sociological imagination

write a one and half page critical analysis with supporting context from one of the listed question below. You must support your position by citing and giving examples of your work. Your paper should have a title page, it should be typed, 12-point font, and double spaced.
Provide a clear and thorough example of sociological imagination

Firms of Innovation, Meta Research – Facebook (AR/VR)

“The course project is designed for you to do a thorough review, analysis, and reflection on key dynamics of innovation that characterize a particular technology trajectory, field, firm, or governance institution.”
This will be the first part of the project (short 3 page paper)
“Develop a case study of the origins of the firm, its developmental trajectory, internal practices and culture, and how those appear to relate to their technological successes and failures. What networks did the firm rely upon (if any) as it developed? How does it structure R&D and product development? What kinds of relations does it have with external parties? How does it compare to others within its field? The idea, again is to isolate what you believe the evidence suggests are key factors that contributed to a firm’s direction.”
I have chosen Meta Research (Facebook) AR/VR
“Stage One/Paper 1: Background and Overview
Your initial paper is an introduction to your topic that provides a general overview of the technology/firm/
agency/innovation environment you have selected. Your goal is to survey the technology/firm/agency in
question and to provide an initial overview of key issues. The paper would typically include:
a) A concise introduction to your focal point: concisely summarize the history and central issues, developmental obstacles, and/or debates that have surrounded your case. How did the technology develop, or how did the firm/agency start? What part of the firm/agency/technology’s trajectory are you going to focus upon, if your topic has an extended history? Are there controversies, divisions, or disputes that have characterized your firm’s/the technology’s/the agency’s development? Are there any debates concerning social or economic effects?
b) Initial analysis of critical individuals: You should provide an initial overview of key individuals or groups
involved in your case. If you are studying an innovative firm: who are the key actors? What are their backgrounds? Where did they come from (other firms, universities, government labs, etc.)? How is the firm organized? Does it do most/all of its R&D internally? Or does it collaborate with other ventures? If a
government agency, how do their operations generally proceed? Who do they typically work with, if relevant? How big is their budget? What is the agency monitoring and oversight process? How do they deal with risk? If you are focused on a technology, you should do your best to characterize what the literature says about its emergence. Did it come from one innovator, or a firm? From a “network” of related parties? From a series of unrelated breakthroughs that came together? Did it involve a radical breakthrough, or a series of incremental innovations? If you are reviewing a policy or larger set of institutions, you shouldprovide an overview of your focal point, key actors or events, and an initial assessment of what you believe to be relevant aspects of
the policy environment.
Your paper should be approximately 3 pages in length, not including bibliography, with standard 1 inch margins
and 12 point font Times New Roman. Please use ASA format for your bibliography.
Note that I recognize that detailed answers to the above queries could be 10+ pages in length. My expectation is that you will be able to focus your descriiption on a limited set of central, relevant issues and adequately summarize what may be very complex topics. This is not a FINAL paper (although I do expect it to be well-written, and accurate), but an initial background. You can also briefly note more peripheral issues, or ongoing puzzles or open questions you’d like to address moving forward.”

Writer’s Choice

I attached the template for the first assignment for reference (this is what touchstone 3 will be based off of). This is just filling out notecards on the touchstone 3 template that is attached as well.


check the media diary I wrote, based on my diary and those reading I sent to write reflections, I text citation is needed for apa format, and try to cite the reading I sent as much as possible

sociological perspective

You are to read in chapter #1 up on what is the meaning of a sociological perspective, after reading you are to write a two or three paragraph describe your understanding or experience on this concept.

Socialization and social media prompt

Case Analysis 3: Role of Social Media in our lives
Q. Using Mead and Cooley’s theory explain how are teens being affected by social media? And why?
Watch the short video on Social Media and the teens
(3) How social media is affecting teens – YouTube link below
After watching the video write a short paper following the guideline (250-300 words).
1. Using the content from the video, explain how social media affect teenagers.
2. Using Cooley’s “looking glass self,” explain the role social media plays in shaping teenagers’ self-image.
3. Mead has mentioned the stages of socialization. According to Mead, during the game stage, children learn to consider several specific roles simultaneously and how those roles interact with each other. What social roles and interaction patterns did the kids in the video learn through social media?

Capstone final paper

previous work provided and login information to Grand Canyon University portal
Login information will be available for the assigned writer.

Analysis of findings about violent crime change over time by race

– The first thing the assignment will be graded on is whether the introduction adequately describes the topic, which should broadly concern change over time in some indicator of inequality.

– The next thing the assignment will be graded on is the hypotheses – these need to be specific and testable. How do you expect the outcome to have changed over time?
– The assignment will also be graded on how well you describe your findings. At a minimum you need:
1 table presenting the univariate (or marginal) statistics for the variable you expect to have changed over time;
a paragraph that describes what those data show;
1 table (or graph) presenting how your variable has changed over time;
a paragraph that describes what this table or figure shows about the trend you are exploring.
(I will provide the tables and graphs in a file)
– The next thing the assignment will be graded on is how well your conclusion relates your findings back to your original hypothesis or hypotheses and ties all of the preceding in to the introduction.

What is self, self in social context

The paper should be in an APA format. The first page must be based on chapter one of the book which is attached the title of the book is “Roy F. Baumeister – The self Explained”. The second page should be based on the chapter 2 of the book. I have also attached the paper instructions which are in a JPEG image format.