M4: Application Assignment 4

PLEASE, it is very important to read chapter 7 & chapter 8 prior to writing the paper and using concepts, models, definitions from the reading in the paper.
Please choose the News Story Option. Make sure to follow the instructions & rubric step by step. Again please go over these details thoroughly.
AGAIN: Be sure to make a strong link to course content, incorporate definitions, ideas, and theories from the module to show your grasp of course content. (Points will be deducted if you dont do this, like it has previously)
The reading and power point will give you more evidence to support your analysis.
Please choose the News Story Option.

Has Technology Been Good for HR?

Explain whether or not technology has been good for the HR function in organizations.
What changes (in technology, in HR, or in both) are still needed, but aren’t happening quick enough to suit you?

Case Analysis 2

1) Please read the chapters, before writing the paper, the assignment MUST reflect what you read in the chapters below. (Again the paper should reflect what you read in the chapters or I lose points)
2) The assignment should follow the rubric, step by step.
3) FOLLOW the instructions very carefully
SUMMARY: Each question should support sufficient explanation supporting your arguments with credible sources. Your reasoned implications should be well connected to course readings.

Performance Appraisal of Telespazio

Your case analyses must be in APA format, meaning that you should include a properly formatted title page, use the preferred APA font (Times New Roman), set your margins at 1” on all sides, and double space the entire paper. Your case assignments MUST be formatted according to this example. Points will be deducted if the correct format is not used.
All answers must be come from the attached case study. Please see all attachments. All questions must be answered in the attached document. Thank you.

Written Case Study Assignment

Employee compensation is one of the largest expenses a company has. It is important that
compensation is well-designed and effective. Here you will read about how two different
companies connect their total rewards to their organization values and goals. One of the
companies will be selected for your paper.
The Written Case Study Assignment must be at least 750 words (not including the title and
reference pages), double-spaced, and in current APA format. Please note that the stated word
count is a minimum. Therefore, you are encouraged to ensure that you have thoroughly
researched and responded to each question/prompt provided below. Each assignment must
include a title page and a references page. Use at least 4 scholarly sources (published within the
last 5 years), the course textbook, and biblical integration.
*Note: The case study to be utilized for this assignment is the SHRM case on Aflac and
This case study is focused on how 2 different companies use total rewards to support the
organization’s missions and values and achieve strategic outcomes. Select only 1 of the
companies as the basis for your case study response. (This is not meant to be a comparison of the
companies, but an exploration of how 2 different companies use their compensation and benefits
structures to achieve organizational outcomes). The paper must specifically address the
following areas:
 How the company uses its own products or services to enhance the total compensation for
its employees;
 The internal and external strengths and weaknesses identified and how the company
responded to these factors from a total rewards perspective;
 Examples of traditional and non-traditional rewards and how they are used to meet
organizational objectives;
 How the company aligns its compensation benefits with its corporate values; and
 Recommendations regarding an expansion of the benefits programs offered at the
company that would further align HR with the accomplishment of organizational goals
and values.
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

HRM Challenges of Telework Essay

Success as a human resource manager (HRM) relies on the ability to change with the organizational culture for duties and expectations. However, success in this position also requires knowledge of the legal framework for human resource management, recognition of employment practices that raise legal concerns, and executing direction and proposals of organizational approaches to employee situations that protect both the employee and the employer.
As a result of a variety of situations—such as a former elected administration’s approach to reducing the federal government footprint, to a pandemic that essentially required organizations to find ways to execute their mission from a distance—federal organizations steered their HRM approach toward more telework across some groups.
Write an analysis in Microsoft Word based on the remote work policies of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Discuss how the group’s policies around remote work balance employee rights, managerial efficiency, and social aspirations of the law.
Identify and summarize an organization’s established HRM policies on remote work for its employees.
Extrapolate the complexities—based on this organization’s policies on telework—concerning the balance of employee rights, managerial efficiency, and social aspirations of the law. What potential issues does telework raise for the HRM, managers and supervisors, and career senior agency leadership from organizational and legal perspectives?
Explain frustrations that members of the management team may potentially experience. What can be done to mitigate or reduce these challenges?
Cite at least 2 credible references beyond your textbook to support your assignment.
Format your citations according to APA guidelines.
A resource to use: https://www.usda.gov/sites/default/files/documents/dr-4080-811-002-telework-remote-work-programs.pdf

The types of workplace violence and their impact

Reply to the below discussion in approximately 250 words also using a bible passage that would relate to the reply.
Cite all work.
Blake Barker
Sep 5, 2022Sep 5 at 10:02pm
Criminal intent is a certain type of workplace violence that the offender has no genuine relationship with the organization or business. The offender could be anyone, and the people that handle cash, work late, or work alone are typically in the most danger. An article that talks about criminal intent says, “This criminal intent, such as robbery and burglary, is the leading cause of workplace violence in the U.S.” (Smith, 2018). As the number of these cases continue to increase across the country, it should be a priority to have employees of businesses and organizations trained on what to do in these criminal intent situations.
The same article shares some insight on what protective steps employees can take where it says, “Three simple actions that someone can take during a workplace violence episode to save his/her life are run, hide, fight…employees should receive workplace violence and active shooter training in whatever program employees respond well to…” (Smith, 2018). One more point from that article says, “Employees should also be trained to look out for other warning signs and security measures to prevent workplace violence. A little training, prevention and planning can make the difference to prevent a tragedy” (Smith, 2018). Some direction on how to handle these intense situations can certainly lead to better outcomes in the future for employees.
Not only should employees be trained to look out for criminal intent and on what to do, but businesses and organizations should also have strong security for their employees. One article that talks about implementing security for emergency departments related to health care says, “…environmental changes could be implemented in the form of controlled access, good lighting, clear signs, comfortable waiting areas, alarm systems, surveillance cameras and the removal or securing of weaponizable furniture” (Wirth, et al, 2021). All of these actions to help prevent workplace violence need to be put into place in order to help with the growing violence. One quote from the textbook also has some input of security in the workplace where it says, “Providing adequately trained security personnel in sufficient numbers is part of security management” (Valentine, et al, 2020). Having trained security personnel can also be a major factor in resolving violence in the workplace.
Even though it is important to protect employees and other members of businesses and organizations by using man-made methods, it is crucial to remember to put trust in God. No one can truly bring the comfort and safety that is only found in trusting and accepting Jesus. What this country really needs is spiritual awakening of the truth about Jesus and the calling he places on the lives of everyone. As the famous verse of Jeremiah 29:11 says, “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ says the Lord. ‘They are plans for good and not disaster, to give you a future and a hope” (NLT). If people could lean into the truth about Jesus and the plans for their lives, there would certainly be less workplace violence. Christians have to make sure they influence businesses, organizations, and the people around them in a godly way that discourages sinful actions that lead to workplace violence.

Holy Bible: New Living Translation. Carol Stream, Illinois: Tyndale House Publishers Inc., 2007.
Smith, M. J. (2018). Workplace violence, security & safety. Professional Safety, 63(8), 26-27.
Valentine, S., et al. (2020). Human Resource Management. Cengage Learning, Inc.
Wirth, T., Peters, C., Nienhaus, A., & Schablon, A. (2021). Interventions for workplace violence prevention in emergency departments: A systematic review. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18(16), 8459. https://doi.org/10.3390/ijerph18168459


This is an essay assignment that requires in depth answers to four questions. I’ve attached the assignment instructions and two chapters that can be used to retrieve information from.