Topic Background: The general implication of stock market efficiency is that mar

Topic Background:
The general implication of stock market efficiency is that markets receive new information
about all aspects that affect stock prices but prices adjust with such speed that investors are
not capable of realizing above‐average trading profits by trading on that information.
Tests of the validity of the EMH have been carried out in most of the stock exchanges all
over the world. A comprehensive review of the literature illustrates that even when one
sort of test (the serial correlation coefficient test, the run test, the variance ratio test, etc.)
rejects the random walk hypothesis, other tests may not. For example, tests may show
monthly prices follow a random walk, but weekly prices or daily prices may not.
Alternatively, the returns on indexes for a very long period may be shown to be
independent whilst the returns on indexes for sub‐period may be dependent. Therefore,
applying a variety of tests to different types of data and comparing the results on the bases
of similar sort of data and test implements will improve the accuracy of the study.
Topics that might be covered in this type of study include tests of the EMH (Weak, Semi
strong or Strong form), stock volatility issues or the implications of behavioral finance.
Example research questions could include:
1. Evaluating market efficiency by testing for the random walks in stock prices
2. Can technical analysts generate abnormal gains?
3. Do actively managed funds outperform the market?

Ongoing project for investment in property commercial building. Brief: This ong

Ongoing project for investment in property commercial building.
Brief: This ongoing project time line 6 weeks, each week have different tasks to build the opportunity with new contents provide by teacher, it’s sequence tasks list provide each week to build investment opportunity. They give us a toolkit to support the investment objectives contents and must use it to meet with assignment and study plan.
attached files as following:
– Proposed location
– Ongoing project guideline
– Module 2/3 contents and requirements
– Question for assignment module 2/3 (I added my opinion highlighted in blue under each questions for clarification)

Internship Preparation Report FOR Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) (try to

Internship Preparation Report FOR Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) (try to link it more on IT department when needed).
Due BEFORE you start on site. Submit to Blackboard.
• Purpose – help you understand the company you will be working for. Your Internship Site Supervisor may ask you: “What do you know about our company?”
o You need to have a knowledgeable answer or else you will look foolish:
 First impressions are critical – if you give a bad answer, you will start off in a bad way and less likely to have a great experience.
 Your first answers need to “WOW!” your Internship Site Supervisor.
 Your Internship Site Supervisor is very busy and is doing you and Zayed University a favour to have you at their work place. They are not getting paid to help you. They are helping you because they want you to succeed. You are this country’s future.
• Report Outline (7 to 12 pages, i.e 1600 – 2500 words):
o Introduction;
o Background;
 Industry description;
 Corporate history and background;
 Size and other details of the company;
o Purpose and goals of the company;
o Main projects or business activities;
o Organization, culture and values;
o My internship objectives (internship success criteria) – this is the most important part of the report. This is where the majority of your effort should be this week. Consider i) technical, ii) business, and iii) personal objectives you would like to accomplish;
o Professional conduct. Identify and write down 20 ways you can demonstrate professional conduct during your internship. One sentence is sufficient for each, but you may expand if you wish to explain the point.
o My questions about the company (e.g. ask questions about the organization, culture and values, and, your internship objectives. Ask questions about the job you will be doing);
o Conclusion
• You must complete this report in your own words (e.g. do not cut and paste company information from their website).
• This is an individual report; not a group project.
• Spelling and grammar are important.
• Submit the Report to the Internship Coordinator at the end of the Pre-internship week.

Considering there is an estate project of affordable housing in New York City wi

Considering there is an estate project of affordable housing in New York City will be developed. Talk about the following factors that will differentiate the investment.
Paper structure
Part 1: Market Analysis: This part shall discuss the overall affordable housing real estate market in New York City.
Part 2: Strength and weakness analysis: This part shall discuss the possible strengths and weaknesses of the development and financing of the Affordable Housing Project.
Part 3: Risk and opportunities: This part shall focus on several risk factors which will impact the project. Such as Asset-level risk, COVID impact etc… And what are the opportunities under the current market and economy.

Suppose the treasurer of your company finds out you are enrolled in BUS450 Inter

Suppose the treasurer of your company finds out you are enrolled in BUS450 International Finance. Knowing this, your treasurer seeks your advice. Your company has extra cash reserves of $100,000,000 and needs to invest it for 6 months. The treasurer has heard that investing in foreign currencies for the short term might have a higher yield when compared to a short term United States investment. Research the following:
The US 6 month interest rate
The 6 month interest rate of a country of your choosing
The spot exchange rate of your selected currency relative to the US Dollar
The six-month forward exchange rate per the US Dollar.
Prepare a proposal to your treasurer that outlines your research and recommendation. Provide calculations where necessary to support your recommendation. Summarize your findings in a three- to five- page paper, not including title and references pages. Be sure to properly cite your resources using APA style.

Article #1 My retirement income is just $16,600 a year, but I want to retire in

Article #1
My retirement income is just $16,600 a year, but I want to retire in a beach town ‘where the sky is blue and the water warm’ — where should I go?
If you’d like to stay in the U.S.: Gulfport, Miss. (with some part-time work)
I’m not going to sugarcoat this: It’s tough to live in the U.S. on $16,600 a year, especially in a beach town. That said, if you can supplement your life with some part-time work, it’s doable.
One town for you to consider: Gulfport, Miss., which is one of the most affordable beach towns in the country.
The cost of living is nearly 19% lower than the U.S. average, according to Sperling’s Best Places, (Links to an external site.) and you can find small apartments to rent for under $600 a month. Plus, Mississippi is tax friendly to retirees, with SmartAsset noting that (Links to an external site.) “Mississippi exempts all forms of retirement income from taxation, including Social Security benefits, income from an IRA, income from a 401(k) and any pension income.
Gulfport offers warm weather and nice beaches — and other perks, too. “This city is having a serious comeback moment … and there’s a bounty of cool, hip new businesses,” Vogue writes of Gulfport (Links to an external site.). “One gem in particular is Fishbone Alley: a funky destination that backs up to a handful of restaurants and bars, boasting original local art along the buildings.” The downsides include muggy, hot summers and the risk of hurricanes.
If you want to stay close to the U.S.: Mazatlán, Mexico
Heading south of the border can help you stretch your funds more effectively than is generally possible in the U.S. — and you’d be far from the only American there. Indeed, as I reported last year, plenty of people receive their U.S. Social Security checks in Mexico (Links to an external site.) (behind only two countries, Canada and Japan). Of course, certain parts of Mexico have downsides including hot summers and high crime.
But, as I wrote in this recent column for a woman looking to retire near the ocean on between $800 and $1,000 a month, there are some places that fit within your budget. (Links to an external site.) I suggested she consider Mazatlán — a Pacific coastal resort town with “cobblestone streets, neoclassical and French Baroque architecture and cultural amenities like theater and art galleries.” (We also talked to a woman who retired to Mazatlán on $1,000 a month, (Links to an external site.) and she doesn’t feel she’s pinching pennies too much.) Note that Mazatlán itself is in the state of Sinaloa, which the U.S. government advises Americans against traveling to, though this exempts parts of Mazatlán, as I have reported. (Links to an external site.)
One hiccup: There are monetary requirements for Mexican residency that you may not currently meet, as they stipulate a certain monthly pension income or a minimum value held in investments (these numbers change with the exchange rate and other factors, but you can read up on that here (Links to an external site.).) Thus, if all your $16,600 will come from Social Security and you have no savings and investments, retirement there might be a problem; if, however, you have a larger investment account to draw from, it can work.
Article # 2
Save Much, Don’t Touch!
Like it or not, your decisions very early in your professional career will largely determine your financial future. If you want to live with a similar lifestyle in retirement as you did while working, you will need to save and invest a substantial nest egg.
In our society today, the burden of saving and retirement plan decision-making is placed on the employees. Unfortunately, most employees do not know enough finance to make good choices.
The decisions you will need to make include when to start contributing to your retirement plan, how much to contribute, and where to invest the money.
You learn much about these topics in this course, but see if you can the answers to these questions from the videos:
1. What could be your general response as a financial planner to the person that wants to retire comfortably having only 16,000 from SS payment? ( 1st article)
2. What is the impact of your financial future if you start participating in your pension plan early versus late?
3. What percentage of your income should a person contribute?
4. Does the return your pension investments earn matter to your financial future? How?
5. How might diversification impact your ultimate success in being able to generate retirement income?
6. Speculate how an intuitive thinker’s investment decisions and retirement portfolio might be different from an analytical investor’s.

Essay: International investment agreements (IIAs) impose duties on host states t

Essay: International investment agreements (IIAs) impose duties on host states to protect foreign investors, notably through the duties regarding FET and compensation for expropriations. Yet states also need to take measures to promote the welfare – e.g., health, environment, education — of their people. States may even have legal obligations under treaties on human rights, health, and the environment to take such measures. Yet these host state actions could have a negative economic impact on foreign investors. Based on cases and materials considered in class, discuss how a state’s duties under IIAs could affect the state’s ability to promote the welfare of its people; and how you think IIAs should be interpreted or drafted to address the state’s need to promote the welfare of its people.
Foreign Investment and Human Rights
Jesse Coleman, Kaitlin Y. Cordes, and Lise Johnson, “Human Rights Law and the Investment
​Treaty Regime,” (Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment 2019) – skim
Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (2011) (excerpt)
Urbaser v. Argentina (ICSID, 2016) – facts, then read paras. 1143-1210 and skim the rest (two
​Canvas documents)
Expropriation and Compensation for It
Bishop, Crawford, and Reisman, Foreign Investment Disputes, pp. 593 (begin at B) –595
Starrett Housing v. Iran (Iran-U.S. Claims Tribunal, 1987) – facts and opinion (two Canvas
Metalclad v. Mexico (ICSID, 2000) — facts and opinion (two Canvas documents)
US Model Bilateral Investment Treaty, art. 6 and Annex B
Stephan Wittich, “Compensation,” Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law
World Bank Guidelines on the Treatment of Foreign Direct Investment (1992)
Class 5 – 23 March 16:00
Foreign Investment and Human Rights, and Corruption
World Duty Free v. Kenya (2006) – skim paras. 62-78, read the rest
Kim v. Uzbekistan (ICSID, 2017) – Facts and excerpt from jurisdiction decision (two Canvas
Lao Holdings v. Lao People’s Democratic Republic (ICSID, 2019)