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Shaw email-| +1.8O5.738.61OO |- TECH SUPPORT ̫””NUMBER BellSouth plans to cease its status as “carrier-of-last-resort”. The company complains about how horrible it is to be the last choice for customers, and has began to warn builders that, if they choose to start with another company, they had better let their home buyers know that BellSouth won’t be available should the consumer want to make the switch.
Let me make sure I understand this: BellSouth is letting people who won’t care who provides the service in three years know that they are going to refuse to serve someone who actually wants them. Or, even clearer, BellSouth is telling consumers to shove it, we don’t have to help you.
I am interested in this for several reasons. First, my husband has worked in the telecommunications business for years before forming his own low voltage wiring company, Redd Infinity. So, although we are no longer in that field, we still maintain interest. Even better, however, I am a defunct BellSouth customer who, after sitting on hold with them for three hours, called Shaw on my cell phone and switched my Internet to the cable company, rather than dealing with BellSouth’s shoddy customer service (this came after several problems over the course of a year).
Most interesting of all, however, is my perspective as a small business owner. I concede that there are some customers we just don’t want. Chief among those are the price surfers – those who are most concerned with price (research notes that less than 10% of customers list this as most important – the rest search for quality and service). Basically, you can never make someone who cares only about the bottom line happy, and if you have tried several times – and I highly encourage you try to win them over with your superior service and products – then you may as well give up. As soon as someone underbids or undercuts you, they will be gone.
But BellSouth isn’t waiting to be undercut. Instead, they are taking potential customers who have no role in the decision-making process and saying, “Sorry, folks, we won’t be offering you service.” I have to tell you, if I move into a new neighborhood and the folks one block over have service, but BellSouth tells me they will not now or ever offer service because the builder didn’t use them – not only will I smile and say, “Great, thanks for keeping my wallet out of your grubby paws,” I will go on to tell everyone I know that BellSouth is exacting its revenge on the consumer. I will be persuasive. And so much the worse if I have been a long-time customer in good standing.
I understand that BellSouth is here to make a profit. We all are. But by pointing randomly at people and saying, “Sorry, we will never serve you, due to decisions you didn’t even make (other than choosing to buy a house in the ‘wrong’ neighborhood,” well, they make me wonder what their plans for the future are. If I were a builder, I’d start building to spite them.
In the meantime, all that worry I had about monopolies with the merger of BellSouth & AT&T, well, I guess they are unfound. Never mind that these small companies will have to take the leavings of whatever business they can scrounge up. Now is the time for small telecommunication companies to run to the builders with the article or letter in one hand and a plan in the other. “Let’s kick BellSouth where it hurts,” I’d say. As a telecommunications business owner, I’d be glad to know that BellSouth can’t swoop in and steal away all of my customers like they’ve done thus far. And as a builder, I’d flaunt the fact that BellSouth refuses to do business with my neighborhoods. Maybe put up a huge sign: “BellSouth doesn’t want us, and we don’t want them!”
Seriously, this provides an edge for the small phone companies. Those who move now, especially in Georgia and Florida, where the law will be taking effect, stand a chance of surviving the forthcoming monopoly wannabe. My cheers go out to the little guy – I think you can make it!

o51 2 replies 150 words each Apa format scholarly reference for both   Student 1

2 replies 150 words each Apa format scholarly reference for both  
Student 1 reply 
Given the technical information related to Test A and Test B, I would choose to use Test A. One characteristic of Test B that made it appealing was the increased length of the test. Sheperis, and Drummond (2020), state, “Typically, as the number of items on any test increases, the more accurately the test represents the content being measured. Thus, the greater number of items, the greater the reliability/precision” (p. 136). In addition, the scales used seemed by their names to more adequately cover more specific aspects of self-esteem than the more general scales used in Test A. Both tests had similar reliability coefficients, however, Test A had overall higher reliability coefficients. The validity in Test B was lower than the data presented for Test A, however, the sources of validity evidence were not described and the numbers that were presented were considered both, 
To make a more informed decision, I would have liked to have the description of Test B listed as it was for Test A. At first, I assumed the tests were both measuring self-esteem, but that cannot be assumed because it was not clearly stated. I would also like more information on the sources of validity measured. In addition, I would like to know more about the tests that were compared to assess validity. While I understand the succinct report of reliability and validity, I would also like to know more about the population being tested, and to have more context related to what these tests are being used to ascertain and what that information will lead to.
Student 2
Given the choice between the two tests, I would choose Test A. For the information presented about both tests (reliability; content, convergent, and discriminant validity), Test A generally had better numbers and descriptions than Test B. For example, Test A had a better test-retest coefficient than Test B, which means that the respondent’s answers are more likely to stay constant over the course of taking and retaining the inventory. Test A also had a better validity of content. We know that Test A is trying to measure self-esteem, and they have items making sure self-esteem is the focus of the test through their definitions given and their consultations with experts on the subject. Test A has a slightly higher convergent correlation to another self-esteem inventory than test B, which means that it is better at measuring what it is supposed to measure.
To truly make an informed decision, I would want to have more information about test B. Some of the information provided for test A was missing for Test B, such as the description of what the test measures. If I had some more information about test B, it might change which test I choose. Neither test is perfect, and there will always be some sort of error, whether that come from the testing procedure or how the test relates to the real world (Edens & Boccaccini, 2017). The reliability was given for a couple areas, but the reliability of these tests can be investigated in other areas as well (Toledano-Toledano & Contreras-Valdez, 2018). Learning about the reliability of these tests compared to other measures can also help in making the decision of which test to choose. 
Edens, J. F., & Boccaccini, M. T. (2017). Taking forensic mental health assessment “out of the lab” and into “the real world”: Introduction to the special issue on the field utility of forensic assessment instruments and procedures. Psychological Assessment, 29(6), 599-610.
Toledano-Toledano, F., & Contreras-Valdez, J. A. (2018). Validity and reliability of the beck depression inventory II (BDI-II) in family caregivers of children with chronic diseases. PloS One, 13(11), e0206917-e0206917.

each question 100 words  Briefly describe what a risk assessment is for.? List f

each question 100 words 
Briefly describe what a risk assessment is for.?
List four sources of Risk.?
Assume you’re a Private Security professional sent to perform a risk assessment at an apartment complex. What are five things you would look at to help you determine if any vulnerabilities exist.?
Describe security features/measures you would recommend to reduce/mitigate vulnerabilities to increase the level of security. ?
Describe what’s a threat assessment and how it helps conduct a risk assessment. ?
What to remember about this chapter:
Understand the elements of a security vulnerability self-assessment. Why is this a useful tool?
Understand and be able to explain risk.
Understand risk management activities.
Know the different types of risk a security manager needs to assess.
Know internal & external risk. In addition, how it affects an organization.
Understand the threats affecting critical infrastructure.
Security Professionals at all kinds of organizations have many things in common but one at the top of the list is Risk Assessment. It basically drives all short, and long-range planning. It’s the tool used to Identify the threat, what vulnerabilities exist and the plan prevent/mitigate. Once the organization knows what they need to do the cost to execute prevention measures can be determined. Govern

i have 4 questions and i want to answer all this questions by follow this instru

i have 4 questions and i want to answer all this questions by follow this instructions:
A. You have been given the task of setting up a molecular diagnostics laboratory to provide pharmacogentic testing. What factors would you influence the scale and repertoire of tests you offer and give two specific example of genetic tests that are used to determine drug therapy?
B. Describe how fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH) is used in cancer diagnosis and prognosis.
C. Molecular techniques are being used increasingly in the diagnosis. Briefly describe how DNA technology is changing the practice of the disorder’s diagnosis.
D. Screening for genetic diseases has been influenced by DNA-based molecular techniques. Give two unrelated examples of how the use of molecular diagnostic has facilitated screening and how this has made a difference.
– Answer all the above questions briefly (1 pages maximum each ) with providing references and citations for each part.
– Write the answers with your own words (pilgrims check-up will be applied and should be less than 30% )