summaries on ted talk and 1 students presentation that will be on file

You should demonstrate that you basically understood the paper and discuss strengths and weaknesses. Also, be sure to address the impact upon the field and beyond if appropriate (for example, are there implications for drug design). Finally, include a few sentences on what you did and did not like about the presentation style and the paper.

It should be one paragraph for each link.Tell me if you have any questions also please use easy to understand English and if you don’t have no biology background please don’t pretend like you do and mess up my work.

For the two person presentation ,

include a few sentences on what you did and did not like about the presentation style and the paper. I wrote a few thing about them on first file

The first one tried to explain the presentation in the best of his ability and was pretty consistent even if he was stuttering a little he did pretty great.

The third one is a ted talk it will be on file.


Logical Reasoning


Environmental Impact Statement (2,0002,500 words)

Your manager, Claire DeAir, has asked you to select and research one topic from her email (in the Supporting Materials section) and write the following components of an environmental impact statement:

  • Purpose and Need (approximately 500 words)
    • Define the issue or problem.
    • Describe the social, cultural, and historical significance of the issue to society.
    • Justify why you are proposing action be taken to address the issue.
    • Explain what you expect action to achieve and/or potentially resolve.
  • Alternatives, Including the Proposed Action (1,0001,250 words)
    • Rigorously explore and objectively evaluate at least five reasonable actions from different fields of study (e.g., ecology, meteorology, biology, botany, geology, physics) that could address the issue and satisfy the need.
      • Include no action as a sixth action.
    • Propose and defend a preferred action or course of actions, specifically discussing how it’s innovative. An innovative idea is an original, new, or creative method for approaching a practical problem. It must be realistic or practical and supported by research.
      • Explain the reasons for eliminating each alternative action.
  • Environmental Consequences (500750 words)
    • Examine how each action under consideration would impact the environment of the affected area(s).
      • Analyze the environmental effects of each action.
        • Discuss the energy requirements (if applicable) and the conservation potential of each action.
        • Describe the effect of each action on natural and depletable resources.
      • Analyze the human effects of each action.
    • Assess the direct and indirect effects of the reasonable actions and their significance.
      • Avoid assessing the impacts (long-term, near-term, certain, uncertain), since readers may value these differently.

What to Submit

Every project has a deliverable or deliverables, which are the files that must be submitted before your project can be assessed. For this project, you must submit the following:

Environmental Impact Statement (2,0002,500 words)
Develop the purpose and need, alternatives including the proposed action, and environmental consequences sections of an environmental impact statement (EIS) based on research on an issue identified in Claire DeAirs email, which is available in the Supporting Materials section.

Analysing a Service Experience

using the visible elements the servuction model, students will produce a report which 
critically evaluates a service encounter they have had (can be good or bad) using the literature and other 
secondary sources. After this analysis, students should make recommendations to the organizations on how 
they can improve  aspects of the service experience for their customers. Students must demonstrate that 
they have read more widely than the key text and must refer to at least 15 journal sources in their analysis. 
you will have to pick a realistic encounter.

case study of Dubai digital authority

Written Report: Case Study of an Innovative Company (25%) The objective is to produce a Written Report of a maximum length of 2500 words (including cover page, reference page, and optional exhibits). Local Organization Identify a local or regional startup or new or established innovative venture. Each group will post on the Discussion Board before end of week 3, the names of members and which organization they are proposing to analyze so that we may avoid different groups analyzing the same organization. The following SIX institutions are excluded from the list of potential selection: RTA, Fly Emirates, Etihad Airlines, Etisalat, Du, and DEWA. Sources of Information for case study For the selected organization, you will access secondary sources such as the company web site, company reports, newspaper articles and journal articles which you would supplement with primary data collected through one or more personal communications (e.g., in person interview(s), phone conversations, or email) with a representative of the organization familiar with the topics being analyzed (i.e., the organization, its markets, and its innovation policies and strategies). Include the full contact information for any representatives at the end of the report in the exhibits section and brief summary of what was discussed. Case Study Based on the information collected, you will write a case study illustrating the strategies and policies the organization has put in place to generate new ideas/concepts, select promising ones for development, develop the concepts into prototypes, support, motivate, manage and commercialize its innovations. In your report, you will link your observations with the theoretical concepts you learnt in the course that are directly applicable to the case: 1. Types of innovation generated 2. Process of innovation 3. Theories of innovation 4. Sources of innovation 5. Value capture 6. Is the company pursuing Green Innovation? 7. Innovation policy and the extent it is aligned with national innovation policies 8. Does company undertake Innovation offshoring? 9. What type of IPR the company generates, and how does the company protects its IPR? 10. Funding of innovation at company level, and sources of funding You do NOT imperatively need to cover all bullet points above, but those that are specifically applicable to your selected organization and will enrich your case study. In your write-up, you will include practical real-life examples. Please reference all your sources using the Harvard system of referencing. Structure of Written Report As a general guide, your report should be structured into three broad sections as follows with a maximum total word length of 2500 words (remember to use headings and subheadings within the sections to make your report more readable). 1. Company Description and Market Analysis (approximately 15 % of word length) Name; web site; type of company; location(s); size in terms of employee numbers and turnover; types of products/services; management structure; market share; the market(s) it operates within and the major competitors. Does Innovation explicitly figure in the Vision/Mission/Objectives of the company/organization Does the company have a manager specifically designated for Innovation? 2. Innovation framework, policies and strategies (approximately 55% of word length) Identify at least one of the company’s innovative products or services (if useful provide diagrams/pictures in appendix). Explain what makes this company innovative. In your answer, link your observations in the company to the relevant theories you have learned about in this course (see bullet points in points 1-10 above) to illustrate how innovation is generated in the company/organization. Discuss how the company develops, supports, manages and commercializes its innovations. What types of business models are used? How does it generate innovations with strong or unique value propositions? 3. Recommendations (approximately 30% of word length) This is the most important section of your report. You will use Critical analysis: ▪ Discuss what you liked about the way the company is generating, developing, supporting, managing, and implementing the innovations. ▪ What suggestions can you make so that the company becomes even more innovative? ▪ Link your recommendations to your analysis and concepts you learned in the course. ▪ Also, briefly discuss the “lessons learned” that can be applied to other organizations (if we go to all the trouble to analyze these organizations, we want to be able to share with our colleagues in class what mistakes to avoid and what points they may be able to adapt to their own organizations in the future). 

Global marketing management

Pick a topic out of those 5 1.     The launch of Frutteto ice snacks into the Chinesemarket

2.     The launch of Frutteto ice snacks into the SouthKorean market

3.     The launch of Graze savoury snacks into theJapanese market

4.     The launch of Graze savoury snacks into the SouthKorean market

5.     The launch of Graze savoury snacks into the Indonesianmarket.


Youare required to choose one of thefollowing companies and to consider their globalisation strategy in oneof the markets suggested.   We have given you a choice of markets and youare expected focus on one of them and not to compare them.

You are required to carry out detailed and currentresearch using the library databases, company websites and quality newspapersand magazines and using relevant models and academic theory to provide astructure and substantiation for your views, to make a justified recommendationas to the feasibility of the launch. The company have asked you to distil youranalysis onto a maximum of 13 PowerPoint slides pulling out the key informationand using the Comrie and Hunt-Fraisse (2015) adaptation of the Walvoord (1980)Potential Market Assessment model to structure your answer and to address thefollowing:  


1.    Macro market analysis key, current and relevantPESTLE factors (China OR, South Korea, OR Japan OR Indonesia) 30%

2.    Micro market analysis (Snacks or Ice Cream marketin your chosen country) 30%

3.    Company competitive advantage relative tocompetitors using Porters (1985) Value Chain. Ensure you state clearly how the brand (Graze or Frutteto) derivesrelative competitive advantage and to what extent this competitive advantage istransferable and sustainable.  30%

4.    The fit of the country market opportunity with thebrands mission and capabilities and reflect on any challenges the companymight face as a result.  10%

        Number of slides: You have a maximumof thirteen slides, one for your cover slide, ten to cover the content and twofor your list of references used.

       Your coverslide shouldinclude your student number, the name of the company and the market.

       All factsmust be referenced with in text citations and in your references at theend.

       Please makesure you use the library databases recommended in the supportingmaterial for this assessment rather than journal articles.

       As you arehanding in your work on slides please keep visual impact in mind and avoidfilling your slides with words. We will be showing you examples of howstudents have managed this effectively in previous years.

       It isimportant to avoid listing all of the factors but rather to choose the mostrelevant factors impacting on your decision and to apply the so whatquestion to them to ensure that you are analysing rather than describing. As anexample, a full PESTLE is not required but rather you need to decide which arethe most salient factors impacting the success or otherwise of your launch.This will be explained in lectures and tutorials and in the supportingmaterials.  

       Your workmust be analytical and not descriptive. Ask yourself the so what? question. We will be emphasizing this in ourteaching but if you are unsure please ask.

       There aremany supporting materials for this assessment and we ask you to pleaseengage with them and any sessions we put on to support you to do well.  If you are unsure, please ask!

I have linked the assignement paper, please follow the instructions

Individual Organisational Ethics Problem Solving about Carousell

This semester’s case study is about Carousell, which is a classifieds marketplace. Carousell states that their platform makes selling “as easy as taking a photo, buying as simple as chatting". Launched in August 2012, Carousell began in Singapore and is now one of the world’s largest Carousell is the leading classifieds group in Greater Southeast Asia. Carousell’s mission to “make second-hand the first choice” has many positive aspects for sustainability

However, it appears students and other parties involved sell their university textbooks, essay notes, and even assignments on the basis that they are not writing an entire assignment. Under the section of “IP Infringement, regulated or illegal products, and services”, essay and paper mills; homework services are listed.



Ensure you introduce the concepts explored and what the reader will expect to find. Pay attention to this section as students often do not represent the value-add of their work.

Problem Identification – ethical problem

Students will be accessed on their ability to identify and craft a succinct, incisive and critically engaging statement of the nature of the ethical problem faced.

Research on Business Ethics Theories and CSR Theories

You should reflect on the feedback provided and the skills you gained from Assignment 1, and build your ability to reflect deeply on ethics literature.

Practical Application: Draft Code of Business Practice Codes

1.      Students are to re-draft, or to provide an annex to the existing restricted business code, targeting the sale of student assessments or activities that may facilitate cheating.

2.      Each amendment must be supported and based on ethics & governance theories and concepts covered in the module. You should cover why the different ethical perspective has resulted in a different ethical position with regard to the business’s obligations around use of its services. You should consider critical comparison with different perspectives.

Body of Report – Justifying the Different Perspectives of Business Practice Codes

Students may consider these points:

1.      Businesses may operate regionally, does this need to be considered and how might this be informed by ethics theories?

2.      Businesses may not be under any legislative obligation to develop codes for contract cheating. However, does this change when overlaid with an ethics and CSR perspective? If so, which perspective and how do they result in different considerations?

3.      Is there a “right or wrong” approach, or does one approach result in a different outcome in terms of CSR?


What are the lessons that business should learn and how should they consider different ethics perspectives.


As stated, you are to use only scholarly resources, a minimum of 8 journal papers substantiating your augments. Non-scholarly sources will not contribute to a substantive academic argument.


Students may be guided by the above points, but should not be tempted or drawn into a yes/no set of answers. Markers will grade on your ability to produce well-constructed arguments and flow of argumentative paragraphs, that are sustained with proper in-text citations to relevant readings.

To formulate your argument, you are required to undertake research to locate academic references using online databases (e.g. EBSCO, Proquest, Emerald, Science Direct etc). You must to use at least 8 academic references to support your argument.

Why AMD processors are better than Intel for gaming devices

Assignment Content

The Impact of Social Media Marketing on the Sales of “whatever” Sector


I am a Master’s student in Digital Marketing, aiming to finish my studies by submitting the draft proposal of my thesis, followed by my dissertation, hopefully by April 2022.
The courses that I have taken during my studies are:
  • Information Systems and Digital Transformation
  • Digital Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Search and Social Media Marketing
  • Project Management, Leadership and Skills; Planning and Control
I am flexible in changing the subject/title of my thesis, should it be more feasible to complete, as long as it is related to one of the courses mentioned above. I have also mentioned “whatever” in my title, to be filled by any input found suitable by you, upon our mutual agreement.
I am not looking to score an A+, my aim is to obtain my Master’s degree, getting a grade between 70 and 80 would be satisfactory for me.
I have hereby attached the outline of my required dissertation structure for your reference.
I remain open and available for further communication, awaiting your kind feedback to get in touch and take this to the next step.
Thanks and regards,

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Group Research and Presentation (Zhong: 5/3/2022)

You are required to complete the section highlighted in red in the instruction. The a-s-s-e-s-s-m-e-n-t will be 500 words long + 4 minutes PPT & Script. Please see the questions shown in the screenshot. I will send you all info after being hired, eg PPTs, student access etc. Please send a draft in 12hrs -1 day time, day 2, and day 3 as well. + Will need to draft some questions to ask the teacher and revise base on feedback (Send bk ard in 1 day max)