Assignment two Assessment task: Group presentation, 3-4 students per group Weigh

Assignment two
Assessment task: Group presentation, 3-4 students per group
Weighting: 50%
Word count or equivalent: 15-20 minutes (plus 5 minutes for Q&A)
Date/ time/method of submission:
1. Submission of presentation slides by
2. Presentations will take place in Week 14. Schedule TBA.
Learning Outcomes: The assessment addresses LOs in lectures 7-11
Instructions to students
Introduce the company/organisation (how it fits into a larger structure) and provide an overview of the company.
Using examples as evidence and theory to support, evaluate and recommend;
1. Identify, analyse and discuss the demand for travel and transportation in relation to the company/organisation chosen
2. Identify what supply issues the company/organisation has in delivering the appropriate service and how they overcome these challenges
3. How is the environmental impact managed and what could the company/organisation do better to reduce its carbon emissions and overall impact
4. Conclude with a discussion on the global challenges the company/organisation faces and how it can overcome these now and in the future
Marking criteria
Introduce the company/organisation 10%
Use relevant industry examples to support your answer 15%
Research, discussion and use of literature 20%
Analysis, recommendations and evaluation 25%
Organisation and Conclusion 20%
Presentation and Referencing 10%
Total 100%
Forming your group
• You must organise your group by Week 10 and inform your module tutor of the details of your group members (names and student IDs)
• Any students who are not in a group by that time will be allocated to a group, or may need deliver the presentation by themselves.
• You are expected to work together in a professional manner, meet regularly + rehearse presentations.

Assessment task: Individual Business Report • Weighting: 60% • Durnitin • Word c

Assessment task: Individual Business Report • Weighting: 60%
• Durnitin
• Word count or equivalent: 2000 words (+/-10%)
• The following learning outcomes are assessed in this assignment: LO3, LO4 & LO5
You have been contacted by the company that you made the video presentation for who have now been operational for 1 year now. In order to grow their business, they are looking to bring on more staff (drawing from A1), along with ensuring the staff turnover is low by investing in their current employees. They have requested that you prepare a 2000-word report to support their training, learning development, performance management and legal requirements.
The organisation has asked that you include the following areas:
1) TrainingandLearning–Indicatethekeytrainingandlearningtechniquesrelevanttoyourarea of study
2) LearningStyles–Outlinethemainlearningstylesandsuitablestrategiesforthekeystyles
3) PerformanceManagement–DefinePerformanceManagementanddiscusstheapproaches and practices bringing in examples from industry to support
4) Legislation–Considerthekeyemploymentregulationsthattheorganisationshouldbeaware of, along with any industry specific legislation.