Company Profile Summary: Alphabet Inc.

Each student will be assigned a publicly-held media company and are responsible for getting to know that firm in-depth. You will read the Form 10-K, monitor press releases, watch for earnings reports and be aware of mergers and divestitures and other significant events. Students will provide a summary of their firms on September 19. They will provide a review of what has transpired at the corporation during the semester, including any significant developments on December 4. This assignment will be submitted on a discussion board so all students can refer to the research as they prepare class assignments.
Publicly-held media company: Alphabet Inc.
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Graph Theory

This project is based on the Chapter 1 from the book Networks, Crowds, and Markets: Reasoning about a Highly Connected World. By David Easley and Jon Kleinberg. Cambridge University Press, 2010. Complete preprint on-line at
You will need to do additional research, and include at least 5 outside sources to inform your answers. These sources must be credible and relevant. You should access materials from the school library NOT a google search, blog posts, or other online sources that are uncited.
(needed source are included below)
In this project you will choose Graph Theory craft a 10 – 12 slide presentation. Note, you do not need to present, just submit your slide deck. The presentation should include the following:
History and Orientation
Core Assumptions
Examples from your own experiences
In what ways could the theory be updated or modified?
Please use academic sources to describe the theory’s history, assumptions, scope, applications and methods. Use your own experiences and perspective to provide examples and propose updates or modifications.
Submission. Projects should consist of 10-12 slides, including the cover and references slides. All slides must have page numbers. The cover slide should show unit number, the theory you chose and your name. The project should have at least 5 references, and each reference should include author, year, title and path to retrieve the source. Author and year (e.g., Smith, 2020) should be included in the left bottom corner of the slide that cites the reference(s).
Grading Rubric. 1. Coverage–all required content is covered, 2. Research–information is highly relevant, current and adequate, 3. Analysis–insightful with reasonable recommendations, 4. Visuals–relevant, informative and impressive, and 5. Design–all slides well designed, clear and attractive, and error-free. Scores range from Sophisticated to 20 points to Competent for 16 points and Not Yet Competent for 12 points on each of these five criteria. Please see the project rubric under Assessments.
Tips. Try to deliver quality work. Select newer information to use, support with your analysis with data, use high-resolution images, and make your own charts or tables to present data if screenshots are not clear or have too much irrelevant information for your analysis. Use a nice template to make your presentation, with consistent color scheme, fonts and linespacing.

Have you ever subscribed to a newspaper or magazine? When you are in a waiting r

Have you ever subscribed to a newspaper or magazine? When you are in a waiting room with magazines, which ones are you likely to read? Are you likely to stay in bed on Sunday and read the newspaper? Most of us have a favorite magazine or newspaper, even if we are not a subscriber. In this assignment, you will take a deep look into the history of your favorite publication.
Select your favorite newspaper or magazine and research its history for this assignment.
Write a 500-word summary of the history of your selected publication and the evolution of that type of media.
Address the following questions in your summary:
When was the publication first published?
Who founded the publication, and where was it first published?
Who was the original intended audience?
How has the content (e.g., photos, articles, advertisements) changed over time?
What impact, if any, has the publication had on American culture?
What are your predictions for how the publication will survive or advance in the future? Provide examples.

Instructions You will identify a course-related topic, issue, debate, controvers

You will identify a course-related topic, issue, debate, controversy, or problem and build a multimedia project around that issue—helping your peers understand the implications of that topic, issue, debate, controversy, or problem for how we think about digital media in our society.
Your multimedia project should be built around a course theme or issue (e.g. algorithms, misinformation, influencer marketing, etc) but you should not feel limited by the course materials. You may do this directly by referring specifically to readings that we’ve had, or you might do this more loosely referring the topic headings for the various weeks throughout the semester. In fact, you are highly encouraged to go beyond the course materials and bring in examples, perspectives, and debates from outside sources to add insight and enhance your understanding of the topic of choice. Just be sure that there is a specific tie-in to the course and make it clear what that is.
You can use a variety of multimedia elements although focusing on one specific medium is more than sufficient. Flex your creativity with this multimedia project. You could do a web series with interviews, start a social media account or Facebook Group specific to that topic, produce an online campaign around the topic, create a landing page, an online magazine, an email series, or a website.
Think of it as a multimedia research paper. You should do the amount of research required to write a 15-page research paper on a specific topic, which means you should have a healthy number of outside sources.
Some possible multimedia elements are (and not limited to):
Videos, Podcasts, Blog, Social Media posts, Web page, Email series, Ebook.
Parameters for your multimedia project.
Videos or presentation with voice over: 10-15 mins.
If you are producing a series of Tiktok video, IG stories/reels or FB videos, think of this as 10 or 15 X 1 min videos.
Social media posts: 20-25 posts that include image/graphic and captions (per caption: 50-250 words)
Podcast: 20-25 minutes
Online magazine spread: 4-page spread (two “trucks” that include a left and right page; these can be shorter columns, news, or features)
Ebook: 8-10 pages with design elements that contain images, links, text.
Web page: Design elements that contain images, links, and text. You should also embed multimedia elements such as video, audio, images, or social media posts.
Email series: 4-5 emails with design elements that contain images, links, text
Campaign with multiple multimedia elements: You could do a FB group with a mix of social media posts, short videos, and shared links. You could also do an email campaign with emails that include short videos and images. Consult with your TA.
You are required to complete several tasks:
Professional presentation of your multimedia project. Depth or breadth of coverage, including multiple course and external sources. You should have at least FIVE sources (2 internal and 3 external sources) and discuss at least ONE course concept.
Overall, produce content for a public audience, so don’t assume too much knowledge on the part of your audience and make clear how you’re defining certain ideas and concepts as you go along.
A 3-5 pages summary of your project that includes a reference list of your sources, your audience, rationale for choice of multimedia element, reasons for choosing topic/issue, concepts used, and summary of key ideas/points/arguments presented in your project. Think of this as the thought-process behind your multimedia project. Avoid vague references. Instead, include specific, page-numbered citations to those ideas (whether from our readings, lecture slides or others) that form a crucial part of your analysis and discussion.
Format: Double-spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman.
A 1-2 page personal reflection paper that describes your experience and what you’ve learned from creating this multimedia project, focusing more on the production of your project and lessons you learned from producing it.
Format: Double-spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman.
Ungraded (optional): 1-page project proposal and 1-page progress check-in. This is due on specific dates to ensure that you are getting timely feedback and help as you work on this project throughout the term. While this is ungraded and optional, you are highly encouraged to submit them to get feedback from your TA.
Overall, you will be assessed on your:
1) Ability to investigate an issue/theme/problem, engage with it and critically discuss its implication on society (e.g., examining different perspectives or pros and cons)
2) Ability to synthesize concepts/perspectives/debates within and beyond the course
3) Coverage and application of real-world examples to support your ideas
4) Level of professionalism in your presentation and execution of your project

Imagine this scenario: You’re stranded on a deserted island that has Wi-Fi avail

Imagine this scenario: You’re stranded on a deserted island that has Wi-Fi available. You can have 1 form of contemporary media on the island. Your options could include:
Social media network and sharing platform (e.g., Facebook®, Twitter®, Instagram®, Snapchat®, YouTube™, etc.)
Video game console (e.g., Xbox®, Nintendo®, etc.)
Discussion forum (e.g., Reddit®, Quora®, etc.)
Blogs and business networking (e.g., professional associations, LinkedIn®, etc.)
Online shopping (e.g., Amazon®, Etsy®, etc.)
Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:
Share which form of contemporary media you selected, and explain why.
Based on your choice, reflect on what impact that media has had on your life and provide 1 example of that impact.
Describe how your selection reflects your place in American culture.

Assignment Content American mass media and culture are deeply intertwined, and i

Assignment Content
American mass media and culture are deeply intertwined, and it is hard to imagine an aspect of American culture that is not influenced by mass media. Spirituality, politics, and even our language are influenced by media. In this assignment, you will investigate how 2 different types of media have impacted American culture.
Choose 2 types of media from the following list:
Write a 600- to 900-word paper that examines the impact that the 2 types of media you selected have had on American culture since 1970.
Include the following in your paper:
Describe how the 2 types of media have influenced American culture since 1970.
Identify at least 2 important examples of each media type in your response. For example, if you selected TV and movies, you could identify specific TV shows or movies in your response.
Cite sources to support your paper.
Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

Final Project. Digital Media History / Theory final project. Option will be grad

Final Project. Digital Media History / Theory final project. Option will be graded equally, contributing 30 basis points toward the student’s final average for the term. See below for a more detailed description of the expectations for each of the options for the final project.
Final Paper – Students may elect to write a final research paper for the course. All research papers must number between six and eight pages, double-spaced, with 12pt. Times New Roman font. Papers under the stated minimum will be deducted (1) full letter grade for each page under the limit (A to B, B to C, etc.).
For the final research paper, students will be asked to select a theme related to the course materials and propose an original research topic. Some possible research topics include: a study of a specific artist or artwork; an analysis of a claim by a media theorist; a history of an important computer, software package, or programming language; or, a media-theoretic interpretation of a digital platform.
Please write this research paper with all your best. Please chose a topic and right it the way professor asked. please follow everything he asked. I uploaded the pdf about what the paper and topic should be written about.