The Project Welcome to Anytown, U.S.A., an average American city in most respect

The Project
Welcome to Anytown, U.S.A., an average American city in most respects that, on the surface, appears to be a great place to live and to raise a family. The city has a diverse racial and economic makeup. The city’s population is composed of African Americans, Caucasians, and Latinos. The affluent sections of the city experience relatively low crime rates, and the middle and low income sections have seen a rise in crime and a growing distrust for the police. The police department has never used a community policing approach.
Following the lead of Frazier and the general community policing philosophy, as an officer of Anytown Police Department, you have been tasked with preparing a community policing policy for your department. Create a six- to eight-page policy document (for presentation to command staff) that contains the elements listed in the following sections.
Project Objectives
Your document should address ways in which police and citizens work together to accomplish Arrests of offenders
Crime prevention in the neighborhoods
Improvement of the overall quality of life in the community or city Additionally, your policy should address the following questions:
Based on your research, what kind of training will the police officers of your department need to attend in order to become proficient in community policing? What should be the focus of these training sessions?
Would training be provided for the community residents? Why? Provide appropriate reasons for this decision.
How would the policy address the protection needs and fear of crime among specific groups such as juveniles, the elderly, minorities, the disabled, or the poor and the homeless?
Finally, based on your research, how would the success or failure of this policy be determined? How would the policy be evaluated and by whom?
As you write, be sure to incorporate and properly reference the sources of information obtained through your research and used in your paper. To cite your sources, please follow this procedure:
Use in-text citations to indicate references to information from outside sources. Include the author’s name and the relevant page number(s) in parentheses. Here’s an example: Human beings have been described as “symbol-using animals” (Burke 3).
At the end of your paper, include a Works Cited page listing all of the sources you’ve consulted. Use either APA or MLA format for this page. For information on how to prepare this page, go to the Penn Foster Library.