Please help to complete chapter 3 methodology (about 1200words, chapter 4 results (about 3125 words), and chapter 5 conclusion (about 900 words). Need to attach the ethics form with the dissertation as requested by the professor. Thank you.

Week 4: Course Project Draft 2

Draft 2 of your Marketing Plan is due this week. For assignment details and the grading rubric, please review the Course Project Overview in the Introduction & Resources Module, and contact your instructor if you have any questions.
**My chosen topic for this entire assignment involves baby and toddler products.**
****This week requires the second draft of my project. For ease of paper flow I’ve attached the first draft along with the Course Overview instructions. I am ONLY required to complete the second draft which involves:
Draft 2
• Insights and Segmentation
• Product Strategy
Further details will be outlined in the attached Course Overview.****

Media Plan

Please view Module Two Guidelines and Rubric for more details.
For this milestone, you will develop a media plan for the digital campaign overview (attached) for the client described in the Client Packet.
You will assume the role of an account executive with a small marketing firm that specializes in digital advertising campaigns.
You have been asked to develop a digital strategy for an existing (fictional) client who wants to develop a forward-thinking digital campaign that leverages key learnings from past campaigns.
In this milestone, you will develop a media plan that optimizes advertising distribution across key channels based on the client’s goals and resources. You will complete the media planning worksheet and provide the rationale for the choices outlined in the worksheet. Lastly, you will summarize the targeting specifications for each channel based on the campaign goals as well as the channel itself.
In addition to the Client Packet, you will find supporting resources, information, and templates in the Campaign Toolkit.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
a. Worksheet: Complete the Media Plan Template, a worksheet you should use to identify key components of the media plan, such as channels, flight, and content type. Selected media should optimize advertising distribution across key channels to drive campaign results.
b. Rationale: Provide a clear, accurate rationale for the media options outlined in the media planning worksheet.
c. Targeting Specifications: Define appropriate targeting parameters for each channel and explain the rationale for selecting the identified targets.
Guidelines for Submission: For this milestone, you will submit the media planning worksheet, along with a 2- to 3-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Any sources must be cited according to APA style.

Karma Automotive

This is a MBA paper for marketing class. I’ve attached first paper I wrote with first paper instructions. Please follow format I wrote first paper in. I got a 100% on that paper. This paper I am paying for is for Writing Assignment 2. Thanks


1. Most students of this textbook are demographically in the target market of So Good So You. Do you consider yourself to be in the psychographic target market?
2. Visit the website at sogoodsoyou.com to evaluate its relatability to health-conscious consumers.

Crescent Pure Case #1

Use attachment provided
*Case Analyses*
The case method requires that students have read and prepared cases in advance. Cases are often used
to explore a certain theory or model. Theories are provided within the text of the case itself or in
supplementary readings. While students should prepare all cases, a written case analysis should be
prepared by each student for the cases assigned. A proper case analysis is short (no more than 4 pages),
well-organized, and applies a conceptual model(s) to the issues presented in a case. Do not spend time just
rewriting background information that is already contained in the case. I can read the case for that
information. I also look very closely as the “little” things in live, such as spelling, grammar, punctuation, and
sentence structure. All those little things will also impact the grade you receive on an analysis.
Case studies normally state various options that a company is considering in order to solve its problem.
However, I expect student to provide not only those options, but provide other potential solutions as well. I
want you to think of creative ways to solve the problem identified in the case, not to simply regurgitate what
is already being considered.
Content for Case Analyses:
State the problem. Begin your paper with a statement of the main problem. Your problem statement should
not be an exhaustive list of everything that is wrong. Rather, it should be one or two central issues around
which all else are organized. You should be able to state a problem in three sentences, or less.
Analyze the problem. This is where you identify relevant facts from the case and apply a conceptual model
to diagnose the problem. Analyze the problem you identified (and not some other problem). Organize the
facts into a coherent whole as if you were presenting evidence to persuade a skeptic. Clearly state any
assumptions that you’ve made. Provide evidence from the case to support your analysis: use quotes,
Page 5 of 8
numbers, and facts from the case or other sources. Analyze the problem using a conceptual model from
the readings or lectures. Apply the conceptual model fully and explicitly; don’t “cherry pick.”
State potential solutions to the problem. State all the potential solutions that you have developed to
potentially solve the problem. You must state the potential solutions and explain the advantages and
disadvantages of each of the potential solutions that you have stated. You must provide multiple potential
solutions, not just one. Do not simply restate potential solutions contained in the case.
Recommend a solution and explain your rationale for the recommended solution. Recommend one or
more of the potential solutions that you have previously stated and provide an explanation for the solution
that you have recommended. You should only recommend a solution that you previously discussed.

Mkt Perspective & Health of Bus Model / Fin. Flexibility

1. Reading Assignment

a. Chief Marketing Officer Role & Responsibilities – see attachment
b. Business Model Definitions – see attached Nov 23 2016 doc
c. Article Drexel “Balance Sheet Flexibility” – see attached Jan 2016.doc
d. Financials Adv Prep Nflx FB PG – see attached PDF contains Financial Data for Netflix, Facebook and Proctor & Gamble
2. Questions for you as a Chief Marketing Officer of Netflix:

1. Given your CMO responsibilities (per above), how do you impact the business model of Netflix? Use the Attached e. “Financials Adv Prep Nflx FB PG” Page 1 of 7 to describe.

2. Why is a healthy business model important?

3. How would you financially determine the health of your company’s business model, if you only have 5 minutes?

4. Why is balance sheet flexibility important?

Marketing Plan

Please provide the “Segmentation” for the Apple Pencil.
Base segments on data; gather marketing research to conduct cluster analyses; describe marketplace in terms of demographics, psychographics, buyer behaviors:
Q1. Describe current customers (Apple Pencil, latest generation)
Q2. Describe nonusers (Apple Pencil, latest generation)
Q3. Describe ideal customers (Apple Pencil, latest generation)
Please provide references for work.

Assignment 2

This assignment is a continuation of assignment 1 that i will upload the file of it.
consider the below 3 paragraph and use the research model picture that i uploaded separately ( do not use the picture that is available in assignment number 1 file) and then answer only to these questions What is your dependent variable, factor and factor levels? What type of factor is it?
paragraph 1 If the arrow’s head is towards a box that means the variable in the box (where the arrow’s
head is) affects the variable in the box from where the arrow originated. E.g.
“Revenue/Sales” is affected by “Number of shoppers/customers”.
paragraph 2 The boxes in grey are the variables you as a firm/owner can directly affect which can further
affect other variables in the model. E.g. You can improve “customer service” through
employee training programs, which can lead to an increase in “Customer satisfaction” which
can increase the number of “Returning customers” and in turn increasing overall the
“Number of shoppers” visiting the store and that can finally increase “Sales”.
paragraph 3 There is a hierarchy of the variables such that we have started from the broadest ones and
then went to finer one.

Talladega superspeedway nasacr fans

Who are the consumers of talladega superspeedway? (Past present and future)
What are the demographics of talladega superspeedway nascar fans(age sex income)
What are the physcographics of talladega superspeedway nascar fans?