Option #1: Course Selection Association Rules In this Critical Thinking Assignme

Option #1: Course Selection Association Rules
In this Critical Thinking Assignment, you will analyze association rules. Your assignment submission will be an R Markdown generated Word document.Create a new R Markdown file by performing the following steps.
1. Open R Studio
2. Select File | New | R Markdown
3. Use Module 6 CT Option 1 as the Title
4. Use your name as the Author
5. Select the Word output format
6. Delete all default content after the R Setup block of code, which is all content from line 12 through the end of the file.
The CourseTopics.csv (Links to an external site.) file contains eight attributes which are courses that a student could take. Each data row provides the courses taken (1 in the attribute) by a single student. Analyze this data by performing the following steps.
1. Create and interpret 3-5 association rules.
2. Follow the process described in section 14.1.
3. Use the R code example in Table 14.4.
4. Use 0.01 for minimum support.
5. Run minimum confidence of 0.1 and 0.5 in the apriori() function.
6. For your assignment submission, copy your commands into your R Markdown file.
a. Include R comments on all your code.
b. Separate sections of R code by using appropriate R Markdown headings.
7. Use the R Markdown Knit drop down menu to select Knit to Word to create the Word document for your assignment submission.
Your assignment submission must be one Word document that meets the following requirements:
· Is an R Markdown generated Word document containing all R code used in this assignment, appropriate R comments on code, and appropriate R Markdown headings.
· Does not include a cover page.
· Does not include an abstract.
· Includes a one-page description of what you did and what you learned. Add this description to the end of the R Markdown document as a new page. This page must conform to APA guidelines in the CSU Global Writing Center (Links to an external site.).

In week 1, you were asked to analyze the use of statistics in your career field

In week 1, you were asked to analyze the use of statistics in your career field or daily life. Now that you have expanded your knowledge base, let’s reexamine that relationship. Have you thought of new ways in which statistics could be incorporated into your current or future career field or daily life? Are there ways in which you could improve processes in your current or future career field or daily life using these techniques (related to statistics)? Give specific examples and suggestions. 
Attach is week 1 assignment 

This is the second part of the assignment you must do the 12-page paper 1st then

This is the second part of the assignment you must do the 12-page paper 1st then this. I have posted that with this.
For this Research Project Series, you will take your findings from your
interview, research paper, and research articles and create a slideshow presentation to share with
your classmates. The goal of this assignment is for you to learn how to share research findings
with others and to learn how to develop a professional slideshow. A secondary goal is to learn
how to provide constructive academic critiques of your colleagues’ work (in this case, fellow
Part 1: The Slideshow Presentation
Prepare an educational, interesting, and graphically interesting slideshow presentation of your
research paper findings to share with your peers. Make it interesting and remember that your
audience, in this case your peers, has basic knowledge of crisis work so there is no need to
explain general information on trauma. Get right to your topic content as you are the “expert” in
that area and your goal is to educate your classmates who didn’t study your topic so they can
have training in your chosen area, training your peers (the class). Your overall goal is to teach
your audience the basics of your population’s symptoms, needs, and how to best help them
through crisis intervention and biblical application.
 A minimum of 10 slides of content is required. This does not include your title slide or
references slide, both of which are also required.
 Incorporate specific Scripture (Bible verses/passages) from your paper.
 Make your presentation graphically appealing. Clip art, photography, and other media are
welcome to interest your audience. Cite copyrighted material.
 Put your references in APA  format.
 Avoid cluttered slides by using only a small amount of information on the slides. Do not
make them cluttered as audiences can’t absort too much information from slides. Just
post the key points. 

I have listed the name of the person that I’ve interviewed below also their deta

I have listed the name of the person that I’ve interviewed below also their details with the instructions of the 12-page paper this is a two part assignment 
******Nurse Anesthetist Interviewee Mr. M Nurse Anesthetist*****
I interviewed Mr. M, who is a certified registered nurse specialized in anesthetics. He took a certificate of nurse anesthetists in General hospital in California, where he retook and pursued the recertification in the field’s professional. Mr. M Jones has had the experience of more than seventeen years in the field of nurse anesthetist, where he has encountered numerous situations of patients related to the eating disorder.
The area of the topic that relates to the field interview is on eating disorders. Over the period of seventeen years, Mr. M has had the chance to deal with patients suffering from numerous eating disorders, including Anorexia Nervosa patients. These are the patients who get feed through tubes due to the disability of eating on themselves. Moreover, Mr. M has had a chance of performing anesthesia on patients suffering from Obesity. These include the patients who had undergone a gastric surgery bypass as well as sleeve gastrostomy. Over the years of experience, Mr. M has had the chance of experiencing emergency performance to the patients suffering from anesthesia. These include the patients who have had infections in the myocardial, also known as the heart attack. All these experiences were directly experienced by the field interviewee, indicating he is an explicitly qualified and certified professional nurse specializing in the field of anesthetic. For instance, Anorexia Nervosa is typically characterized by body image distortion, especially in people who try to maintain a below or normal body weight. To achieve this, such individuals will get themselves through starvation or engaging their bodies in over-exercise activities, which leads to exhaustion that impacts their normal body stability or functionality. Likewise, Obesity is also an eating disorder-related condition that leads to overweight to the patient. It usually is caused by overeating. This typically visible to people who have a habit of eating more than they should. 
As part of the Research Project Series, you will write a literature review research paper that 
synthesizes the major points of your findings. Your paper must focus on your selected topic and 
the field of mental health crisis intervention. Your paper must relate your research findings to the 
content of this course, your academic research, your interview findings, cultural concerns, and 
biblical perspectives on crisis counseling. 
 The body of your paper (not counting the cover page, abstract, or reference pages) must 
be between 12 pages. Any submissions less than 12 pages will be prorated and heavily 
penalized. There is no need to go over to impress as succinct writing is highly valued in 
crisis work.
 Current APA or Turabian formatting is required. Focus on the cover page, headers, Level 
1 and Level 2 headings, citations, references in particular.
 Your paper must contain a formal introduction and a formal conclusion. Conclusions in 
literature review papers must contain a paragraph related to “ideas for future research”. 
You just read the literature so you are in a positive to advise what seems to be missing. 
This tells future researchers what to focus on.
 Spiritual application is required in the paper including specific Bible verses/passages.
 You must incorporate some key points from your interview in this paper. This is where 
you share your interview findings. There is no need for a specific section but rather 
weave in the interview data like you do other academic sources.
 Avoid personal experience or personal opinions in these papers. This is a literature 
review paper so only academic sources are utilized. 
 At least 15 scholarly sources must be used to support your findings and research. At least 
10 of your sources must be published within the last 5 years. It is fine to use an older 
study only if it is considered a “classic study” in the field.
 Be sure to review the rubric for additional requirements before submitting your paper and 
use the rubric as a checklist to ensure that no requirements are missed.
 Proofread your paper carefully before submission. Consider this a major assignment and 
submit your best work.
Here is a basic outline of the main sections that your paper must include:
1. An APA or Turabian cover page.
2. An Abstract. (An Abstract and Introduction are often confused but they are different in 
both formatting and content. Be sure you know the difference.)
3. Body of the report which includes all of the areas listed below:
a. Introduction –in APA or Turabian Form. Use this section to orient your reader 
and grab their interest. Why does this topic matter? What interesting background 
information can you share?
b. Mental health symptoms / relationship dynamics common in your population-of-
interest – How can new interventionists identify this population? What type of 
Page 2 of 2
mental health issues typically arise? What type of relationship issues typically 
c. Best practices in crisis intervention (how can we best help them?). NOTE: avoid 
any discussion of long-term counseling or psychotherapy. This is a crisis course 
so be sure you know the difference.
d. Spiritual applications/interventions (What does Scripture say about your topic 
area that is relevant?)
e. Cultural considerations – What cultural concerns/considerations must we attend to 
when working with this population?
f. Conclusion – Wrap up your paper discussing key themes and findings that you 
uncovered. Note: The conclusion of literature review papers must include at least 
a paragraph on “ideas for future research.” You just read the literature on your 
topic area so you are conversant in the research. What seems to be missing? What 
should future researchers focus on?
4. Reference page (APA).

Freight charges of a certain courier company are as follows: $40 for the first 2

Freight charges of a certain courier company are as follows: $40 for the first 2 pounds $15 for each of the succeeding pound weight of parcels. At this rate, what amount would be charged on a package which weighs 30 pounds?
A. $450
B. $460
C. $640
D. $600
6. If 5/6 < x and x < 7/4 then x could be ____.
A. 1/2
B. 3/2
C. 2/3
D. 2
7. If a square's each side is increased by x units, then, after that, its perimeter is increased by how many units?
A. 2x
B. X
C. 8x
D. 4x