You have one semester left to graduate and you have the finances to do a maximum

You have one semester left to graduate and you have the finances to do a maximum of four courses. Three of the courses are required courses. The last course slot belongs to an elective. You have narrowed down your choices to three electives, all of which are very popular and very useful courses that you are very interested in. Decide on the course you want to take. Then using at least two economic decision-making principles, explain why you are making this choice.
Develop a response that includes examples and evidence to support your ideas, and which clearly communicates the required message to your audience. Organize your response in a clear and logical manner as appropriate for the genre of writing. Use well-structured sentences, audience-appropriate language, and correct conventions of standard American English.

This paper is about marketing, my client is SUDWERK BREWING CO.(https://www.sudw

This paper is about marketing, my client is SUDWERK BREWING CO.( and my competitor is
Three Mile Brewing Co. ( The are located in a small town, Davis, CA. Please write one page(no reference needed) on both of their Sales, Technology, Marketing, Customer. You will be able to find all these information on their websites.

A reaction paper is an analysis and an evaluation of the material presented. For

A reaction paper is an analysis and an evaluation of the material presented. For this assignment, view one of the films. Suggested and write a reaction paper to the film. Select an item of interest. It is easier to write about something that sparks your interests in the material assigned, rather than to
be asked to write about a specific topic assigned by the instructor in which you have little interest. Your paper can be written in many ways, depending on the topic. For example, you may concentrate on the reading’s concepts, theories, or philosophical ideas or you may write about placing concepts from the reading within the context of current social issues or practice. Or, you may write from personal experience or personal opinion.
Write about 800 words.

This week you should begin to work on your final project, a comprehensive market

This week you should begin to work on your final project, a comprehensive marketing plan for a product (or service) of your choice.  Please submit an outline that includes the product you plan to market. Keep in mind the requirments for the final paper when you submit your outline.
Here is the project that will be due in week four.
Submit Proposal for product or service, in which you will develop and present a marketing plan throughout the four-week course. Describe the product or service you plan on marketing and suggest ways you plan on building customer value and relationships.
First, here are the sections that should be in your marketing plan. We’ll go into more detail further down in this post.
Business Information
Headquarters, mission statement, marketing team, etc.
What you’re hoping to achieve and how
Competitive Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
Target Market
Explain who you will be marketing to
Buying Cycle
How, when and where your buyers buy
Unique Selling Proposition
Explain what differentiates you from your competition
Discuss how your brand is currently perceived and how you’d like it to be perceived
Talk about how you plan to improve your website
Marketing Channels
Explain how you will use to following channels to achieve your goals:
Content marketing
Social media marketing
Email marketing
Explain how you SEO strategy will be incorporated
Measurements and KPIs
Detail how you’ll be tracking the progression of your marketing plan
Marketing Strategy and Tactics
Recap your strategy in a brief synopsis
Include 4-5 tactics initiatives
Submit the Week One proposal assignment by Sunday


Many digital and social media sites are widely used in marketing strategies.
Prepare a 8- to 12-slide presentation with detailed speaker’s notes and visuals elements.
Complete the following in your presentation:
Identify a company that could benefit from better use of social media.
Analyze at least 10 digital and social media channels and describe the strengths and weaknesses of each of these as a marketing tool for this company.
Design an online strategy that maximizes the use of some or all of the digital and social media channels, as appropriate, based on your team’s analysis.
Determine key performance indicators to measure the success of the online strategy.
Format your citations according to APA guidelines.

The aim of this assessment is to devise a digital marketing campaign plan as par

The aim of this assessment is to devise a digital marketing campaign plan as part of the wider digital marketing strategy. The outcome of the assessment will be in the form of a group report/proposal for a digital media campaign to promote the new product line (customizable footwear) to the intended target audience of Generation Z. 
4. Success Measurements – Consider measurements of success for each digital media channel, e.g. Volume of traffic/visits could be measured in terms of “unique visitors” and (quality measures such as “conversion rate” etc.
5. ECRM Recommendations – Review the following four ECRM tools and recommend the most appropriate for use by Bluebird: BASE, Prophet, Microsoft CRM, and Sales Force. Based on the recommended CRM solution, state the benefits Bluebird might expect from implementing the CRM software. Acknowledge the wider benefits of incorporating ECRM

***SEE ATTACHED DOCUMENT AS WELL FOR COMPLETION*** ***Select an actual company t

***Select an actual company to use for this project. Please select a public company. By selecting a public company you will have access to the appropriate materials needed to complete the assignment.  Please complete the form Part A. Delete the instructions and the examples before submitting.
Note: It will be to your benefit to select a company whose company information is easily accessible. While you will base your plan on the actual company, there may be parts of this assignment that will require you to use your knowledge and resources to make an informed plan.
Complete Part A of the Strategic Marketing Plan.
Submit your assignment.

In this assignment you will create a presentation to pitch your social media mar

In this assignment you will create a presentation to pitch your social media marketing plan to the client. You will include elements from your marketing research, Value Proposition, Competition Brief, and newly created social media campaign implementation plans in the presentation. Scenario Your client is anxious to hear about the marketing plan that you are creating. However, as is often the case in the business world, things have changed. Instead of a full marketing plan, your client has decided that they want to start out with a limited social media campaign (using a single platform) because they think this is the most prudent and cost-effective way to begin. This is fine with you because you are confident that once they understand what you have developed thus far, they will ask to add other marketing services. Besides, you had to do the research anyway. Now you simply need to focus on the social media component of your marketing plan. Your client wants to know how you plan on achieving the agreed-upon initial goals as stated in the Letter of Engagement. They have requested that you use a single-platform media campaign. Your media plan should tell a story about the services, customers, competitors, and specific messaging, as well as how the campaign will be conducted and how the campaign’s performance (success or failure) will be measured. Note: The client has already determined the price of their service, so you don’t need to define it. If you plan to use a price in your campaign, you can make one up. Preparation Consider a proper platform such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, or LinkedIn. Note, a full social media campaign would likely include a combination of these, but you are to choose only the one that you believe would be the most effective, and justify your selection. Explore social media; if you are not familiar with its various platforms, make sure to spend some time getting to know them. Download the Marketing Plan Presentation Template [PPTX] and use it to complete this assignment. You will notice that it includes the slide template that you used in your preliminary marketing strategy assignment. You’ll need to update those slides to reflect your market research. Note: You can customize the template background as desired if it enhances your presentation. Instructions Create a professional 8-10 slide PowerPoint presentation (with detailed speaker notes) that considers all elements of the scenario. Your plan should thoroughly inform your client of your social media marketing campaign plan. Do the following in your presentation: Summarize each element of your previous assignments. Client, service, mission, and goals. Value proposition. Customer profile. Competition. State and justify your choice of social media platform that will effectively promote the service. Explain how the campaign will be conducted. How long it will run, content/collateral type, media buys/advertising, where it will run (i.e. Facebook Marketplace, Corporate Facebook Page, Instagram), etc. Describe how the campaign’s effectiveness will be measured. Additional Requirements Resources: Use two sources to support your writing. Choose sources that are credible, relevant, and appropriate. For help with research, writing, and citation, access the library or review library guides. Note you DO NOT have to include citations for the strategy slides, as those citations were already included in your last assignment. Presentation Guidelines: Length: 8-10PowerPoint slides that would accompany an approximately 10–15 minute oral presentation. Prepare detailed speaker’s notes describing items on each slide so that the viewer can accurately interpret the deeper meanings and intentions that would have been conveyed orally. Support your claims, arguments, and conclusions with credible evidence from two current scholarly or professional sources. Visuals: Create PowerPoint visuals that are easy to read and interpret. Use colors, fonts, formatting, and other design principles that make the information clear and generally add to the aesthetic of the presentation. The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is: Develop a research-driven marketing plan for a health care service provider.

This is a deep dive analysis of Amazon for my MBA marketing class; I have attach

This is a deep dive analysis of Amazon for my MBA marketing class; I have attached the instructions to follow as well; Answer the following questions from chapters 9 through 10; each chapter should be a page length; use the framework (schema) provided for chapter 9 to answer the questions for that chapter, etc.;
For chapter 9, please fill out provided in the instructions. Also, besides, the video links and chapter 9 in the textbook, use 3 credible business citations to create the communications schema. Focus primarily on the videos and citations you choose to fill out the chart.
For chapter 10, use all of the video links I have shared with you and the deep dive analysis chapters 1 through 9 to talk about the key learning from completing this project and connect it to the class (aka the videos) every link I have sent you for videos should be 1 week worth of material (for example, chapter 1 video links is week 1, etc.)