Veteran Homeless in Texas

HLTH 5361: Case Study Guidelines
Fall 2022
Case studies serve as an excellent venue for investigating a problem; interpreting and analyzing the data related to the situation; recognizing assumptions and inferences; thinking both analytically and critically about how to resolve the situation; exercising judgement in regard to the parameters of the issue; understanding the interpersonal relationships surrounding the problem; communicating ideas and opinions about solutions to the issue; applying appropriate behavior change theories and strategies; and qualifying the decisions and implementation strategies made to improve the problem. In education, case studies provide practical examples of problems and solutions, challenges and strategies, and they support theoretical information that enhances the learning process. This memorable learning process is further enhanced when case studies include actual data and statistics that affect a population that is relevant to the student.
This semester, we are going to investigate the social and behavioral determinants of health in an at-risk population. Students will analyze the target population, their risky behaviors, environmental conditions, and the predisposing, reinforcing, and enabling factors which surround the situation. Students will determine which behavior theory/model they deem appropriate to be applied to the situation with the ultimate goal of enhancing the health and welfare outcomes of the group.
Students will also discuss the resources that are available to assist with the behavior change strategy and interventions that are appropriate for the group. The primary governmental and voluntary resources used to assist populations in public health programs include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Texas Department of State Health Services, the World Health Organization, Global Health Now-Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration, and the American College Health Association. Additional resources can be used after they are vetted by the instructor. Using these resources, you are going to gather the statistics that relate to the risk group you have selected for your case study. These statistics may include gender, race, and other specific demographics. Each of the agencies/organizations provides suggestions for
The components of your case study include:
1) Descriiption of the ramifications of the at-risk behavior in the population that you have selected from the list above. This section includes health and economic statistics, short and long-term quality of life outcomes.
2) Explanation of the challenges and obstacles associated with the at-risk behavior in regard to the student, their families, their social connections and other complications associated with the behaviors.
3) Determination of a behavior change model/theory that you feel will effectively work in the target population. Please include your rationale for the selection of the model/theory.
4) Discussion of the implementation process of the model/theory that can be used in the health program plan.
5) Development of ideas for strategies that can be implemented in the target population that can assist in promoting positive behavior changes within the group.
6) Determination of plans to evaluate the success of the model/theory in the population.
Format of the case study:
1) The components of the case study listed above can be written under a topical heading.
2) The verbiage in these sections can be written in a bulleted and/or paragraph format in 12 pitch Times New Roman font.
3) The case study is written in more of a technical style than a manuscriipt/report style.
4) The pages in your case study should range between two to four double-spaced pages in length.
5) The sources of the information need to be sited in the case study.

Writer’s Choice

List and describe at least one of each ratio type: liquidity, solvency, and profitability. What picture does each ratio result present or what information does each ratio provide you regarding financial position? Additionally, define the difference between forecast and projections. Would you be able to incorporate information from ratio results into your analysis?
Baker, J. J. (2017). Health Care Finance (5th ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning. ISBN:


The instructions are in the document I provided. If you have any questions you can message me, Thank You!

Creating a Culture of Health & Wellness

I have attached the rubric with the necessary requirements. Be sure to apply the RWJF framework for action in the paper as this is the main body of the paper.

In Basket

1. Prepare a 1-2 page summary report of the data in “Cyclosporiasis.xlsx”. Prepare the summary in a Microsoft Word document using any combination of graphs and tables to accompany the text. The summary should be addressed to the Commissioner of Health (a pediatrician but not an epidemiologist) and the Associate Commissioner for Disease Control and Prevention Services (not a physician or epidemiologist).


Upload a 1-page document discussing your thoughts on 3 readings. The concept of this assignment is to have you write about your thinking after reading the assignment to facilitate our discussion. The reflections should not be a report on what the authors wrote, but rather a discussion of what you thought about the reading. Did you agree or disagree? Did this reading change your thinking on anything or did it reinforce ideas that you already had? Do you have questions about what they wrote?
Submissions should be approximately 1 page in length double-spaced 12-point Times New Roman font, with 1-inc margins all around. Any citations should be in APA 7 format.

Background of the study

Continuation of order #376796268, #376796291, #376796574 , #376796921, #376797134 The Associations of Age, Gender, Education, Race, Marital Status, living arrangement and funding with the effectiveness of opiate and marijuana use disorder residential treatment program in people aged 12 and older in New York State” using a secondary data analysis
This is cross-sectional and quantitative study aimed to assess the association of Age, Gender, Education, Race, Marital Status, living arrangement and funding with the effectiveness of opiate and marijuana use disorder residential treatment program in people aged 12 and older in New York State, using the Treatment Episode Data Set – Discharges (TEDS-D).
Write a 2 pages Background of the study
Write 2 Pages Problem statement


Dear Writer, I am doing Masters in Public Health from University of York, UK(which is a Russel group university of UK) and its assignments and dissertation requirements and checking are quite strict both in terms of content and plagiarism. So there is zero tolerance on plagiarism as well as the content should be exactly according to the guidelines otherwise they fail the assignments and dissertations. Also they check all the assignments and dissertations in the turnitin software and already 2 of my classfellows have been banned from MPH course and kicked out of the university and deported from UK to there home countries in excuse of plagiarism and another 2 have been kicked out because they failed straight in 5 assignments in the first attempt. So this university has very complicated rules. So kindly keep this in mind all this scenario. All our assignments and dissertations are required to be on Harvard referencing style format only otherwise the assignment and dissertation would be marked zero straight away. So our dissertation minimum word count requirement set by our department is 10,000 words and maximum word count is 16,000 so keep this in mind but finally I would want you to make a 16000 words nice high scoring dissertation.
So you have already made about 5000 words before on this, now finish it in the remaining 9000 words after the previous draft you made, and there are quite a lot mistakes in the last draft as well which my supervisors have highlighted and I would let you know soon. Please finish this dissertation now so that I can show it to my supervisor.
This website is our university marking criteria for dissertation. Please have a look at it carefully: These are all examples of dissertation given on our university portal for us which I have pasted in files section. These dissertations are of former students of Master in Public Health in our University of York in past years who were granted above 70 marks on these dissertation. So the dissertations should be like similar to them or if more better then thats really good. I would be giving you more instructions and files and all updates in the msg section

United Nations Sustainability Development goals

Critical Reaction Paper One
General Guidelines (see Introduction area for the Document)
Topic: How do such topics as health care, nutrition, mental health, food security, poverty, urban planning, or other global issue connect to the UN Sustainable Development Agenda and goals?
Choose between one and three of these topics to further explore in your paper. .
You may use the resources from our units and videos and an outside resource as well to connect.
You must use at least two references, one or from the readings (videos) here. The additional one can be outside if you wish. This is mostly a reaction paper to the information you present in your argument.
The paper will be between 500 and 800 words.

Guidelines for the Paper
Interpretation – This is, the introduction to your paper. You will explain your topic and introduce your thesis and topic in one or two paragraphs.
Analysis and Presentation of your Argument – This will be the largest section of your paper. You will give a full analysis of the situation and present a strong argument about it. You may use your reading as a reference if appropriate, but mostly your personal interpretation is the key for this paper. You may present both sides of the argument if you wish.
Evaluation – The “Evaluation” section provides an opportunity to critically examine the facts and/or arguments used. Evaluate the situation, examples. You also can present the other side of the argument if you choose and tell which side you believe would be strongest. You may use outside sources, (they do not have to be scholarly or peer-reviewed for these reaction papers) remembering you must give citations and a reference or Works Cited list in MLA.
Summarize – Give a Final Summary of your thoughts. This section will be a couple of paragraphs.