Respond Letter

This exercise will allow you to consider channel and persuasion and continues our discussion of writing that was started during class and in Forum 1. In this Forum, you will respond directly to an email composed for Forum 1 by one your section peers. You will take on a specific role as a store management team member. As this team member you will write an email in response to the message from the Director of Store Operations that you are encouraged to apply for a position on the New York City store opening team.
For this assignment:
Choose one (1) of the following voices to adopt for this email:
1.Store Manager – Recently married. No kids just a golden retriever. Your spouse also works at another BizCafe. You reside in Los Angeles, California.
2.Senior Store Manager – Married. Your partner has a high-profile job that is fully remote. Children are in middle school. You reside in Dallas, Texas.
3.Assistant Store Manager – Young and single. Avid snow skier. Avid sailor. You reside in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
You have three specific concerns related to the New York City opportunity. To prepare for the upcoming Zoom meeting, and to help your Director prepare, you feel compelled to respond to their email so that they will be able to come to the meeting with the answers that you and others will need.
You turn on your iPad and compose a concise but substantive response of 450–550 words to the Director’s email. Express your top 3 concerns with moving to New York City and why those issues could be a barrier to you applying. Be sure to consider the tone and style you use, as this is a conversation that could be volatile on both ends. Remember, you are writing as if you yourself are in one of the three positions outlined above.

Research Techniques

As shown in the textbook and online readings, you have three primary techniques of using materials from sources: Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing. Quoting is using information word for word, punctuation for pumctuation exactly the same as the original source. For most quoted materials, you will need to use quotation marks around the entire borrowed passage. If you are simply quoting a name or a number of some sort, you do not need to use quotation marks, although every time you borrow from a source you still need to cite that source in-text. Paraphrasing is taking the entire borrowed passage, including main point and evidence used by the original author (Do not quote a quote!), and put it into your own words by using your own language and syntax (changing the words and the order the information is presented), still citing the source you are paraphrasing. Summaries are similar to paraphrases in that you take the borrowed material from the source and put it into your own language and syntax, but a summary only identifies the main point of the passage, not the evidence the original authors used. As with quoting and paraphrasing, you will still cite your source. Each of these techniques is necessary in writing an effective research paper, but they are not all the same. Some times you will want to quote, at other times you will want to paraphrase, and at still other times you will want to summarize.
Please answer the following prompt:
When do you want to quote, when do you want to paraphrase, and when do you want to summarize? Each technique is useful in different circumstances within a research paper. What defines those circumstances?
For your answer, identify when you believe each technique is best. You will want to write at least 3 long sentences for the answer, one for each technique, although writing a short paragraph for each answer (3-4 sentences each) may be more effective.
Please review the textbook and online readings about using source material
Assignment Requirements
Your original post must be at least three sentences or three paragraphs (75 words),

Three channels of communication

I attached the document that provides all instructions. Please follow Roman numeral three which is how you will organize the essay. As you can see in the attachment there are pages you need to read. I will provide the link as well as user and password information.

chapter 3 assignment

First, please note that your research will not be causal research in design.
Second, when it comes to data collection for a later assignment, let’s stick with creating a questionnaire to measure whatever it is you want to measure as determined in your Chapter 2 Assignment (based on the objectives) — of course, I’m open to other data collection methods if you would like to try something such as a focus group for example. Questionnaires and creating questions are covered in more detail under Chapter 7.
Lastly, after reading Chapter 3, take a look at your research problem and give a brief descriiption of how you think exploratory and descriiptive research designs might be appropriate for your chosen study and what methods you might use to discover hypotheses and to provide answers to the decision problem. Support your answer by using terms from the textbook and additional reliable information online.

Writer’s Choice

Instructions: After viewing the Theorists Presentation (and doing follow-up research if necessary), complete the following worksheet. Type directly into the table.
(Remember to edit grammar and spelling when done-all sentences should have proper punctuation, etc… in order to get full credit.) The Powerpoint will help introduce you to the theorists I think you should know about. You will probably have to do some further research to help you fully understand things as well.
Note: if the slide indicates a video clip on Blackboard, you will find it on Canvas as that is your current learning platform.
I have provided several web links to help jumpstart your research. I have also attached videos to the module to help you visualize some of the theories even more.

chem U3 J

How far away from you is the nearest nuclear power plant? Research to find the answer to that question, and share other details regarding the plant (name, to where does it supply electricity, how many employees, how many cooling towers, when was it built, and how many reactors it has). Describe your feelings on your own safety based on the distance the plant is from your home. Would you feel safe if it was in your own town?

US Department Of Health and Human Services

Option 2: Take an already existing government agency or non-profit organization using perspectives learned throughout the semester and provide suggestions on how the organization could fix perceived or real problems that it is having. Include clear connections between all course learning objectives and module perspectives while engaging in analysis in your paper.
Paper Requirements:
I have uploaded the term paper proposal that I turned in earlier this semester.
This paper should be double spaced, size 12 point, Times New Roman font, include a title page, and follow APA guidelines. This paper should also be 15 – 20 pages in length.

Note 1: You should consider creating a thesis statement in introduction of term paper, regardless of aforementioned option selected. In essence, the thesis introduces the main
perspective of your term paper. Additionally, students should consider explaining the purpose and reasoning for research and analysis pertaining to aforementioned option selected.

Note 2: You are encouraged to use secondary resources in the term paper. You must also properly cite sources when using secondary data. For information on APA guidelines
including proper in-text citations, see
Purdue Owl APA Guidelines

Submission Format

Your paper should be double-spaced and include a centered title. Any sources used should be properly cited in MLA format.

Reading Response

Answer IN YOUR OWN WORDS the questions asked about the chapters. If you have to cite be sure to give the proper citation. Do not give one sentence answers and do not rephrase the same answer different ways. Please be clear and answer every question. Each question takes about 300-400 words for a proper answer.
Question 1. 300-400 words
Question 2. 300-400 words
Question 3. 300-400 words
Question 4. 300-400 words
No need to change the format, please keep it the same as the pdf screen shot I attach, it’s not an essay just a simple question and answer response.
I have a copy of the book on my kindle account. If you cannot access the readings let me know and I will give you my login for kindle. The first reading is from the book “Communication in History: Stone Age Symbols to Social Media” by Peter Urquhart and Paul Heyer, pg. 73-75 (no specific questions, this section provides info that might help get a handle on this week’s wider topic).
The other reading, “The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains” by Nicholas Carr, ch. 4: The Deepening Page (answer all questions to question 1 and 2.
The last reading is an excerpt titled “The Rise of the Reading Public” by Elizabeth Eisentstein (answer all questions to question 3). If you cannot find these excerpts I can send you a pdf of them.

Writer’s Choice

Write a paper about the assorted reasons businesses diversify. The reasons should include profit motive, tax reduction reasons, avoidance of anti-trust laws, low business performance, uncertain cash flow, and any other reasons that you want to discuss. Include global diversification reasons in your paper. Also, include a bible scriipture related to the topic.

Writing Assignment #2 Set of Instructions for a Local Website and Description of Accommodating Your Personas

Writing Assignment #2
Set of Instructions for a Local Website and Descriiption of Accommodating Your Personas
Summary of the Assignment:
• Task: In this assignment, you will write a set of instructions that explain how to accomplish a task on a website at a local institution. You will also write a brief descriiption of how the personas that you wrote for writing assignment #1 informed this assignment.
• Length: There is no minimum or maximum word count on the set of instructions. However, your instructions must have 8 or more steps. More information on the number of steps is provided below.
• Graphics: You must include at least one graphic for each step.
o At least 8 graphics should be integrated into your set of instructions.
o All graphics should be screen captures of the website you are demonstrating. o All graphics should be labeled.
• Incorporating the personas into this assignment: You will write a descriiption of 100 to 200 words indicating to the instructor how your instructions accommodate the personas you wrote in writing assignment #1.
For this assignment, it is acceptable to write a set of instructions on how to accomplish a task on a mobile device. An example of this approach would be a set of instructions on how to download an app to borrow library books from your local library.
Brief Descriiption and Strategies to Follow:
Please keep in mind the following principles when writing this assignment:
• You must provide instructions on how to accomplish a task on a website. The website should be for a regional or local organization or company in your area. For example, you could write about how to order a pizza from a local pizza shop in your town. You could write about how to purchase an item from a local shop in your area (not from Amazon).
• The organization or company can be national. However, the set of instructions you write must involve a local or regional location for that national organization. For example, you can write about how to arrange a rental tool online at Home Depot, provided that you are arranging the rental at a local Home Depot location.
• If you have questions about whether your topic will work, please contact your instructor for approval or for suggestions on the topic.

• Whether you choose a local establishment or a national organization with regional locations, the important features of your set of instructions will be that they are written to a general audience but also accommodate the specific personas that you wrote for writing assignment #1.
Some examples of topics are the following. (Keep in mind that you may select your own topic. These are just examples to help you consider various topics.)
o how to check your balance in your checking account online at your local bank or credit union
o how to find and borrow a book on your local public library’s website
o how to order a chabchae dish from the local Korean restaurant in your area o how to locate a product on your local Craigslist site and contact the seller to
arrange for purchase and pickup
o how to order a large pizza online from a local pizzeria in your neighborhood
o how to pay a fee on the website for the Motor Vehicle Association in Maryland
(or the equivalent for your state)
• You must have at least 8 steps.
• Each step is to be numbered and is to begin with an imperative verb, as the resources in
the class indicate.
• Every step will include a picture or graphic to help the reader follow the instructions.
Sections to Include in Your Set of Instructions:
The set of instructions will include the following sections:
• Title
• Overview or Introduction with background information about why a user would want to
accomplish the task you are describing.
• Instructions
o number all of the main steps, as the resources for the class indicate o provide a graphic for steps of the instructions
▪ all graphics will be screen captures of the website.
▪ all graphics should be labeled
• A descriiption of how the instructions accommodate the personas. Remember, each one
of your personas had at least one pain point or one unique situation that needs attention in your set of instructions. Your instructions for this assignment will accommodate each persona’s pain points or unique situation. It is in this section of the assignment that you describe how you accommodated them.