TED Talk Reflection

Watch a psychology-focused TED talk and write a two-page ( double-spaced) reflection paper about it. Your reflection should: 1) summarized the talk; 2) connect the talk to topics we’ve covered in class; 3) highlight something new you learned from the talk; and 4) provide several new questions you have after watching the talk. 


Ghost Singer and the American Indian relationship to the Sacred

How does Ghost Singer (Novel by Anna Lee Walters) convey American Indian relationships to the “sacred?” You should analyze the narrative and literary devices Walter’s deploys to support your claim and/or assess a character’s/characters’ development in the novel. Remember to begin your CRW with an epigraph or quote and to follow citation guidelines from MLA for formatting. 

The CRWs are opportunities for you to demonstrate your understanding, acquisition ofknowledge, or articulation of ideas and arguments about the course content. To receive fullcredit and a strong score, all CRWs should answer the prompts posted in DropBox for eachassignment or engage the material presented by the Guest Lecturer. 
1) Begin with a quote from the reading, lecture, or presentation (*make sure you properlyformat the epigraph). 
2) Provide an introduction and explanation of the quote in the first few paragraphs. Thiscan be a summary of the issues, topics, or material covered to show your understanding ofthe topic. 
3) State your main point! This can be stated as a thesis, or as a cluster of related concepts,such as a theme, or a singular perspective that you have about the material. 
4) Support your ideasshow, with textual examples or summary why you are thinking,believing, or feeling what you say are. Be sure to properly cite/quote and format yoursupport using MLA style guidelines. 
5) Develop a conclusionwhy does your focus matter? What questions remainunanswered? What would you like to learn more about? How did the topic, question, orinformation change what you know or thought you knew? 
6) Organization and Flowmake sure your paper is formatted correctly (according toMLA guidelines), it is free from punctuation and grammar errors, and that your ideas arestructured logically with transitions and topic sentences. 

argumentative summary

Using the following prompt: 

What are the main claims in each of the attached articles, and is Where Should a Poor Man live an effective arguement?  WHy or why not?  

Paragraph 1: 

What are the authors major claims in Disarming the Great Affordable Housing Debate?  Include the title and author’s name.  
Paragraph 2: 
Is this an effective argument in response to where should a poor man live?  Why/ Why not?  Include the title and author’s name.  


  • Survey an area of security related to our class topics that you are interested in.  Focus is on for that general area of your topic what legal and professional ethics issues are applicable whether or not they will need to be directly addressed in your project.  Discuss different approaches to the problem and discuss work related to the area.  Related work could be aspects of other existing applications with similarities or could be more theoretical analysis.  Key focus of paper is what security concepts the application space or security focus your project will be addressing and comparisons either in full or in part to other works/research.  You may discuss with potential project partners what your project may be on, but the writing and research must be done individually.
  • Minimum 5 pages (not counting figures, tables, references, etc), double spaced, 10 pt Times New Roman font;
  • All references must be properly cited using either MLA (https://www.scribbr.com/mla-citation-generator/) or APA (https://www.scribbr.com/apa-citation-generator/) citation style;

Do you believe that the Law Violates citizens right? if yes or No Explain.

Terrorist action on 9/11 resulted in the Patriot Act law being passed. This law allow law enforcement surveillance on citizens. Some people believed that this law violates the 4th Amendment rights of citizen in the U.S. Knowing the danger society face when terrorist attacked. 

Do you believe that the Law Violates citizens right? if yes or No Explain.

Explain the pros and cons of the law. 

Research-Persuasive video Speech 5 minutes uploaded into ACCLAIM This is your mo

Research-Persuasive video Speech 5 minutes uploaded into ACCLAIM
This is your most Challenging speech. You will persuade the audience to agree with your persuasive proposal in order to resolve a timely, Ethical, political issue/problem that impacts our state/country/community. 
You must present all components of an effective persuasive argument and focus on providing a grassroots solution. Must include cite page in MLA format. Again: You must cite from 2-3 scholarly sources (NO ENCYCLOPEDIAS, NO. NETS OR .COMS OR ANYTHING FROM WIKIPEDIA) and cite supporting details in your speech.
100 points for speech and 20 points for the outline. outline is uploaded into Bb (Don’t forget your thesis), video goes to ACCLAIM
Remember: What is the issue and what do you want us to do about it? And, If there is already an answer why waste your time?
Topics not allowed:
Covid 19
Changing the drinking age to 18
Adopt/don’t shop Animals
Anything plastic, Straws, bags, cups…
Anything trivial or frivolous. 

EX C sociology

 Journals will provide reviews of course material covered. by a short answer question that ask students to draw on course material and apply it to real world examples.

   As a rule of thumb, ask yourself if your short answer addresses the question with support from readings and notes for the class.
A grading rubric will be found in files uploaded 

Essay Proposal Final Exam Prompt

please contact me for any questions or sugestions.
the 6 page will be for the Cited page that ought to include the policy needing to be fixed and the existing proposal that you’re arguing we ought to adopt.

Edgar Allan Poe

For this exercise, I am asking you to use your great research skills and find out all you can about Edgar Allan Poe. Use the guiding questions below to assist you with this task. Your final submission should be a summary in an MLA formatted document. Must have a works cited page and in-text citations when needed.

*Authoritative Sources ONLY! college-level sources that means you must have named authors who must be experts in the field.  Never use .com sources as they were created to sell things. Often, .org sites have an agenda and, therefore, a bias.  .edu sites might be attached to an educational institution but that does not guarantee that an essay drafted there was written by a professor or that the essay is in final draft form.



1.      Author name 


2.      Place of birth


3.      Date of birth 


4.      Date of death (if applicable)


5.      Place of death (if applicable)


6.      Burial location (if mentioned)


7.Interesting facts about this author’s childhood (parents, siblings, people that influenced them, interests, etc.) 


8.Place(s) where this author lived. Include dates and explain how each place influenced them.


9.How did this author become inspired to write? (What events happened in their life to make them become a writer or to make them write the way they do/did, e.g., education, work experiences, historical events, family life, lost love, etc.)


10.Where applicable, explain any obstacles this writer faced, such as character flaws, conflicts with other people or with society, prejudice, mental or physical illness, etc.


11.How successful was this author during his/her lifetime? (Did they win awards, earn money, become popular, etc. from their work? Were they successful at something besides writing?) Be sure list the author’s accomplishments throughout their lifetime. 


12.If the author wasn’t successful or popular at the time of their death, explain how and why they are still well known today (Who revived their work? When? etc.).


13.Why is this author considered influential? (What was/is unique or revolutionary about their writing?) If possible, name other authors or literary movements who were influenced by this author.


14.Identify five (5) characteristics of this author and give specific examples of when they demonstrated these characteristics. You should focus on their personal life and professional life only. Do not discuss characteristics of the author’s literary works as they have already been discussed above.

Social Stratification

  1. Choose one of the following to write about.  Answer the question in whichever topic you choose being as complete as possible.  This does not have to be a long submission, 1 or maybe up to 2 paragraphs will be sufficient.  Show me that you understand the concept and be scholarly (you don’t have to dazzle me with your scholarship, just be thoughtful and use proper grammar and sentence structure).  If you choose the topic of your family history, I understand that you may not know much about grandparents or great-grandparents.  If you can’t compare your grandparents to your parents, it might be better to choose option #2 or #3. You do not need sources and does not have to be more than a page

    This assignment will be due Saturday, March 26th by midnight.  This gives you plenty of time to work on it and get it done before SPRING BREAK…YAY!

    Option #1:  Track the social stratification of your family tree. Did the social standing of your parents differ from the social standing of your grandparents and great-grandparents? Are there any exogamous marriages in your history? Does your family exhibit status consistencies or inconsistencies?

    Option #2:  Analyze the Davis-Moore thesis. Do you agree with Davis and Moore? Does social stratification have an important function in society? What examples can you think of that support the thesis? What examples can you think of that refute the thesis?

    Option #3:  Consider social stratification from the symbolic interactionist perspective. How does social stratification influence the daily interactions of individuals? How do systems of class, based on factors such as prestige, power, income, and wealth, influence your own daily routines, as well as your beliefs and attitudes? Illustrate your ideas with specific examples and anecdotes from your own life and the lives of people in your community.