Bonnie and Clyde

Write a research paper on the 1967 film Bonnie and Clyde. find numerous secondary sources about the film to support and illustrate your opinion and to explain why this is one of the best American movies of the 20thcentury. 

Final Paper

You can choose one of mission from file ‘Project – choose one’ , than do the research to write a paper.

The final project will be about a space mission, and you will also propose a follow up.  You can do either a paper or a poster, but to get writing credit, you must write a paper.  You should not do both a paper and a poster.  Instructions are provided for each below.  An example is provided for each, but note that the assignment has been slightly updated. If there is a contradiction between what is in the assignment versus demonstrated in the example, go with the assignment instructions.  Additional resources can be found in other assignments, such as for the abstract and future mission proposal.  

Do the paper one, don’t do poster.

Article review

please respond to the following questions. Your answers should be 100-250 words per question. 

  • What do you think was to blame for what happened in the Bhopal gas leak?
  • Who do you think should be responsible for the medical and environmental costs of the gas leak?

Allenby & Sarewitz argue that in relation to transhuman technology, individual choice and rational action are meaningless due to the Level III effects.

Do you agree with the diagnosis of our techno-human condition by the authors? Do you think their recommendations are helpful?

Explain their reasons using ONE of the following forms of transhuman technology: neuropharmaceutical cognitive enhancement, genetically engineered life extension, or a computer-brain interface. The technical details are not important; you can speculate about the sort of enhancement, the length of life, or interface uses for the technology you discuss. Consider possible Level I goals that people might achieve with the technology, and how those goals could be rendered meaningless by Level III effects.

Be sure to define and explain any course terms, and include the following concepts:

– 3 levels of technology and the problem with confusing goals at different levels (Ch 4)

– some (not all) of the 11 principles for engaging in a Level III world (Ch 8)

  – consideration of possible objections

 – supporting reasons and examples                

 – use of source material

read instructions down to write essay

  1. Purchase the Secrets to Job Success on (author Michael Manahan).  Read the book.  Write a two to four paragraph review on one idea you picked up from the book that you think is helpful or useful.  Then post your review of the book on 

Write a 1-2 page comparison of Chin’s characters

In class, we discussed the way code-switching might work in Chin’s writing. 
Now, go back to Layli Long Soldier, Craig Santos Perez, or Lynn Nottage. Each of these writers deals with questions of finding one’s place in the world, and a world that pulls us toward many codes, languages, subject positions, identities, etc. 
Write a 1-2 page comparison of Chin’s characters (you may want to focus on one for the sake of brevity) and those in either Nottage, Santos Perez, or Long Soldier. Be specific – how does the language these writers use, or the way they write their characters (if you’re dealing with a play) represent similarities and how might there be either subtle (or substantial) differences in their approaches?
Again, please be specific with your examples and both quote/paraphrase from the texts you are examining. 
3 resource  2 form the website one form the book