BUSN 501 WEEK 7 assignment

Paper – Find an article in the library and find a flaw in an argument. Write a 1000 word paper in APA format. Include a minimum of three references.
Research in the APUS library about common flaws in arguments and fallacies.
Organization of the assignment:
Paragraph 1: Introduction Include a brief review of the article’s argument. Include a statement that the argument has merit but also contains multiple flaws to indicate the direction of this paper. Then map out the points that you will make to guide the reader through the body of the paper.
Paragraph 2: Explanation of first flaw– this paragraph should have a strong topic sentence and then several sentences explaining the flaw in detail. In these paragraphs opinion is not acceptable. You must support your claim of a flaw in the argument.
Paragraph 3: Second flaw – same as above
Paragraph 4: Third flaw – same as above
Paragraph 5: Conclusion: Include a summary of the flaws presented. Academically and professional explain how the flaws identified could be fixed to present a stronger argument.

Peregrine Assessment

The assessment is a multiple-choice question exam administered by Peregrine Academic Services. The topics correspond to the core subjects related to your degree program. Please note that this is a standardized assessment used by many different colleges and universities. As such, you are not expected to know the answer to each question.
Completing the Assessment: the test must be completed within 48 hours of starting and only three access attempts are allowed.
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course name: RLMT 500
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rlmt 501 week 7 assignment

Review the Case Study #3. The paper should be 2-4 pages in length addition to the cover page and reference section. You must include at least two peer reviewed sources that are both cited and referenced.
1. Explain what you would recommend handling this repackaging? What would be your strategic vision to address the challenges with this situation?
2. Would you use your existing returns process to handle this volume? Why or why not?
3. What costs would you consider in comparing the cost of this repackaging to the outsourced option? How will you present it to the owner because of his concerns about losing money on these units?
4. What message would you give the customer service group to inform people about the repackaging? What timeframe will you commit to the organization?
5. Given that the organization will have to re-handle these items, is there anything else that could be done since these items will have to be repackaged?
6. What virtual elements would you include in your solution? Consider using any of the tools in Chapter 8 or 9 of the Gordon & Curlee text.
In all the cases, you will not have all the information you need to provide a definitive solution; make whatever assumptions you need (be sure to indicate what they are and make sure that you have provided a solid basis for the assumption!) and work the case. You will need to apply ‘conceptual thinking’ to arrive at satisfactory answers for all cases. That means that you will not find the answers for any of the cases in this or any other text – you must go beyond what is there. Merely trying to respond to each”symptom” listed in the case study is likely to take you in the wrong direction as the real ‘problems lie beyond the case write-up in the text.
APA requires that you write in the third person. Therefore “I would, I think, I recommend, you, we and us” are inappropriate. Avoid emotional subjective statements and avoid talking about the need for, or the desire to do, more or future studies: Solutions, actions, alternatives, and recommendations are required based on the information given. Be sure to list and justify any assumptions you choose to make.

Lessons Learned in Operational Excellence

Lessons Learned in Operational Excellence
What are your key takeaways from this course?
What are your favorite tools that you studied in this course? Answer: Value Stream Mapping and Kazen Events
What do you like most about them?
When answering this question, consider: ease of implementation, application to your particular organization, receptivity by your colleagues, etc.
How have you applied, or how will you apply, these tools? If applicable, what results were achieved?
What impact has this course had on your professional performance?

This week, you will submit an annotated bibliography for two (2) of your sources

This week, you will submit an annotated bibliography for two (2) of your sources for the final project paper. Both sources should be scholarly and from the APUS Library. Read the instructions for upcoming assignments so you will have a good idea of sources you might need.
Each source (listed in alphabetical order) should have a complete Works Cited or References entry for the citation style you are using, as well as an annotation, which should be a paragraph or two summarizing and evaluating the article. Information about the author’s credentials and publisher’s credibility may be included. Value of the sources to the final project paper should be part of the annotation. (Summaries/evaluations under one hundred words each will be considered under-developed.)
Write in third person only. It’s a good idea to include a signal phrase, direct quote orparaphrase, and a parenthetical citation within each summary.
To format your Works Cited or References entries, you may use the library cite buttondiscussed in the week four Lessons. Include the article’s web link (the https address—not just the doi) at the end of your Works Cited entry. Just copy and paste it from your web browser, if it is not already included. Examples are shown in the attached Template (which you will download) and Sample (which is attached to show you an example of what a good submission looks like).
Submit your assignment as a Word document attached to the assignment link so it can be automatically processed through Turnitin. Use the template provided. You can save the template with a title like this: Your Name_Annotated Bib.

Course Objective: CO 7: Analyze the impact of big data analytics in developing o

Course Objective:
CO 7: Analyze the impact of big data analytics in developing optimal strategies for partnership and strategic sourcing
While global sourcing provides opportunity for better bottom line and customer services, by the same token, exposure to risk are exponentially increased. How big data analytics will enhance the risk management capability of an organization dealing with global sourcing?

Create a transportation improvement plan (TIP)for walmart. Your TIP should inclu

Create a transportation improvement plan (TIP)for walmart. Your TIP should include background about the organization, its products and services, markets, and supply chain strategies (e.g., green chain, smart cities). Also, describe its current freight flows and future freight flows after implementation of one or more of your recommended improvement projects would be executed. Use a multi-year planning horizon. Find a standard or benchmark and use it to compare it to your selected supply chain. This could be a paper or another company’s supply chain.

Instructions: You will need to submit research paper topic for approval by no la

Instructions: You will need to submit research paper topic for approval by no later than the end of third week. You have considerable freedom in choosing a topic. The requirement is that you choose a topic that requires academic research not business research and that you submit both your paper topic (which should not contain question) and a full paragraph statement, that statement must contain a research question to be answered or a hypothesis to be tested. Most “why” questions focus more on workplace related issues and business not academic or scholarly research so they seldom are acceptable questions for scholarly research.
The research paper should be a minimum of six typed pages and formatted in accordance with APA, this does not include the cover or reference page. Topics should be relevant to intermodal transportation.
The nature of a research paper is to prove or disprove a thesis or hypothesis, not simply produce a report or provide information on topic. For example; a topic may be the impact of security on intermodal transportation. The associated thesis could be; actions taken to improve the security at ports has negatively impacted throughput, increasing costs and reducing the quality of operations. The research and body of the paper argues to prove the thesis statement.
A draft topic and thesis statement were due to the professor during week 2 (Approved reaseach paper is topic thesis is below)

Strategic Logistics Management, Inc. (SLM) is a U.S.-based third party company w

Strategic Logistics Management, Inc. (SLM) is a U.S.-based third party
company whose primary business is to deliver logistics services.
Currently, SLM manages several warehouses in Los Angeles and the New
York/New Jersey area. SLM provides expertise in air and ocean
shipping, customs clearance, forwarding, warehousing, and ground
transportation. Over the past five years, SLM has built a successful
logistics information system (LIS) that includes personnel, equipment,
and technology. The decision-support systems included in the LIS are a
transportation management system (TMS) and a warehouse management
system (WMS).
SLM employs experienced personnel in the United States to handle a
wide range of logistics activities and provide customized logistics
solutions and services. The company is considering expanding their
global operations to provide the same range of services in Australia,
Imports: A network of offices and trade connections to support import
consolidation, provide warehousing of goods prior to customs
clearance, and manage import documentation for customs formalities.
Door-to-door services: Cargo pickup from supplier locations and
transportation of goods directly to the customer, as well as freight
bookings with airlines and ocean lines to handle cargo exports from
both the United States and Australia.
Exports: Handling of various types of cargo exports by ocean and by
air, ensuring the timely movement of goods at the most competitive
rates. Complete export documentation is provided.
SLM is working to secure two contracts in Australia that will go into
effect next year. The first contract is with Greer Wire Company in
Melbourne, Australia, to transport two million pounds of stainless
steel brushfire mesh used in protecting homes in brushfire prone
areas. This cargo will be shipped to Los Angeles, California. The
stainless steel wire mesh is supplied in five-meter rolls with an
outside diameter of 500 mm, and each roll weighs 50 kg.
The second contract is with Brooks Brothers, a clothing company
located in New York City, for warehousing and transportation of
clothing in various sizes of cardboard boxes that easily assemble in
one unit load on a 48-inch by 40-inch pallet. The goods will be
shipped from New York, New York, to Sydney, Australia. For the purpose
of this assignment you can make reasonable assumptions about the
weight of the boxes.
SLM will manage a rapid flow of goods to and from Australia. The
proposed warehouses in Australia will be located in proximity to two
large metropolitan areas, Sydney and Melbourne. In the first year of
its operations in Australia, SLM plans to handle an average of 200
20-foot equivalent units (TEUs) of imports and exports between the
United States and Australia every month.
You are a Logistics Manager at SLM. As part of the company’s goal to
strengthen its competitiveness in the global marketplace, the CEO has
asked you to design a logistics plan for the proposed warehouse
operations in Australia and transportation of goods between Australia
and the United States.
In your report (allowing for reasonable assumptions when necessary),
Select one of the two SLM contracts described above.
Analyze the product’s physical properties, volume, and quantities to
determine if the product’s shipment size is small (150 to 500 pounds)
or a larger (consolidated) shipment (at least one TEU).
Evaluate at least two modes of transportation that best support the
organization’s supply chain for shipping the product from one country
to another, door-to-door, in a multimodal shipment. Explain your
Identify the type of warehouses that SLM should employ in Australia to
ensure a rapid movement of goods. Recommend either public, private, or
contract warehousing and explain how your recommendation supports
SLM’s supply chain management.
List and describe the necessary commercial, banking, and shipping
documents that comply with export and import procedures in the United
States. These may include a commercial invoice, certificate of origin,
shipper’s export declaration, shipper’s letter of instruction, bill of
lading, freight bill, and letter of credit.
Determine the appropriate Incoterms® 2010 rule, depending on the
shipment mode and buyers’ and sellers’ responsibilities.
Select a process (Lean, Six Sigma, Just-in-Time, or Kanban) and
explain how the process can be implemented to ensure effective and
efficient warehouse operations techniques are in place that support
the company’s supply chain design.
List a minimum of four additional budget line items in the table below
with a rationale to ensure smooth warehouse operations in Australia.
Support your rationale by including various logistics activity
measures, cost drivers, profit models, and the role of inventory and
how they influence SLM’s financial outcomes.
Budget line item
Shipment consolidation
Cost savings management
Warehouse safety and security
Efficient and safe warehouse operations
Software implementation
Order management, customer relationship management, and load-planning
for a truck trailer.

USING CHAPTER 10 IN THE ATTACHMENT DOCUMENT, Select a company with global/inter

global/international shipping and receiving operations using the Internet. The 3-4 page paper should include the following:
1. State the purpose and background of the company.
2. Discuss the role(s) of the company within the retail supply chain. Hint: Include a
diagram of the retail supply chain. An example is provided on page 20 of the attached
3. Discuss the shipping and receiving operations of the company. Hint: Include a
diagram of the operations using a process flow. An example is provided on page 166 of the attached file.
4. Identify 3 possible problems or issues you see in the company’s operations.
5. Discuss 3 solutions to these problems or issues.