A rhetorical academic text (6000-7000 words) This option is the standard format

A rhetorical academic text (6000-7000 words)
This option is the standard format dissertation that should comprise extensive research and critical analysis of your chosen topic,
along with associated theoretical and philosophical underpinning. This is a written text of 6,000-7,000 words, which should be
appropriately referenced, formally written and include images. The text may be heavily illustrated and may be designed in a
creative way, but the order and structure must be clear. All research sources must be referenced within the text where appropriate
using the Harvard System of referencing.
Progress Map
All dissertation options will require you to provide evidence of your ability to manage this extended study within a defined
timeframe, shown in the form of a Progress Map The Progress Map should show developments and discoveries made during your Dissertation journey. This may take any suitable
format, from a diary to a time-line. It should provide details of dates and activities, what happened when and how you planned
your time, eg. when interviews were carried out. The Progress Map can be illustrated and can include images, eg. photographs. Use
a format that is easiest for you to use and update, and a format that will genuinely help you plan and keep track of your activities.
The Progress Map is not a research file, but should be reflective, and should demonstrate how you have managed and planned all
the stages of the research.