Case Writeup

Read the case attached about Tesla. Concisely describe the firm’s issue and why it matters. Is there a mismatch between the external and internal factors (use SWOT)? Is there a disagreement about the strategy? Identify and evaluate multiple strategic options. Defend strategy implementation and potential issues. Do your suggestions minimize disadvantages or maximize advantages? How might the competitive landscape change (e.g. tastes, technologies, etc.)?

report describing the different analytical techniques utilized in the laboratory analysis of fire debris

fir4314-Unit III Essay
Consider that your public safety organization has asked you to create a report describing the different analytical techniques utilized in the laboratory analysis of fire debris to share with your peers. Others in your organization may be unaware of the different techniques, so be sure to explain in detail.
Your report should include responses to the following points.
Describe your organization and why those involved need to know this information. If you do not currently work for a public safety agency, describe one from your community.
Describe the various analytical techniques that are utilized in the laboratory analysis of fire debris. How will your organization utilize these results?
Explain how you would recommend the physical evidence be collected and prepared for such testing within your organization.
the essay must be a minimum of two pages in length, excluding the title and reference pages. Include an introduction. You must use a minimum of two outside sources. Adhere to APA Style when constructing this assignment, including in-text citations and references for all sources that are used. Please note that no abstract is needed.


Please think about these questions.
1. Whom should Alex recommend that Juno hire? Why?
2. What role might affinity bias—the ten-dency of people to like others who are similar to them—have played in the lack of diversity at Juno?
3. Given how much business is conducted in English throughout the world, how critical is it that an ex-pat leader be fluent in the local language?

the concept of competitive advantage

According to Michael Porter business/ organizations must adapt Generic Business strategies in order to gain competitive advantage.
Use examples of your choice to illustrate how they have adopted the generic strategies.

public relations management

There are 2 types of case studies: 1) problem solving case studies and 2) descriiptive case studies. Problem-solving case studies are used to investigate a problem or situation in a particular individual or group, and recommend a solution to the problem based on analysis and theory. The purpose of a descriiptive case study is to understand a situation better. The cases we will be discussing in our class are descriiptive case studies.
1)Assume that the class has never heard about this case before. Tell us about what happened and why. You can look for a news story online that you can share with the class.
2)Think about why this case was included in the Public Relations textbook and why it was placed at the end of this particular chapter. Analyze it in terms of what you know about P.R. theory. What lessons can be learned from this case?
3)Answer the questions asked in the case.
4)Look online for information about the topic so you can tell us the rest of the story.
5)Don’t forget to include the URL of any online information you want to share.
6)Prepare notes on this case. You may wish to use bullet form when describing the situation.
7)Be prepared to present and discuss this case in class. You may wish to create a couple of power point slides.

Revenge Consumption: Gen Z’s spending tendency on traveling abroad after pandemic in South Korea

past two years due to the pandemic (Change Magazine, 2021). Moreover, it also happened in South Korea. South Korea has been known for strict restrictions for in and out bounders. This summer was the first step as the Korean government weakened its restriction (Lonely Planet, 2022). It caused more foreign travelers to visit Korea and Korean travelers to visit outside the country (Trading Economics, 2022). This research will target Gen Z’s consumption changes in tourism, especially for those traveling outside the country.

Unit 5 paper

Implementation Failures
Over the past decade, companies have experienced either a total failure or a major mishap when trying to have vendors implement enterprise applications. For the purposes of this assignment, consider “failure” as the inability to complete the project or a project that ended up costing the client significantly more than expected, including lost revenue and time.
For this assignment, research the internet and identify a case where failure occurred. Find at least 3 sources about the case. In a 1000-word report, synthesize and explain what happened and why. Conclude with your own recommendation on what could have been done to avoid or minimize the damage. The recommendations should be written so that potential clients of such project could take proper precautions. The report should: Be a minimim of 1000 words with the title page and reference pages excluded from the word count.Use APA format, but should not include an abstract.


For this assignment, first perform a thorough Five Forces analysis of the cellular telephone
industry. The focus of your Five Forces analysis is the physical product of cell phones rather
than cellular service providers (such as AT&T, Verizon, etc.), although you may want to include
discussion of these carriers if you deem such information pertinent to your response. Your
analysis must specifically address each force individually by discussing the potential impact that
the force might have on a firm that is considering entry into the present-day cell phone industry
(50 points). Cell phone manufacturers continue to innovate, offering new and exciting features
such as foldable screens. Following your Five Forces analysis of the cell phone industry as it
stands today, think of an innovation other than folding screens a) that has recently been
introduced, b) that is on the horizon, or c) that you have envisioned; briefly describe this
innovation and provide five grounded strategic projections, one tied to each of the Five
Forces, that consider how the selected innovation might affect the cell phone industry.
Clearly explain why each projection is relevant to the particular force, and support each of your
five unique projections with well-reasoned justification (50 points).
Please read the attached document and thoroughly respond to the prompt in continuous prose form (i.e. paragraphs, not bullet points, notes, etc.). Remember to proofread, check your spelling, and use proper grammar. Your writing should be formal in nature, which means no slang or contractions, all verbs and their subjects must agree, and the text must adhere to all grammar rules. Poor execution will definitely negatively impact your assignment grade (see Student Writing Handout). Your work should reflect your knowledge (including research) of the weekly topic, meaning that it will be both thorough and comprehensive. Skimpy responses are not acceptable.

Your response must be, at minimum, 600 words in length. You must format your submission using single-spacing and 12-point Times New Roman font throughout, with 1-inch margins on all sides. Your full name, the section number (CRN), and the assignment number must appear in the header of every page of your submission. The instructions are set out in this manner, because employers value individuals who possess the ability to closely adhere to stated task parameters, which includes following directives such as these. By the designated deadline, upload your submission as a Word document (.doc or .docx)

answer the quiestions

Please read the Chapters 5 and 6 of your textbook and evaluate the “Corporate-Level Strategy” and provide your analysis by answering the following questions:
Provide brief complete analysis of different levels of diversification that a firm can pursue by using different corporate-level strategies.
What are the three reasons firms choose to diversify their operations? Please support your discussion by sharing real industry examples.