Week 3 Social Work Skills Lab 1This week, you prepare for the Skills Lab Intensi

Week 3 Social Work Skills Lab 1This week, you prepare for the Skills Lab Intensive that occurs next week. In this engaging event, you put the “skills” in Skills Lab. You demonstrate your social work skills through role-play, group activities, and interaction with your peers and Instructors.
The intensive portion of the course will be unlike your typical online learning experiences. It will be in-person if you are traveling to a site, or it will be a synchronous video-based experience if you are participating in the virtual version.here a few ways you can look ahead and look forward to next week. First, review next week’s resources and materials and download those you need. Then, use the checklist in the Learning Resources to get a better sense of how prepared you are and adjust accordingly. Finally, in this Discussion, you will engage with your colleagues about preparation, goals, and questions related to next week’s Skills Lab IntensAnswer the following questions
• 1. Describe one thing based on the checklist that you have done to prepare for the Skills Lab Intensive. ** You can pick from the checklist to write about***
• 2. Describe one goal you have for the Skills Lab Intensive.
• 3. Ask any questions you may have about the Skills Lab Intensive.
4. What advice or tips could you learn from or offer to your colleagues while taking the class.