Smart Car Case

I have attached the assignment information and the case study pdf. Please read the whole case and follow the instructions on the assignment document. Thank you.

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Lean Inventory Quiz Instructions
Inventory Quiz
To complete the inventory Quiz, you must follow the directions below:
Step 1: Use the values below to calculate the EOQ, Order Cost, Holding Cost, and Total Cost (hint: your quantity to calculate the costs should be the EQQ) (see pics A to E)
Step 2: Use the values below to calculate safety stock (see CSV file)
Step 3: Use the values above (from the Safety Stock Assignment) to calculate lead-time-demand (CSV file)

Logistic network design

The goal of this assignment is to demonstrate that you are able to build a logistics network with a company marketing laptops on amazon throughout the United States.
Assignment Topic:
You are the seller of a product on This product represents your country, region, city, etc. or something you really enjoy. In order to start selling the product, you will have to design a logistics network and mark down the warehouse locations.
You will be required to submit your assignment using two files. These are:
• An image file (.jpg or .png) containing a google map of your proposed logistics network in major US cities
• A table showing the transit times from your warehouse to each sample customer (please save the file as .pdf).

Aligning and impacting business with supply chain management

Hello Writer!
This unit is called JNB330 Supply Chain Management.
-This is a presentation assignment.
-This assignment requires YOU to choose a topic of interest/business to talk about in terms of supply chain.
-This assignment requires you to abide by a theme and streams of supply chain.
-This assignment requires you to mostly use academic sources.
The theme is:
Aligning and impacting business with supply chain management’.
The three streams are: network, sustainability, and risk.
Assignment instructions:
It is an opportunity for you to choose a topic of interest to you personally and/or relevant to your workplace/career. Basically, your presentation includes information such as a background to the chosen topic area, a section on concepts relevant to the theme and your chosen stream and then demonstrate how the concepts can be applied in practice. For this latter section, you can choose whether you are going to focus on one example or draw on many. You must provide at least 12 references for the in-text citations in the presentation and the reference list at the end of your presentation. Use of academic sources, especially in the concepts
part, rather than commercial websites is highly suggested for referencing.
Business of interest that my lecturer gave the class where amazon or target for example. Or any other that may interest you. Choose whatever to talk about that you can easily access academic resources and abides by theme and streams.
Also if you (writer) get stuck or are confused about a topic please dont hesitate to let me know and i can ask lecturer.
Assignment Criteria:
(1) Explain the background to the chosen topic area
(2) Select and apply concepts relevant to the theme and the chosen stream
(3) Explain concepts being applied or not in practice in the real world.
Below i have filed Marking rubric, theme topic and instructions again.
Also please make the powerpoint look engaging. If you feel like you need any clarification or unanswered questions please let me know 🙂
Thank you

Federal acquisition process

Hello, this essay is related to the Fundamentals of Contract and Acquisition. The topic is “federal acquisition process”. I will be providing 1. Word document with all INSTRUCTIONS here there will also be a link to my school’s library with the sign-in info since they want us to pick an article related to the topic. 2. The Grading Rubric. 3. Reading material in regard to the assignment. PLEASE if there are any questions let me know!!

Lay out your own Warehouse

Assignment Topic:
You will have to submit your own improved warehouse design starting with the example I showed you in the lecture.
How to create your assignment:
Before you begin, you will need to decide how you create the plans. My suggestion is to use a graphical program such as Google slides (free), PowerPoint, Keynote, or Visio (if you are really serious). Or you can simply draw it on a sheet of paper and take a picture of it.
How to submit:
You will be required to submit your assignment using an image file (jpg or png format). Make sure to include all the parts of the warehouse I included in my example:
1) dock doors
2) case lot/ fast mover section
3) bulk storage/ slow mover section
4) flow rack/ broken cases section
5) conveyor belt
6) sorter
7) packaging station
8) staging area
9) at least two miscellaneous areas (such as equipment storage and maintenance, and/or assembly, etc.)
There is no need to include additional technology or features.

In Module 8, you submitted your research paper. In this module, you will produce

In Module 8, you submitted your research paper. In this module, you will produce a five (5) minute narrated presentation summarizing the findings from your paper. Submit a Power Point presentation only with audio. Do not submit a video
Review the Presentation Guide for assistance in creating and submitting/uploading your presentation.
Requirements for your presentation
Presentation should be about 5 minutes in length.
Include title, agenda, and reference slides.
Minimum 8 slides (excluding the title page, agenda, and reference slides).
Include figures, tables, graphs, and links to short videos when applicable.
Ensure you have met all of the requirements for your presentation, and review the MGMT 444 Research Paper and Presentation Guidelines one last time.

The assignment was done, but it was not passed. Attached to you is the assignmen

The assignment was done, but it was not passed. Attached to you is the assignment under the name of my assignment. The doctor’s notes have been written below..
In addition, all the special steps for writing this assignment are attached with examples of some of the previous assignment.
doctor comments
a) Compare and contrast the term Accessible Design with the related concepts of Universal Design, Inclusive and Participatory Design, and Useability. (50% of wordcount)
b) Using the supplied checklist, conduct a Design Audit on a bus stop of your own choosing, highlighting the factors that contribute to or detract from its Accessibility. (50% of wordcount)
You offer no contemporary photographs, only historic images taken from the contractors.
Analyse and evaluate the results of your audit against the relevant design standards.
You use London standards for a Northamptonshire structure.
Identify any areas for improvement.
It is hard to visualise your recommendations given the lack of images.
Identify any areas where you feel the designers should be commended for the approach taken. Fair, though largely dependent on the proud statements made by contractors.
General Comments:
It is not immediately clear to me how a student enrolled with a partner institution in the UAE is able to conduct a field audit of a bus station in Northampton.
In any case, the assignment was for the audit of a bus stop, not a station.First Marker: Andrew Gough
Suggested Grade: F+
Second Marker:

• This assignment requires you to demonstrate your understanding of procurement

• This assignment requires you to demonstrate your understanding of procurement and sourcing. It requires you to compare and contrast public v private sector procurement.
• Higher marks will be awarded where a practical application and critique of the academic theory is displayed.
• It should be interesting, challenging-even controversial-and must be underpinned by appropriate theory and evidence.
• You are not expected to undertake any primary research to complete this task
• This assignment requires you to critically evaluate the literature within a controlled and relevant discussion.
• A key element of this assignment is a demonstration of the students’ ability to apply theory to practice.
• You must carefully consider and reference the academic theory. Be sure to reference all the literature and secondary data that you use. Use the University’s Guide to Harvard Referencing to make sure your in-text referencing and reference lists are applied and formatted correctly.
• You should provide examples to support your discussion which may be taken from experience, published case studies or from academic debate. Be sure to reference appropriately.
• You may work collaboratively with your colleagues to discuss your ideas but your assignment must be an individual piece of work.
• Take time to plan and present your assignment. Use appropriate sub headings to divide your work into a logical sequence, with clear introduction and conclusion sections which succinctly summarise your discussion.
• Diagrams and tables etc should be included within the main body of work and accompanied by critical discussion.
If it is possible can you please do as many References from UK websites as much as possible!
Thank you