cited within the paper, using APA style (7th Ed.). Refer to the APA Citations and Style module in the classroom for APA resources.
Your research project will be graded according to the attached rubric (also available in the syllabus). Late papers lose 10% per day late.

I have attached full instructions along with Part 1 and Part 2 for this project.

I have attached full instructions along with Part 1 and Part 2 for this project. The case study must be incorporated into the Parenting Action Plan. The research essay also has the case study. For this action plan you can use the research essay.I have provided the notes of things that were missing in the research essay and that you may consider implementing into the action plan.CITATIONS SHOULD BE IN APA 7TH EDITION FORMATTING with correct intext citations. Doubled spaced in Times New Roman

Students will reflect on course content using the theories, research, and practi

Students will reflect on course content using the theories, research, and practice perspectives discussed in class as a foundation. The following questions will serve as your guide:
What course content from the previous few classes (discussions, readings, and/or film clips) has influenced me the most; in what ways; and, for what reasons?
How have my perspectives on this course content been informed by the theories, research, and practice perspectives discussed in class?
FOR JOURNAL #1 – Write as much as you need to write to tell me what you believe is important about your reflection. The length guideline is approximate, ±500 words.

Nothing needs to be actually researched its just an assignment on learning how t

Nothing needs to be actually researched its just an assignment on learning how to merge articles together. In this case the professor has given students two articles to skim through and then to merge for future reference when we are writing a research paper. The professor has provided a handout and I will be uploading that, as well as both articles that will be used for this assignment. Please only use those two sources.

This is a research application assignment in which you will have to conduct rese

This is a research application assignment in which you will have to conduct research outside of the text to be able to answer the question/s.
1. WORD COUNT – you have a minimum of 1000 words (3 to 4 pages double spaced) for this assignment. You must put the word count at the top of your Word Document on the first line in the left hand corner. Failure to do so will result in point deduction. Use the following format: WORD COUNT: 1000
2. For this assignment you have a requirement of a minimum of 3 scholarly resources. Your text counts as the first scholarly resource. So you will have to research to find 2 more scholarly sources. Scholarly sources are referred to as academic, peer-reviewed, or refereed sources. If you run into difficulties finding scholarly sources ask the CSUN Librarian for assistance. to an external site.. You can text a librarian at (818) 900-2965.
3. Read the text, Chapter 1 (this is your first scholarly resource). If you have a different year of the text read the chapter which discusses theory. Decide which family theory makes the most sense to you? As you are reading take notes as to why you think this particular theory makes sense to you. Perhaps it is because of certain family behaviors, or family crises you have experienced, maybe it is because of the spoken and unspoken roles within your family.
4. 2 points: Further research this theory finding a minimum of 2 additional peer reviewed scholarly sources (i.e., other texts, academic articles) to help you complete the rest of the assignment. ONE OF THE RESOURCES MUST BE AN EMPIRICAL ARTICLE MEANING IT MUST BE A PEER REVIEWD RESEARCH STUDY (the article will have an introduction, literature review, methods, results and discussion sections).
5. 15 points: Use the heading “Theory Summary” Use your text and additional resources to assist you in thoroughly summarizing the theory and outlining its concepts. Do not copy, cut and paste the theory from its source. Paraphrase as much as possible. Make sure to properly cite your sources as theory is not general knowledge and you must give credit to where you retrieved the information from.
6. 10 points: Next in a separate paragraph use the heading “Empirical Study Application”. In this section: DISCUSS HOW YOUR EMPIRICAL STUDY USES THE THEORY TO SOLVE THE ISSUE or ISSUES PRESENTED IN THE STUDY. For example, your research study may have used Family Development Theory to prove or disprove today’s families still typically pass through all the stages of Family Development theory (what happens to never married singles who adopt? Do they fit in Family Development Theory?.
7. (15 points) Next, in a separate paragraph use the heading “My Family Application”, answer why does this theory make the most sense to you? Write in full sentences. Think critically about this question. Does the theory do a good job at explaining for example family issues, behaviors, stress and coping, roles etc… How would you use this theory to help explain the behaviors and patterns in your family? Provide specific examples. Apply the theory and its concepts to your own family members and experiences. Elaborate on does the theory help you better understand your family functioning? Why or why not?
8. (3 points) Use short direct quotes (no more than 1 or 2 sentences) from your resources (text & articles etc. ) to support your answers.
9. Use proper APA in text citations and provide a references page. This assignment will be processed through Turnitin so make sure to properly cite.
10. (2 points) Upload your research articles to the assignment link with your submission.
12. (3 points) Apply a minimum of 6 concepts from the text and highlight them in yellow.
12. (- 1 point each error) Proofread for APA, spelling and grammatical errors.

Interview an Individual Whose Family Background is Different from One’s Own: My

Interview an Individual Whose Family Background is Different from One’s Own:
Im paying for 4 pages one of the pages needs to be the notes that the professor wants to see. Also I’m attaching the family theory please use one of those to related to the interviewee family’s background.
Students are required interview an individual whose family background differs from one’s own (e.g. religious, racial/ethnic, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status) and integrate a family theory into the assessment of the individual’s family’s functioning.
1. Describe the person who you interviewed: age, gender, physical attributes, relationship to you, etc.
2. Summarize and clearly identify at least 3 key themes (not question/ answer format) that emerged from the interview process. In other words, tell me the story of your interviewee while identifying the major themes that you gathered during the interview. Back up the themes with events and examples from your interviewee’s life. Organize your paper centered on the themes rather than chronological order. For example, George Washington could not tell a lie. Insert Cherry tree chopping story here.
3. Identify the Family Theory that best describes your interviewee’s family of origin. Explain how/why it fits.
4. Concluding paragraph that summarizes your reaction/reflection regarding the interview. What did you learn about this individual pertaining to his/her family background. How does his/her family history compare/differ to your own.
5. All students MUST to submit the transcriipts (interview notes) along with the essay. Written notes, video or audio files accepted. Note: It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the files are posted regardless of file size, i.e use google drive and post a shareable link, if the file is too big to upload.
A Guide for the Family Interview
Students should approach the interview by asking themselves, what don’t I know about this person?
When you ask a question, keep it vague—if you’re too specific, you will be guiding the whole discussion. The main rule of thumb for interview questions is to avoid close-ended questions; these are too narrow in scope, and they allow your interviewee an escape from truly answering the question. You’ll be able to learn a lot more by letting the interviewee talk and follow memory trails in their own mind. You should also have several categories or subtopics ready to help them when they are stuck, e.g., if you ask them to tell you about their childhood, you can offer subtopics such as food, friends, games/activities, relationship with parents, relationship with siblings, etc. Remember that questions are not just for getting you answers, they are to lead the interviewee down a path that is comfortable. Once one memory is triggered, you will get more information than you expected, and probably not information you have specific questions about.
No matter how you conduct your interview, be sure you document it and save it properly so you can refer to it again and again, and share it with your family. It much more interesting-for you and the interviewee-to talk about the stories and emotions behind the events in your family’s past.
it is expected that students will formulate their own questions and gather further information from questions they, perhaps, did not ask.