Essay 50% Students are required to submit an individual essay of 2,500 words (

Essay 50%

Students are required to submit an individual essay of 2,500 words (New Times Roman 12, double space) (+/-10% variation is allowed).

Following business school guidance, part-time students can have one extra week to complete their individual work. The deadline for P/T submissions will be one week later.

To complete this assessment, you will explore and select ONLY one critical problem that your firm faces in the simulation game. This problem shall be broadly related to one of lecture topics of QB5916, such as foreign entry mode or geographic diversification. Then you decontextualize this problem, take it as a common problem that many firms face in the existing COVID-19 pandemic, and think about how to deal with this common problem. You can use 500 words at most to describe this general problem. Please note that you need to think this problem and solutions/possible strategies to deal with the identified problem in the context of the COVID- 19 pandemic.

You need to come up with two or three solutions (no more, no less) to this problem and support your solutions with the theoretical perspectives you have learned in the module. Specifically, you will read academic papers, figure out what the literature says about this problem or similar problems, and generate solutions to this problem in the context of the current COVID-19 pandemic. You also need to use real-world business examples which can help you explain your solutions. It is better to use examples from different international firms rather than just talking about one firm. The theoretical reasoning and integration will be the main part of the essay, not your examples.

In the essay, you need to write an abstract using fewer than 200 words to summarize your essay. These 200 words are not accounted towards the 2500 words for the body of the essay. The abstract should briefly summarize the key problem and key solutions/strategies that firm can use to mitigate the potential challenges of COVID-19 or other similar external prolonged shocks. The document you submit should be in the PDF format and named exactly in this way: Student ID_Name. For example, 123456789_Name

On the first page of your essay, you only state your essay title, your name and student ID, and word counts. Each of those points takes a line.

On the second page, you put a content page as below to show the structure of the essay.

1. Abstract (200 words)
2. The key problem of an international firm (500 words)
3. Solutions to address the problem
1) Solution 1
2) Solution 2
3) Solution 3
4. Short summary

On the third page, you start to write the abstract with 200 words.
On the fourth page, you start to write the main body of 2500 words.
Then you take a new page to put your references and another new page(s) to put your appendices if there any. Each page should be numbered from 1 to n at the end of each page.

The minimum requirement regards references is to cite at least 20 papers from 3, 4, and 4 * journals on ABS list 2015 (available on MyAberdeen). You can cite more papers or papers from other journals, websites, and books too. You can choose a reference style and stick to it throughout the essay, preferably Harvard.

Please do not write about a problem related to HRM, marketing, leadership, or culture. Other courses for the IBM program will cover those topics. Do not reuse your old essays for this assessment. Otherwise, you run the risk of self-plagiarism. Once confirmed, you run the risk of getting a D3 at most for this course.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a international trade discussion question and need

Learning Goal: I’m working on a international trade discussion question and need support to help me learn.why do companies go to the trouble of establishing operations abroad through foreign direct investment when two alternatives, exporting and licensing, are available to them for exploiting the profit opportunities in a foreign market? or why do so many companies prefer FDI over either exporting or licensing?Please No Plagiarism and provide References